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Gareth Emery safe in the sky

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Gareth Emery safe in the sky

  • Mellodrama (Gareth Emery Remix) - George Acosta feat. Truth
    "Mellow drama, a song for you and me... Everyday you take me for a spin In this white lie world were all living in Maybe I, if I cried a little more My brain wouldnt hurt, my body wouldnt be so sore Cut"
  • Safe - Travis
    "Take all the goods from all the bads And tell the people that you've gone away Now lift your head up to the sky And now you can tell apart the black from the white And you wish the time they treasure"
  • Mr. Emery Won't Be Home - Liza Minnelli
    "Monday through Friday from 9 until 5 I bring him coffee and I type his letters And I dial the number to tell his wife: Mr. Emery Won't Be Home 'til late tonight He said not to worry, just leave on the"
  • Safe - Julia Fordham
    "These tired lips are sealed Although this angry mouth is filled With words to fracture an unknowing heart Enough to tear your very world apart Turning my knowing look away Fumbling for something to say God"
  • Safe - Zoe Girl
    "Here I am alone with You Quietly I talk to You You said the truth would set me free So here I am surrendering I know I can let Your promise be my hope And I know until You take me home I'm safe, safe 'cause"
  • Safe - Collage
    "There she comes With waiting arms Her loving eyes Mesmerize Nothing's real Nothing true The light is me The rest is you No time No space No fear Safe I reach my hand To touch her hair Smoothed by the wind Perfumed"
  • Gareth Gates - Gareth Gates
    "I've been letting you down, down Girl I know I've been such a fool Giving into temptation I should have played it cool The situation got out of hand I hope you understand Chorus It can happen to anyone"
  • Safe - Dag Nasty
    "one for all nothing for one and the more on your side the better for them they taught you your place I can't even see your face I don't understand and I can't accept that you feel safer blending in with"
  • Safe - Sylvan
    "There are birds above me, free of all they're cicling so high I know I can't reach them, but I wish I could fly Like a feather in the wind, just to float without care And I rush towards dreams to touch"
  • Safe - Mustard Plug
    "im another world away my old self locked in a cage inside walls i have to stay just a moment many day what i left behind still lives i can hear it when im still weak connection, lines will cross different"
  • Safe - Blue October
    "Long be safe in these arms I will hold you down Keep you safe from harm Ride your fears to ground But it won't account for much No, it won't account for much Stand by me now, don't go leaving this"
  • Safe - Natalie Grant
    "How did you know That i'm all alone TodayOh, I feel so scared And I wanna go awayI bleed So deep underneathMy soul is screamingI'm not gonna hideI'm not gonna run awayI'll uncover the scars And show you"
  • Safe - Scarface
    "I got the new 'Face tape I'm about to, pop in the deck for you niggaz Turn up your radios You're down and out, money funny, you hustle and die On the verge of pawnin your jewelry and sellin your ride Somebody"
  • Safe - Kittie
    "In this darkness ... Troubled waters ... Lies a flicker ... Of Hope?s fire ... Come to your senses ... Wager a risk ... I won?t let go ... Waiting for dreams ... It's wonderful ... Reality ... I watch"
  • Safe - Therapy?
    "All this noise is making me nervous I feel every slammed door and drunken laugh Sometimes there's no room for breathing Take me to a colony and leave me in Antarctica The living germs keep these buildings"
  • Safe - Therapy
    "All this noise is making me nervous I feel every slammed door and druken laugh Sometimes there's no room for breathing Take me to a colony and leave me in Antarctica The living germs keep these buildings"
  • Safe - Bethany Joy Lenz
    "They set me up real nice here in the cornerI've got my very own self to keep my mind and bodywarmThey set me up real nice in the back roomEven let me eat the shit they borneDon't nobody know any better,"
  • Safe Passage - The Bronx
    "well everybody i know has one good chance to die to be swallowed whole by the big blue empty sky feel the heavens stare with a cold hard look in it's eyes to hear the sound of something awful on the rise so"
  • Be Safe - The Cribs
    "One of those fucking awful black days When nothing is pleasing and everything that happens Is an excuse for anger An outlet for emotions stockpiled, an arsenal, an armour These are the days when I hate"
  • Safe & Warm - Superdrag
    "bottles on the windowsill. they've got a tale to tell. and i can't put it any other way. i just wanna stay right here in your arms. 'til the morning comes i'll keep you safe from harm. you've been mine"

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