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Gabrielle Aplin The Power of Love tumaczenie tekstu

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Gabrielle Aplin The Power of Love tumaczenie tekstu

  • Gabrielle - Cradle of Filth
    "Foul snake despair Where once you darkened gardens Another coils there Where twice you sliced all hope from me And left these present scars An insane love now burns above The weft of incandescent stars Hilt"
  • Gabrielle - Shades Apart
    "I saw her get off the bus- perfectly dangerous though I could tell- the trouble she'd spell- I fell for Gabrielle she said "I can't stay long- there's somewhere else I belong" (but) I made her smile-"
  • Gabrielle - Ween
    "I don't mean to be so insolent But you know it's cause I love ya The foundation of my malevolence You know I'd never hurt you babe Sometimes I might get edgy But a man can sometimes be that way Nobody's"
  • The Power of Love - Gabrielle Aplin
    "I'll protect you from the hooded claw Keep the vampires from your door Feels like fire I'm so in love with you Dreams are like angels They keep bad at bay-bad at bay Love is the light Scaring darkness"
  • Rise By Gabrielle - Gabrielle
    "I know that it's over But I can't believe we're through They say that time is a healer And i'm better without you It's gonna take time i know But I'll get over you CHORUS: Look at my life Look at my heart I"
  • Power Of Love/Love Power - Luther Vandross
    "When I say goodbye it is never for long 'Cause I know our love still lives on It will be again exactly like it was 'Cause I believe in the power of love When you're close I can feel the power When it's"
  • Like You Say You Do - Gabrielle Aplin
    "you’re good at talking you’re good at talking depends on who you’re talking-to cause I heard your friend say that I am the best thing that could ever happened to you maybe I am blind losing my mind but"
  • Power - Eternal Decision
    "The King was born in Bethlehem and raised a Nazarene. The Cornerstone begins His ministry in Galilee. Power from above. Power to rule with love. Prophet, teacher, savior. Gods begotten Son. He heals"
  • Power - Lady Sovereign
    "Sometimes a Smile Can Deceive the One Who Has Made You PromiseSuddenly You Can't Believe, the Truth Only Leaves You ColdSometimes the Answers You Fear Are There On the Face in the MirrorSomething the World"
  • Power - David Phelps
    "No mountains ever moved one inch at my command. No waters parted at my feet. Im just a witness to the wonders God can do Through willing instruments like me. And when my best seems insignificant and frail He"
  • Power - Katy Perry
    "I was fine before I met you Truth is that I lost myself inside you It is not fair to put all that on you But you took control of a vulnerable soul I am my mother’s daughter And there are so many things"
  • Power - Marillion
    "You’re carrying me around Like loose change jingle jumble in At the bottom of your bag You don’t seem to feel it though 'Coz you swing down the street Walking that unique bursting candle close In broad"
  • Love Power - The KMG's
    "Can you feel the love power? Can you feel the love? I wake up every morning Another day on my own I'm in the eye of the storm And I feel so alone But when I notice the sunshine (Sunshine) The summer breeze"
  • Gabriella - Kejser A
    "Hun var alt andet end en stille pige, fyldt med energi Folk tnkte, damn, denne kvinde er fri Fyldt med harmoni, at netop hun havde det af helved til Var utopi, fordi hun kunne li - At ha en mine Der"
  • Power of love - The Early November
    "Power of love is a curious thingMakes a one man weep, and another man singChange a hawk to a little white doveMore than a feeling, it's the power of loveIt's tougher than diamonds, and rich like creamStronger"
  • Love Power - Snog
    "And I gave a flower to the a big fat cop, he takes his club and beats me up and I give a flower to the garbage man he stuffs my girl in the garbage can Well, love power, love power the power of a sweet"
  • Love Power - Dusty Springfield
    "(Teddy Vann) When we walk Down the street We don't care Who we see Or who we meet Don't have to run Don't have to hide 'Cause we got something burning inside We got love power It's the greatest"
  • Love Power - Mel Brooks
    "Love power. I'm talking about love power. The power of a sweet flower is gonna rule the earth. And there'll be a great rebirth. Love is a flower that is fine. When I'm walkin' with my darlin' and we're"
  • Power Of Love - Donna Summer
    "Power Of Love/Love Power Written by: Luther Vandross, Marcus Miller, Teddy Vann When I say goodbye it is never for long 'Cause I know our love still lives on It will be again exactly like it was 'Cause"
  • Power Of Love - Arlo Guthrie
    "by T-Bone Burnett The power of love can make a blind man see Can bring a man to his knees The power of love can make a sultan grieve Can make a skeptic believe CHORUS: The power of love is south of"

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