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Gabrielle Second Chance

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Gabrielle Second Chance

  • Gabrielle - Johnny Hallyday
    "Gabrielle, tu brles mon esprit Ton amour trangle ma vie Et l'enfer, devient comme un espoir Car dans tes mains je meurs chaque soir Je veux partager autre chose que l'amour dans ton lit Et entendre la"
  • Second Chance - Gabrielle
    "Made a wish, I can dream I can be what I want to be Not afraid to live my life And fulfil my fantasies I learnt a lot of tricks to help me live my life You helped me find my paradise When you came I saw Sunshine"
  • Second Chance - Olivia Addams
    ""Second Chance" to nowa piosenka Olivii Addams."
  • Second chance - Dean Martin
    "If I only had a second chance how I'd love you If you'd only take a second chance with your heart Darlin' this time I swear at least a lifetime we'd share No one could tear our love apart If I only had"
  • Second Chance - 38 Special
    "Since you been gone I feel my life slipping away I look to the sky And everything is turnin' grey All I made was one mistake How much more will I have to pay Why can't you think it over Why can't you forget"
  • Second Chance - Natalia Kukulska
    "Stop! Don't hasitate!If U wanna dance, Get on it ! Stop! don't hasitate! If U wanna dance, get on, U'd better Stop! Don't hasitate! If U wanna dance, Come on, U gonna reach the top! Stop! Don't hasitate"
  • Second chance - Obituary
    "God is the wicked way, of your second chance!The gods searchin' heads of death!The crippling man wants you dead!The final cries are due!The certain heads of death!The final cries are due!God is the wicked"
  • Second Chance - Shinedown
    "My ass is open wide, by the way I made it through the day I watch the world outside, by the way I'm leaving out today I just saw Hayley's Comet, she waved Said, "Why are you always running in place? Even"
  • Second Chance - Faber Drive
    "I found the phone I must've missed your message You got it wrong It wasn't what your friend said Tell by your tone, I've taken it too far again. Just when I thought I'd gone and fixed it all again."
  • Second Chance - Tristan Prettyman
    "I've thrown away the postcards And all the pictures I had kept I didn't even burn them I didn't think you deserve that much respect How does it feel to be cut off? I lock the door and throw away the key Letting"
  • Second Chance - Creeper Lagoon
    "whose side are you on is there a reason too you killed your soul you said you wanted a real life this isnt real life and no one knows which way youll go i offer a second chance to get even with circumstance"
  • Second Chance - The Echoing Green
    "Let's go... When you walked away What was in your mind To turn and leave it all behind? The One True Love Was it not enough? So now, tell me what did you find? Did pain embrace you with open arms"
  • Second Chance - Afterworld
    "(Spoken Intro) Sometimes the life can be cruel and hard. You feel that you lack the strength and ability to go on. As the time has done its healing process you can admit that the issues you found very"
  • Second chance - Lemonheads
    "Been a long time since I've seen your face I've been down, I've been in lonely places now you say you're feeling different now you say you're feeling different been a long time since I heard your voice"
  • Second Chance - Trisha Yearwood
    "What do you do when love comes along And offers your heart a chance to move on With no guarantees, no safety net? You trust what you feel, you take that first step Just close your eyes Reach for the"
  • Second Chance - Erase The Grey
    "This is nothing more to me Than a way to live again I open my eyes and breathe Where will I be when I awake This is more than I can take This is more than I can take Take me away, I don't know I don't"
  • Second Chance - Rickie Lee Jones
    "summertime and everything is sweet walking barefoot to the circle k on the burning street summertime and everything's on fire this town is a drive-by for the whole inland empire but down on the boulevard"
  • Second Chance - Fatal Flowers
    "Here's another hippy in smoking Thanking all his pimps and more How he wished he was only joking But he knows he's just another whore He leans back in his limo His hands caressing gold Close your eyes"
  • Second chance - Pinnawela
    "This is how you trying Get your second chance You come here pretending That you're innocent Dont you know my patience Isnt just for rent My heart built a system of a Self defense Excuse me, you see I"
  • Second Chance - LoveHateHero
    "Look out! Keeping to yourself life's getting old This cold December night feels so alone The bathtubs overflowing, as you dissolve into it And write a letter to a broken home You feel it sinking in, the"

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