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Gaga born ihs way

  • Born This Way - Lady GaGa
    "It doesn't matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M Just put your paws up 'Cause you were born this way, baby My mama told me when I was young We are all born superstars She rolled my hair and put"
  • I love Lady Gaga - 77 Bombay Street
    "1, 2, 3, go! Oho! I take one of the Beatles, two of the Stones Three of the Bee Gees so let's rock n' roll Four of Michael Jackson, five of Beyonce Six of Lady Gaga and here we go I also take some Black"
  • Born - Katerine
    "I spent way too much of my time unsatisfied Down on myself baby Looking for the light I'm half jaded and I sound so Bitter woman child Wondering why I was Born to break, born to bleed To burn alive on"
  • Born - Perzonal War
    "You see me smiling see me sneaking although you would like me to feel down but there is so much for me to lose so many ways for me -no doubt- no Yes in a way I went through hell with one foot nearly in"
  • Born - Hothouse Flowers
    "There's smell of fresh cut grass and it's filling up my senses And the sun is shining down on the blossoms in the avenue. There's a buzzing fly hanging around the bluebells and the daisies And tAere's"
  • Born This Way - Dusty Springfield
    "(Geoffrey Williams and Simon Stirling) Some people know what they wanna be Some people see what they wanna see Everyday needs some kind of dream But the complexities of life escape to an ideal scene,"
  • Born That Way - Stonewall Jackson
    "I don't know why I drink so much can't even stand the test But liquid courage helps me through my day If I take time to stop and think the booze just goes to waste I'm still the same cause I was born that"
  • Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (ft. Lady Gaga) - Kendrick Lamar
    "I am a sinner Who is probably going to sin again Lord forgive me Lord forgive Things I don’t understand Sometimes I need to be alone Bitch don’t kill my vibe Bitch don’t kill my vibe I can feel your energy"
  • Who Is It (IHS Mix) - Michael Jackson
    "I gave her money, I gave her time I gave her everything inside one heart could find I gave her passion, my very soul I gave her promises and secrets so untold And she promised me forever-and-a-day we'd"
  • Born Bad - Juliette And The Licks
    "(Natural Born Killers soundtrack) One way or the other I'm a bad brother Word to the mother f**ker I'm a bad brother Juliette Lewis: Born bad, Born bad Its such a sin Born bad Its such a sin I guess"
  • Born Dead - Body Count
    "1994 BC still in the house They did Everything they could do to take us out But like any good monster that just made us stronger You see, they don't like us and they don't like you, The BC fan, 'Cause"
  • Born Bad - Elton John
    "You've been crying And there ain't no use denying It was me Who put you through this misery And I'd like to say I'm sorry But I can't, no I can't Nothing's gonna change me Baby, that's the way I am I"
  • Born Free - Hansen & Friends
    "Born in the city of Hamburg in 1963 A new developed surrounding and the cemetery Father was a banker, he rarely was at home Mama took the duty, raised me on her own Oh no, I could not speak or go But"
  • Born Loose - Rod Stewart
    "(R. Stewart / J. Cregan / G. Grainger) Ooowe baby don't you count on me to be here when the sun goes down Cause all those mean old friends of mine are calling Calling way down the line Somebody send me"
  • Born frustrated - Rancid
    "Is it you? Is it you who's been orchestrated? Is it you? Is it you who's born frustrated? Hey! Hey! Hey! Is it you? Hey! Hey! Hey! Is it you? Is it you who's born frustrated? American shopping malls, Where"
  • Born Again - Birgit
    "Lyrics: j. joyce/n. hembley I was a dirty little swirl little crazy girl A runaway child in a fatherless world And everybody tried to be the one to save me No way it was never gonna be enough By the way"
  • Born Country - Alabama
    "Clear creeks and cool mountain morning's Honest work out in the fields Cornbread in my mommas kitchen Daddy saying grace before the meal Family ties run deep in this land And I'm never very far from what"
  • New Born - Robert Post
    "I lost my voice I bit my tongue Don't have a choice But to remain quiet Tomorrow I will hop a train Travel away the rain Travel away And come back new born And come back new I lost my way Where are"
  • Born Yesterday - Toto
    "The first quiet breath of the day Recalls the night And as I reflect on the pain Through tears gone dry Am I as blind as I remind myself Or did I depend on a dried up wishing well Only till the end of"
  • Born Yesterday - Steve Lukather
    "The first quiet breath of the day Recalls the night And as I reflect on the pain Through tears gone dry Am I as blind as I remind myself Or did I depend on a dried up wishing well Only till the end of"

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