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Gabrielle - I Wish

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Gabrielle - I Wish

  • Gabrielle - Shades Apart
    "I saw her get off the bus- perfectly dangerous though I could tell- the trouble she'd spell- I fell for Gabrielle she said "I can't stay long- there's somewhere else I belong" (but) I made her smile-"
  • Gabrielle - Ween
    "I don't mean to be so insolent But you know it's cause I love ya The foundation of my malevolence You know I'd never hurt you babe Sometimes I might get edgy But a man can sometimes be that way Nobody's"
  • Gabrielle - Cradle of Filth
    "Foul snake despair Where once you darkened gardens Another coils there Where twice you sliced all hope from me And left these present scars An insane love now burns above The weft of incandescent stars Hilt"
  • Gabriella - Kejser A
    "Hun var alt andet end en stille pige, fyldt med energi Folk tnkte, damn, denne kvinde er fri Fyldt med harmoni, at netop hun havde det af helved til Var utopi, fordi hun kunne li - At ha en mine Der"
  • Rise By Gabrielle - Gabrielle
    "I know that it's over But I can't believe we're through They say that time is a healer And i'm better without you It's gonna take time i know But I'll get over you CHORUS: Look at my life Look at my heart I"
  • I Wish - Gabrielle
    "You don't know what you do to me Sometimes I find You knock me off my feet Oh how I wish That we could be alone Oh how I wish to me That you belonged I often watch you When you're least aware Even though"
  • Gabrielle - Johnny Hallyday
    "Gabrielle, tu brles mon esprit Ton amour trangle ma vie Et l'enfer, devient comme un espoir Car dans tes mains je meurs chaque soir Je veux partager autre chose que l'amour dans ton lit Et entendre la"
  • If You Ever (Featuring Gabrielle) - East 17
    "Hey, Oh yeah, Come On, Whoaah If You Ever, Hey My my my my The very first time that I saw your brown eyes, Your lips said hello and I said hi, I knew right then that you were the one, But I was caught"
  • Wish - Luna Sea
    "I wish for , I wish for I wish for , I wish for BLUE I wish for , I wish for I wish for , I wish for I wish for , I wish for I wish for , I wish for "
  • Wish - Ali Project
    "I wish, my wish When I wish upon a star hoshi ni negai wo kaketa no I wish, my wish My dream comes true meguriaeru you ni kouhaku na kumo ni saku hikari no hanazono me ni mienai hana ga shiroi hane ni"
  • Wish - Peter Murphy
    "I wish it was spring I wish it was your house We'd invite the beggars Hanging 'bout your front fence Wish I was your tree I wish I could bend and bow Like the branch of ash Bum idols for love I wish we"
  • Wish - Hurts
    "At the Piccadilly station I felt my heartbeat racing And I didn't know, know better And on the Campbell road I found a mirror for my soul And I didn't need no other I was accident pawn, I fell over heels"
  • Wish - Billy Crawford
    "Yeah... ohhh... yeah... ohhh... Every night that I'm away from you Is a moment I can't live through Wish I knew just what to do, 'coz it doesn't feel right Sometimes when I close my eyes I can hold you"
  • Wish - Milk Inc
    "SometimesI still hear youIn someone else's voiceSometimesIt gets lonelyDo I have a choiceNo one seems to notice the breaking of a heartNo one sees my dreams falling apartWish I didn't need youI Wish you"
  • Wish - Sherrie Austin
    "Last night in a dream An angel came to me She granted me one wish And when she asked what it would be Did I wish that we all could live in peace? Did I wish for an end to poverty? No, I wished it away"
  • Wish - Milk Inc.
    "Sometimes I still hear you In someone else's voice Sometimes It gets lonely Do I have a choice No one seems to notice the breaking of a heart No one sees my dreams falling apart Wish I didn't need you I"
  • Wish - Behemoth
    "This is the first day of my last days I built it up now I take it apart Climbed up real high now fall down real far No need for me to stay the last thing left I just threw it away I put my faith in god"
  • Wish - H-Blockx
    "I wish you could find your little peace of mind I wish you would try to overcome your self-denial I wish that one day you'll come and make me say I swear, I can fly, I will take you to the sky yeah, yeah what"
  • Wish - Thomas D
    "I wish I was a hunter in search of different food I wish I was the animal which fits into that mood I wish I was a person with unlimited breath I wish I was a heartbeat that never comes to rest Komm zu"
  • Wish - Brian Littrell
    "For just a moment I wish I could have been there To see Your first step, hear Your very first word Tell me, did You ever fall and scrape Your knee? Did You know Your wounds would one day heal the world?"

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