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Galantis - Gold Dust

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Galantis - Gold Dust

  • Gold Dust - Galantis
    "You’re like Gold Dust It rains over me A foreign sun that I thought I’d never see You’re like Gold Dust Oh don’t change ever no don’t change There’s a hollow in this house whenever you go You’re like"
  • Gold Dust - John Newman
    "Hear me now, it's my time to talk I'm throwing out these two years of thoughts Freeze and take a deep breath I'll lay my heart out, helpless on the floor Tears crash down, your face, not mine Screaming"
  • Gold Dust - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori Scarlet's Walk Gold Dust Sights and Sounds pull me back down another year I WAS HERE I WAS HERE Whipping past the reflecting pool me+you skipping school And we make it up as we go along We"
  • Gold Dust - Tori Amos
    "sights and sounds pull me back down another year i was here i was here whipping past the reflecting pool me and you skipping school and we make it up as we go along we make it up we go along"
  • Gold Dust - Sandy Denny
    "This is the text on the Rendezvous album: If your eyes are blue you know the rest Champagne if it's very cool It's never very formal how you dress For oysters by the swimming pool Then slip away into the"
  • Gold dust - Via Mistica
    "Be afraid of his angerHe knows your every sinBe afraid of his forcesThey know how to defeatAnd beware of gold dustHe can send on your headAnd regret all your dreamsYou had against his nameWatch out!Every"
  • Gold Dust Woman - Hole
    "Gold dust woman, Take your silver spoon Dig your grave One last challenge Pick your path and I'll pray Wake up in the morning See your sunlight ---burning -- to go down Lousy lovers -- pick their graves But"
  • Gold Dust Woman - Sheryl Crow
    "Rock on Gold dust woman take your silver spoon, And dig your grave... Heartless challenge, pick your path, and I'll pray Wake up in the morning, see your sunrise, lovers go down. Lousy lovers pick their"
  • Dust To Gold - The Tea Party
    "I've got no patience for this Your philosophies twist And mess my mind up I've known truth and its face It's the cruelest embrace And you think you taste it This what you want This what you need This"
  • Gold dust woman - Fleetwood Mac
    "Rock on- gold dust woman Take your silver spoon And dig your grave Heartless challenge Pick your path and I'll pray Wake up in the morning See your sunrise- loves- to go down Lousy lovers- pick their prey"
  • Gold Dust Woman - Spill Canvas
    "Rock on gold dust woman. Take your silver spoon and dig your grave. Heartless challenge. Pick your path and I'll pray. Wake up in the morning. See your sunrise loves to go down. Lousy lovers pick their"
  • Gold Dust Woman - The Spill Canvas
    "Rock on gold dust woman And take your silver spoon and dig your grave Heartless challenged Pick your path and I'll pray, I'll pray Wake up in the morning See your sunrise, loves to go down Lousy lovers Pick"
  • In The Gold Dust Rush - Cocteau Twins
    "I weigh my life and it's got me old fool gold In the gold dust rush I can only genuflect In the gold dust rush Honey (her knee) is horrible (In the gold dust rush) There's locusts in (hidden)"
  • Gold Dust Vs. State Of Illinois - Spitalfield
    "You picked out your favorite dress. Made yourself up your very best; I know you're trying to be Anyone's everything. I know you're dying to be Broken and let down by me. With those eyes that you throw"
  • Cold Dust - Via Mistica
    "Be affraid of his anger He knows your every sin Be affraid of his forces They know how to defeat And beware of gold dust He can send on your head And regret all your dreams You had against his name Watch"
  • Gathering Dust - David Gray
    "I got no reason But that I must Maybe I feel Like I've been gatherin' dust I must leave this harbour for the sea I'm too young to settle down and make a home But I don't know where I'm wanting to"
  • Fools Gold - Petra
    "Fool's Gold Words by Bob Hartman Based on 1 Corinthians 1:21-25, Revelation 21:18 Some say this life I live is only foolishness No waiting pot of gold in the faith that I possess But the treasures"
  • Green & Gold - Lianne La Havas
    "6 years old Staring at my nose in the mirror Trying to dip my toes in the mirror Thinking 'Who's that girl?' And 'Does the mirror world go on forever?' Calmly you roll Sharpening the knives in the attic Trying"
  • Dust - Fleetwood Mac
    "When the white flame in us is gone And we that lost the world's delight Stiffen in darkness. Left alone To crumble in our separate light When your swift hair is quiet in death And through the lips corruption"
  • Dust On My Saddle - Seals and Crofts
    "(lyrics and music by James Seals, 1966) From the album DIAMOND GIRL (1973). Chorus: Dust on my saddle, mud on my boots. A coupla empty saddle bags except for two old suits. I'm tired and I'm hungry,"

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