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Gabrielle If I Walked Away

  • If I Walked Away - Gabrielle
    "After all is said and done How can we carry on? And after what you've done to me How did you think that i would be? You had your chance When i took you back Now we're here again and your hurting me"
  • She Walked Away - BarlowGirl
    "She couldn't take one more day Home was more her prison now Independence called out She had to get it A fight was all she needed To give her reason She slammed the door with no goodbye And knew that it"
  • Finally I Walked Away - Brandy
    "Intro: Yo, yo, this is a champion song Feel me? Me and Brandy We have rised to the occasion, c'mon Like this, talk to'em, whoa Verse 1: I could've stayed in that place too long I could've made it ok"
  • Gabrielle - Shades Apart
    "I saw her get off the bus- perfectly dangerous though I could tell- the trouble she'd spell- I fell for Gabrielle she said "I can't stay long- there's somewhere else I belong" (but) I made her smile-"
  • Gabrielle - Ween
    "I don't mean to be so insolent But you know it's cause I love ya The foundation of my malevolence You know I'd never hurt you babe Sometimes I might get edgy But a man can sometimes be that way Nobody's"
  • Gabrielle - Cradle of Filth
    "Foul snake despair Where once you darkened gardens Another coils there Where twice you sliced all hope from me And left these present scars An insane love now burns above The weft of incandescent stars Hilt"
  • Walked Away - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 Here I am All alone again Staring at my phone And everything I do Reminds me of you Anytime someone says babe Your scent on my shirt Doesn't seem to go away Even though its been days Chorus Since"
  • Walked away - 3rd Strike
    "Feels so cold to be abandoned i cant see past what you have done memoried how they fade away now you want to come back i walked away from you no fuckin' tears for them lost years i took the pain then i"
  • If You Ever (Featuring Gabrielle) - East 17
    "Hey, Oh yeah, Come On, Whoaah If You Ever, Hey My my my my The very first time that I saw your brown eyes, Your lips said hello and I said hi, I knew right then that you were the one, But I was caught"
  • She walked away - Barlow Girl
    "She couldn't take one more dayHome was more her prison nowIndependence called outShe had to get itA fight was all she neededTo give her reasonShe slammed the door with no goodbyeAnd knew that it was timeAnd"
  • Walked Outta Heaven - Jagged Edge
    "I'm rolling down a lonely highway asking god to please forgive me for messing up tha blessing he gave to me, i see, Everything clearer now the nights is black as, black as its ever been Without my girl,"
  • Gabriella - Kejser A
    "Hun var alt andet end en stille pige, fyldt med energi Folk tnkte, damn, denne kvinde er fri Fyldt med harmoni, at netop hun havde det af helved til Var utopi, fordi hun kunne li - At ha en mine Der"
  • Rise By Gabrielle - Gabrielle
    "I know that it's over But I can't believe we're through They say that time is a healer And i'm better without you It's gonna take time i know But I'll get over you CHORUS: Look at my life Look at my heart I"
  • If She Walked Into My Life - Scott Walker
    "Did she need a stronger hand? Did she need a lighter touch? Was I soft, or was I tough? Did I give enough? Did I give too much? At the moment that she needed me Did I ever turn away? Would I be there"
  • Turned And Walked Away - Jessica Folker
    "You just turned and walked away Out of my life, what can I say? When you just turned and walked away Guess there ain't nothing I can say Oh I remember clearly, it was a Saturday You said you've heard"
  • Since You Walked Away - Steve Wariner
    "Every night when the shadows come When the world slows down When the day is done The clock don't move and the phone don't ring I'm alone again It's the same old thing I close my eyes and try to sleep so"
  • Walked Right Outta Heaven - Jagged Edge
    "Verse 1-Brain] I'm rolling down a lonely highway asking god to please forgive me for messing up tha blessing he gave to me i see, everything clearer now the nights is black as, black as its ever been with"
  • Never Should Have Walked Away - Craig David
    "I'd been sitting trying to figure out the reasons why You were always goin out alone I thought that you were meeting with some other guy All those times you weren't at home I was wrong but then i didn't"
  • I Walked Away From The Wreck - Loretta Lynn
    "(Cindy Walker) I walked away from the wreck of our love affair And no one knew how I was hurt because I lie I walked away from the wreck but it broke my heart And I'm off myself and broken inside And"
  • Then I Turned And Walked Slowly Away - Eddy Arnold
    "I saw you last night, again darling And you still seemed as lovely to me I watched as you danced with a stranger And you seemed just as happy as he. I watched as you smiled at your stranger And since"

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