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Galantis - Runaway (You and I)

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Galantis - Runaway (You and I)

  • Runaway - Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
    "As I walk along I wonder, a what went wrong with our love a love that was so strong and as I still walk on I think of the things we've done together while our hearts were young Im a walkin in the rain"
  • Runaway - Akcent
    "I always wanted you by my side I felt you we`re my guide The one who showed me what`s right I used to think that you we`re my light And trusted in your smile But now you have decide Runaway, runaway, runaway Searching"
  • Runaway - My American Heart
    "If you could read between the lines You would know that Times not on our side Gotta go the world is moving Moving Gotta go the world is moving Way too fast So now what can I say? Let's focus Let's focus We"
  • Runaway (U & I) - Galantis
    "Think I can fly, think I can fly when I'm with U. My arms are wide, catching fire as the wind blows I know that I'm rich enough for pride, I see a billion dollars in your eyes Even if we’re strangers til"
  • Runaway - Honorata Skarbek "Honey"
    "I got two thousand miles to run and no energy Too much to deal with people keep telling me to run faster A big world that's spinning night through day under me Can't tell my up from down no more, baby"
  • Runaway - Pat McGee Band
    "Gone away and hide your eyes Stay for me with no disguise We should fall, still we can rise Lay it down, your heart, tonight Try to imagine your soul set free Let it go and run to me You've got"
  • Runaway - The Lovemakers
    "Runaway Runaway Wait a-wait and see Well I've been waiting my whole life baby For what's coming to me Darlin' can't you see That if you want my love then claim it Or else let me be (CHORUS) I need you"
  • Runaway - The Corrs
    "Say it's true There's nothing like me and you I'm not alone Tell me you feel it too And I would run away I would run away, yeah yeah I would run away I would run away with you Because I, have fallen"
  • Runaway - Cascada
    "From London to Paris From Berlin to Rome You're searching for something A place to call home Been hiding your feelings Went out of control Your destinations unknown Tell me How can it be boy? You're"
  • Runaway - John Hiatt
    "On the outside, a beautiful thing On the inside, a bird with a broken wing Chances taken, now the dark angels circle in the wind You're mistaken, but still you'll do it all again As he shakes his"
  • Runaway - Bubba Sparxxx
    "I wanna runaway, (I wanna runaway) with you (I wanna runaway)I wanna runaway...Cuz baby you're my everythingI don't need thisAll I need is usCmon girl, lets put it in the windI care none, bout no oneIf"
  • Runaway - Maroon 5
    "What am I supposed to do with this time? If there's so many holes, I stay afloat But I feel out of control So petrified, I'm petrified What am I supposed to do to get by? Did I lose everything? I need"
  • Runaway - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Walking around All over town Workin' it out When you want to Soldiering my style and smiling Turn it into whatever I choose Take me now to the water Don't be late I hear it's gonna be so very great"
  • Runaway - Acel Bisa
    "You've been lying Since the beginning You're cursed, you're mad Now I know better... I won't listen You just want to steal my life I'll runaway from you And to the light, I will come Runaway from you And"
  • Runaway - Sailor
    "Don't play that song for me 'Cause you know that melody only breaks me down I was a king who now wears a broken crown Don't play that honky-tonk 'Cause you know that same old song only makes me cry Times"
  • Runaway - Misfits
    "As I walk along, I wonder what went wrong, With our love, a love that was so strong. And as I still walk on, I think of the things we've done Together, while our hearts were young. I'm walkin' in the rain,"
  • Runaway - Mr. Mister
    "She plays it so dramatic, a silhouette of soul It's automatic, he won't ever let go She wants a tender lover, a clean and honest man Why she keeps on running, I just don't understand Chorus: Runaway,"
  • Runaway - Bruno Mars
    "Ohhh. Ohhh woah... So easy to forget our love, All of the little things we do, Like calling for no reason Just to say the words "BABY, I LOVE YOU" I know lately, I've been busy But a second doesn't go"
  • Runaway - Gary Allan
    "As I walk along I wonder What went wrong with our love A love so rare and strong And as I walk along I think of The times we had together While our hearts were young I'm walkin' in the rain Tears are"
  • Runaway - Thriving Ivory
    "I am more than you know, street lights and open roads I am more than a face, stuck living in one place So call me California Call me what you will Cause I am bigger than this place And so far from alone"

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