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  • Spax Gift
    "Chorus: Es macht uns krank. Es macht uns Angst. Wir stehen am Rand und kmpfen jeden Tag mit letzter Kraft fr klaren Verstand. 1. Spax: Die Welt ist Gift fr mich, vergiftet mich, vernichtet mich, man"
  • Rammstein Gift
    "Du bist GiftDu bist GiftDu bist GiftDu bist reines Gift fr meine SeeleDu bist GiftDu machst mein Leben zum GequleDu bist das Feuer und ich die KohleDu bist die Sure und ich die HautDu bist der Schatten"
  • Sugar Gift
    "I Received this gift from you Pleasantly surprised, I never thought you'd realize that maybe I Have taken this from you If I was deserving, who am I to disagree How can I refuse this, even if I don't"
  • Curve Gift
    "always thought I knew what you were like had no idea that we would ever fight as long as I could keep you in my sights you'd only glow and give off light I don't envy anything I've seen it's not a contest"
  • Rocco DeLuca And The Burden Gift
    "I don't want to be Political energy A constant apology Or an instrument of hurt A hammer coming down To pound and pound and pound The door to your closet Is greedy with love Here's my gift to you Accept"
  • Elisa Gift
    "nananananananananaanana...... in the other room (nananananananana.......) in the other room i'm the other girl i'm another one of your children is this other face this other name i'm the other girl want"
  • Annie Lennox Gift
    "Darling don't you understand I feel so ill at ease The room is full of silence and it's getting hard to breathe Take this guilted cage of pain and set me free Take this overcoat of shame It never did belong"
  • Chakuza Gift
    "Verse 1:Ich denk mir scheie, ich werf einfach alles weg und alles hinUnd gib nen Dreck verdammt,denn echt ich bin komplett im falschem FilmIch muss weg, ich muss wohin, bevor die Wut mich bermalmtDoch"
  • Deftones Gift
    "Oh, I try They can't say I didn't try I waited by a smaller child, Oh... Tried to leave her When she says I'll never love again I wave my head in shame In memories And more This love, I share I share it,"
  • Maaya Sakamoto Gift
    "Tomodachi ga hiraita te no naka no tsuyu-gusa ni Ureshiku natte kusu- to waratta yo Mubou da to omoeru kurai no takurami ni Honto wa mune no sumi de akogarete 'ru Modokashii dake no jirenma-bakari"
  • Mudhoney This Gift
    "I've got something waiting for you, that's right I've got something waiting for you, that's right Sending you up the wall uptight I've got something waiting for you, tonight I've got this gift (from God) I've"
  • Lou Reed A Gift
    "I'm just a gift to the women of this world I'm just a gift to the women of this world Responsibility sits so hard on my shoulder Like a good wine I'm better as I grow older And now I'm just a gift to"
  • Point Of Grace This Gift
    "This gift was the greatest that the world had ever known God's love in the form of a little child from Heaven's throne Such joy, such hope sent to earth from above This gift God's greatest gift wrapped"
  • Semisonic The Gift
    "It's a hurting desire strong and sweet Memory so pretty I can hardly say You thought I was sleeping as you walked to the street You gave what you wanted then you went away. Did you mean what you did?"
  • Clint Black Finest Gift
    "Verse one She can shop all over town, turn the gift Shops upside down Finding something for her man with everything But it's right behind her eyes and no matter what she buys She'll always be the finest"
  • Deborah Cox This gift
    "You changed my lifeIt's really happeningIt's like I'm in a dreamYour sacrificeIt made me change my mindThought all menWere just the same(Just the same)You made me trust againMade me feel safeAnd lovedYou"
  • Basia A Gift
    "Strong, that's what they say I'm only complacent And I will admit to the crime Of being too blind Feeling too certain That you'll always be on my side I often forget Your love is a gift A gift I take it"
  • Basia Trzetrzelewska A Gift
    "strong, that's what they say i'm only complacent and i will admit to the crime of being too blind feeling too certain that you'll always be on my side i often forget your love is a gift a gift i take it"
  • Ure Midge The gift
    "From City Streets You Came With Something TrueFrom Dirt and Smoke You Breathed in Something NewAnd When You Laid All Before YouThey Took What You MadeAnd Threw It AwayThe Gift That You GaveWith Hands of"
  • Midge Ure The gift
    "From city streets you came with something true From dirt and smoke you breathed in something new And when you laid all before you They took what you made And threw it away The gift that you gave With hands"

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