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Gabrielle - Out of reach

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Gabrielle - Out of reach

  • Gabrielle - Shades Apart
    "I saw her get off the bus- perfectly dangerous though I could tell- the trouble she'd spell- I fell for Gabrielle she said "I can't stay long- there's somewhere else I belong" (but) I made her smile-"
  • Gabrielle - Ween
    "I don't mean to be so insolent But you know it's cause I love ya The foundation of my malevolence You know I'd never hurt you babe Sometimes I might get edgy But a man can sometimes be that way Nobody's"
  • Out Of Reach - Gabrielle
    "Knew the signs Wasn't right I was stupid for a while Swept away by you And now I feel like a fool So confused, My heart's bruised Was I ever loved by you? Out of reach, so far I never had your heart Out"
  • Out Of Reach - Gabrielle
    "Knew the signs Wasn't right I was stupid for a while Swept away by you And now I feel like a fool So confused, My heart's bruised Was I ever loved by you? Out of reach, so far I never had your heart Out"
  • Gabrielle - Cradle of Filth
    "Foul snake despair Where once you darkened gardens Another coils there Where twice you sliced all hope from me And left these present scars An insane love now burns above The weft of incandescent stars Hilt"
  • Reach Out - Giorgio Moroder
    "Reach out reach out for the medal Reach out reach out for the gold. Come play to win never give in The time is right for you to come and make your stand. Reach out reach out You now hold the future"
  • Reach Out - Sloan
    "Reach out! You've got something more to say That'll blow away the human race Shine a light on any shadow of doubt Meet me half way, just reach out So reach out, reach out The typical way to celebrate The"
  • Reach out - Tatu
    "You brought me a damaged day It took me from dusk to day This night in my nightmare I saw promotions Of beautiful damaged day Profits turn to loss Everyone faints not us You made me feel so safe Made me"
  • Reach Out - Conception
    "I am a god I live tomorrow here today (I am far too young to worry) just open wide I see right through you anyway (it's so easy to be free) reach out reach out you'll live forever reach out reach out and"
  • Reach Out - Fragma
    "There's something special in your eyes You've got me hooked up completely I won't accept no compromise Until you say that you need me Whatever the game is Wherever we stand Whatever the name is, of Whatever"
  • Reach Out - Crystal Lewis
    "I've felt this way for a while like time is stealing my smile away like darkness holds the day I'm running at a break-neck pace as if in a race but what do I stand to win to cross the line again I'm"
  • Reach Out - Stretch Armstrong
    "Reach out like a mountain i can't climb like a river i can't cross i beat my head against the wall the obstacles before me are so tall i'm trying to reach you i'm trying to reach out i'm trying to reach"
  • Reach Out - Jimmy Nail
    "I don't want to be the answer, girl I don't want to be a dancer on your dreams I don't want to shield you from yourself but you know it's sometimes harder than it seems in a wicked world there's light"
  • Reach Out - Curt Smith
    "So many things you said last night In your attempt to be forthright How certain things are meant to be If it's of benefit to me This moments really celestine You said "I'm not sure what that means" But"
  • Reach out - Incognito
    "If you're willing to listen, I got a message for youGather everybody, together there's nothing we can't doWe must use love inspiration to elevate our mindsSpread the information to the corners of the worldReach"
  • Reach Out - Edguy
    "When the spotlight is fading And everyone's gone When your thoughts come back to life And you think of what you have done Take a look in the mirror And then look to the past Tell me who you are And then"
  • Reach out - Hilary Duff
    "From the minute that you walked right through the doorThoughts were racing in my mind time to exploreI tell my friends that I just gotta have himDon't look now, cause I see you staring at himThen my vision"
  • Reach Out - Trina
    "This n*gga be just callin my phone I be like why do u call me i never gave u my number first of all I find it rude for you to call somebody it's like i got ya number from your people, some people, but"
  • Reach Out - Joan Armatrading
    "When the world has gone crazy And there's no one around You can talk to I'll be there in a hurry Cos I know how you feel Don't worry Reach out I'll be there Reach out for someone who cares I'll be there I'll"
  • Reach Out - Sweet
    "If you feel that you can't go on 'Cause all your hope is gone And your life is filled with confusion And hapiness is just an illusion And your world around is tumblin' down Darling, reach out Reach out,"

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