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  • Sander van Doorn Gold Skies (ft. Aleesia, Martin Garrix, DVBBS)
    "See the smoke when the sun shines We will forever be faded under gold skies Captivated in your cold eyes We will forever be faded under gold skies See the smoke when the sun shines We will forever be faded"
  • Avicii Hold On Never Leave (Ft. Martin Garrix)
    "I thought my heart was gone After I lost it all Felt I was falling down Still I chose to be proud Until I hit the ground You got me back on my feet again You said that lovers come and may go You said"
  • Avicii Waiting For Love (with Martin Garrix & John Legend)
    "Where there's a will, there's a way, kinda beautiful And every night has its day, so magical And if there's love in this life, there's no obstacle That can't be defeated For every tyrant a tear for the"
  • Martin Garrix Proxy
    "Put your heands up!"
  • Martin Garrix Animals
    "We're the fuckin animals! We're the fuckin animals!"
  • Martin Garrix Dont Look Down (ft. Usher)
    "Is your head spinning? Is your heart racing? Is the fire in your veins? Are your bones burning? Is your skin yearning? 'Cause you're driving me insane I kinda feel like I feel like a summer light You got"
  • Martin Garrix Rewind Repeat It (feat. Ed Sheeran)
    "Stay for the night Call it what you want And I'll compromise To have you in my arms Is this what you needed? Cause I'll find my faith in anything Don't fight the feeling Rewind, repeat it If the world"
  • Martin Garrix Now That I've Found You (feat. John & Michel)
    "Flashback to the time in your life When thought it would be easy But it’s hard when you’re taking the world alone The one shot that you fire at the sky Hoping someone else can see it Just a sign that you’re"
  • Martin Garrix Waiting For Tomorrow
    "Remember, we’re staring up to those peaks on the horizon I promise I’d never stop In your name I’d climb them There’s nothing I’ve wanted more The only one I’ve been waiting for So hold your breath And"
  • Martin Garrix In The Name Of Love (ft. Bebe Rexha)
    "In The Name Of Love In The Name Of Love 1, 2, 3, 4, In The Name Of Love"
  • Martin Garrix Pizza
    "Utwór instrumentalny"
  • Martin Garrix Ocean (feat. Khalid)
    "Tell me what you’re crying for Oh my god ,taste so rough it you’re so in, take in love we’ll come for you for sure if we’re caught in a wave I will carry you over it don’t matter where you are I’’ll"
  • Martin Garrix High On Life (feat. Bonn)
    "killed the demons of my mind ever since you came around we are braver, running wild how could I have been so blind? I just live a fast life forget about the past time I’m up to escape my feels and friendships"
  • Martin Garrix Dreamer (feat. Mike Yung)
    "I’m a dreamer Don’t tell me not to dream I got freedom And that’s everything to me It don’t matter What I’ve got or where I go I find shelter A million miles from home it’ ain’t easy to keep going"
  • Martin Garrix No Sleep (feat. Bonn)
    "Summer nights All alive As we drown in the moonlight We collide In plain sight I know we'll be alright and we come alive we run the night with strangers cause it’s in the air we’re all familiar faces we"
  • Martin Garrix Summer Days (feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy)
    "sshe looks good in the morning and she don’t even know it I don’t want you to go yet can we stay in the moment don’t look in the mirror look into my eyes when you see your reflection you’ll see what"
  • Martin Garrix These Are The Times (feat. JRM)
    "when life gets you down we find a way to make It better when days turn into dark that’s when we light up together these are times that we’ve been praying for these are the moments that we will not forget this"
  • Martin Garrix Home (feat. Bonn)
    "i was hiding form the pain but now I am tired of running felt like the gods forgot my name in my head I didn’t know where I was looking for we got so close to something beautiful and now I am never gonna"
  • Martin Garrix Drown (feat. Clinton Kane)
    "I’ve been trying to keep my distance but In an instant you break me down I know better than to want you but I succumb to you without a doubt now the water is rising and I’m too tired to swim and my lungs"
  • Martin Garrix Higher Ground (feat. John Martin)
    "all this time all this time keeps fading feeling trapped inside"

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