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Garden of remembrance Fish

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Garden of remembrance Fish

  • Garden of Remembrance - Fish
    "He hears a voice He tries to recognise the source and place the name A face so familiar The smile soft and warm The memory evades him his mind wanders on Down rabbit holes A darkened maze a place to hide"
  • Remembrance - Raunchy
    "Our darkest dreams set us freeOur darkest scene set us freeI wanna live the dreamInside a shadow heartWhere all things are aliveThrough a blackened soulTake me back toThe depth of remembranceIn the summer"
  • Remembrance - Gojira
    "I feel I come from better conditions buried deep in my mind I forgot awake my soul I want to find and drink this light Images of the past other lives and other places always the same embraces I return"
  • Remembrance - Bolt Thrower
    "Nightmare world Reflected as a dream Vision blurred This surely can not be Twisted now Far from reality Delving into depths Mankind's depravity Violated planet - world bureaucracy Graved with resentment"
  • Remembrance - Paradise Lost
    "I am the one, to which you'll go You are the one, from which I'll run... Fading to grey, the wanton pray You'll find shelter, I'll find none I'll leave you pointless life undone Breathing your days,"
  • Remembrance - Gus Gus
    "When I feel alone, inside, away from love. When you don't wanna know, I give like you give to me. Wherever you will stay, someday, hiding, afraid. Then I'll understand, I don't love you anymore. How can"
  • Fish - Bonnie Pink
    "Fish... Strolling in town. Fish... Up and down. Fish... Cross the moon so easily, like a shooting star Fish... Fish... Seem to know. Fish... Where to go. Fish... Lead me to the garden of oblivion, before"
  • Garden - Noe Venable
    "I lay my head upon your chest Bones of iron bones of lead And death is rattling the cage Like a bird that would escape But there's no room for thoughts like these In the garden where we sleep And I am"
  • Tear Garden - Tear Garden
    "Our lady on the balcony in black and red The band plays stronger Spinning back we tread on broken glass Our heels dig harder I circle round inside your belt I felt your heart race faster Our eyes met with"
  • In Remembrance - Evergrey
    "I remember your voice and your dreams Your smile when you laughed And your pain when you screamed I'll follow your footsteps let them be my guide Can you save me from being myself? It's hard to be strong"
  • Remembrance Day - Adams Bryan
    "Adams Bryan Into The Fire Remembrance Day For our king and our country and the promise of glory We came from Kingston and Brighton to fight on the front line Just lads from the farms and boys from the"
  • Remembrance Day - Bryan Adams
    "For our king and our country and the promise of glory We came from Kingston and Brighton to fight on the front line Just lads from the farms and boys from the cities Not meant to be soldiers we lay"
  • Into remembrance - Therion
    "Draconian age, Typhonic dream Nuit lead the qliphotic stream The depths in mind where visions dwell Projections of an open shell Into remembrance we transcend Into memories from a prior supreme darker"
  • Lost Remembrance - Acrostichon
    "I set my foot in my cottage Eyes attracted by human debris Floorboards covered in spinal fluids Oozing liquid putresence Open the fridge; gory sight Human remains; total disgust Mummified body concealed Rotting"
  • The Remembrance - Galadriel
    "Find an escape from this terrible condition Burning memories rule my mind I feel down, repulsive chaos is in my dreams Living agony as your face withered Withstand this unjust world Nameless, hopeless"
  • Remembrance Ballad - Atreyu
    "Atreyu Miscellaneous Remembrance Ballad These dats are closing in. The end has become apparent. We're only here for so long. Will anyone remember my name when time has washed away the dust of our ashes?"
  • Remembrance day - Midge Ure
    "While I was standing I saw Two men before my eyes, I saw One man all dressed in truth The other man was dressed in lies One man held green and gold The other man blue, white and red And they smiled As"
  • Remembrance day - Ure Midge
    "While I Was Standing I SawTwo Men Before My Eyes, IsawOne Man All Dressed in TruthThe Other Man Was Dressed in LiesOne Man Held Green and GoldThe Other Man Blue, White and RedAnd They Smiled As They Held"
  • Remembrance Day - Asia
    "The battlefield, the smoke has cleared Silence in sight, the blood lies deep Look from the hills, the valley calls Six hundred fall, a lost to all Someday, somewhere, ever calling One time, one life,"
  • In Remembrance - Xandria
    "My child, my fleeting hour has come, There's no mercy for me, no pardon Close my eyes, I know you're overcome and I have failed to guard you Over mountains, through the meadows, You travelled far from"

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