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  • Studio Musician - Barry Manilow
    "I am a studio musician We've never met But you know me well I am the English horn Who plays the poignant counter-nine Upon the song you heard While making love in some hotel I am a part of you I've never"
  • In The Studio - Too Short
    "(Quint Black) Sixteen hoes, sixteen cars Sixteen stars, rappin over sixteen bars You ain't never seen big rocks before Sabotage the show make 'em change the flow Cash don't make it, put it on hold Stand"
  • Studio Dialogue - The Who
    "PETE TOWNSHEND: Right. (music begins) Roger's admiring his ass in the mirror as we start. KEITH MOON and ROGER DALTREY: (laughs) PETE TOWNSHEND: Very symbolic. ROGER DALTREY: Got a rip in me jeans. (music"
  • Studio Luv - T-Pain
    "Yeah In the studio, in the studio Studio oh, oh Girl just close your eyes And picture me playing your Spanish guitar Baby where we going, there are no such thing as a bad note (bad note) If I could I"
  • Studio Gangster - Pooh-Man
    ""I've seen you on the street" "Where you from?" "From Oakland" "Nah, you're not from Oakland, I know Oakland" Let's take a ride with the boy from the Eastside Where nothing's a crime no roots to a bye-bye Tired"
  • Studio Time - Three 6 Mafia
    "(DJ PAUL) Say hello to Three 6 Mafia Cuz this nigga through the mask we be watchin ya. Now we biggy biggy bang a rookie Chip you like a cookie before you know it u be sayin' ??? (Gangsta Boo) You got"
  • Solicitor in studio - Fall
    "Young dicks make TVGet 'em away from meYoung dicks make TVLoads of hair-style idealsHere's the other end of the taleHere's the other end of the scaleLaw expert makes studioHe had waited so longPatrick"
  • Purified- Bonus Studio Track - Michael W. Smith
    "Verse 1: Where the angels see You are praised as You should be But how can I express My yearning for Your holiness May it be (that) Chorus: I will open up my heart Search me in the deepest part And"
  • Prince Alone In The Studio - Smog
    "Prince alone in the studio It's two a.m. and all the girls are gone The girls thought they were going to be able To have sex with him They wore their special underwear Once the tracks were laid down Prince's"
  • Studio Luv (Remix) - T-Pain
    "(feat. Lil Wayne) Yeah In the studio, in the studio Studio oh, oh Girl just close your eyes And picture me playing your Spanish guitar Baby where we going, there are no such thing as a bad note (bad"
  • T.V. Studio - The Who
    "He'll raise your weary spirits high My son will teach your silent hearts to talk Every home will have his picture Pilgrims all will touch his hand Pinball tables gold and silver Altars to the Master's"
  • The Hindu Times (Studio) - Oasis
    "I get up when I'm down I can't swim, but my soul won't drown I do believe I've got flair I've got speed, and I walk on air Cos Give me soul in your rock and roll (babe) Cos Give me soul in your rock and"
  • Bridal Train (Studio Version) - The Waifs
    "A telegram arrived today, it is time to catch the Monteray, cos' the man i wed' he waits for me, and the daughter that he's yet to see, the U.S navy beamed its message, we'll deliver brides on a one way"
  • Half The World Is Watching Me (Studio Outtake) - Mew
    "Are those things not much correct today And be part of the bad Things towards me with no mitigating Circumstances here Half the world is watching me Hoping that I'll let go Well, for nine days A small"
  • Hey Jude (live-in-the-studio Outtake) - Beatles
    "Beatles Miscellaneous Hey Jude (live-in-the-studio Outtake) ================================================= Beatles - Hey Jude (live-in-the-studio outtake) ================================================= (John"
  • Sally Is A Brat - Studio - Adam & The Ants
    "Sally is a brat But we don't care 'Cos she's down in the street And we're up here Sally is a brat Better kick her in the head Stab her with a knife 'Til she drops down dead Sally is a brat But she's not"
  • Fashion Pack (Studio 54) - Amanda Lear
    "It was night and suddenly I felt like dancing I took a cab to show me to the disco scene he said: o.k. you wanna see those crazy people hastling at the door to get into Studio 54. Well I was in and everybody"
  • Born To Lose (Studio) - Ray Charles
    "That's the way you go The city is so cold And i, i'm so sold That's why i go I can't help it Born to lose (x3) Baby i'm born to lose (x2) Nothing to do And nothing to say There's only one thing that i"
  • Cipher Punks (Studio Mix) - Dual Core
    "eighty: Hey I'm int eighty, my memory's flash they call us Dual Core 'cause we got twice as much cache (cash) My freestyle is fast, and the synapses fry go to war with the flames like emacs and vi Push"
  • Now and Forever (Studio) - Air Supply
    "When love is new and the world is out reaching for you We try hard to hold it all in our hands But it slips through like soft drifting sands And drying the tears can build it all like new Now and forever,"

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