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Gary Barlow sleepless nights t��umaczenie

  • Sleepless Nights - Little River Band
    "SLEEPLESS NIGHTS WRITER GRAHAM GOBLE I lie in bed and I just can't sleep, my mind's outside chasin' the beat, thinkin' of you and of what went wrong, I wonder how I can carry on with these sleepless"
  • Sleepless Nights - Elvis Costello
    "(Felice and Boudleaux Bryant) Through the sleepless nights I cry for you And wonder who Is kissing you Oh, these sleepless nights Will break my heart in two Somehow, through the day I don't give in I"
  • Sleepless Nights - Norah Jones
    "Through these sleepless nights i cry for you And wonder who is kissing you Oh these sleepless nights Will break my heart in two Somehow through the days I don't give in I hide my tears That wait within Oh"
  • Sleepless Nights - Emmylou Harris
    "(Boudeleaux Bryant/Felice Bryant) Thru the sleepless nights I cry for you And wonder who is kissing you Oh these sleepless nights will break my heart again Somehow thru the day I don't give in I hide"
  • Sleepless nights - Dokken
    "Oh yeah.. I stay up on the high until the morning Stay in bed until day becomes light I've been so refused Even more confused I wish I could make it right Looks like a sleepless night coming my way Yeah,"
  • Sleepless nights - Pearl Jam
    "Through these sleepless nightsi cry for youAnd wonder whois kissing youOh these sleepless nightsWill break my heart in twoSomehow through the daysI don't give inI hide the tearsThat wait withinOh but then"
  • Sleepless Nights - King Diamond
    "I cannot sleep at night That's what the day is for anyway And as the clock strikes midnight I hear "THEM" dancing at the graves singing to My mind killing the pain...sleepless nights...sleepless nights I"
  • Sleepless Nights - Rediscover
    "I've been taking notes on girls like you So I can see right through Get ready for the longest night of your life If that's what you wanna do In this hotel room You're gonna love me for the rest of your"
  • Sleepless nights - The Kinks
    "Oh, there's a rude little lady Livin' next to me. Oh, she sure loves someone, But it ain't me. Ev'ry night at twelve o'clock, They start to rock with all they got. They keep it up all night. It just ain't"
  • Forever Autumn (ft. Gary Barlow) - Jeff Wayne
    "The summer sun is fading as the year grows old, and darker days are drawing near, the winter winds will be much colder, now you're not here. I watch the birds fly south across the autumn sky and one by"
  • Sleepless Nights - Bread And Juice
    "My friend I don't know much about Real love - the kind of Love that gives and lasts forever and ever. But I know (some) One who gives it so Free and He Fills me up; His well is endlessly deep. My friend,"
  • Sleepless Nights - Socratic
    "I know that the summer is over I can't wait til the weather gets colder Every night will freeze over It's just another sleepless night After all the things we've been through Tell me, how many friends"
  • Sleepless Nights - Justincase
    "I might not buy you a diamond ring Still I don't need your sympathy So all I've got, I give to you And all I need all I need is you I want to be the only good in your morning The tight in your sleep I"
  • Sleepless Nights - Faber Drive
    "Another sleepless night I'm still starin at the ceiling I can hear him fightin With her for no good reason Will this ever end? Will this house be a home again? If I had my way I'd corner him and say Put"
  • Sleepless - Until June
    "Oehhh-oehhhh-ooehhh Oh, when you were young Did you ever love someone So much you couldn't bear the thought of losing them Well I remember the sleepless nights When I would lie awake If only I could tell"
  • Sleepless - Anathema
    "And I often sighI often wonder whyI'm still here and I still cryAnd I often cryI often spill a tearOver those not hereBut still they are so nearPlease ease my burdenAnd I still rememberA memory and I weepIn"
  • Sleepless - Cradle of Filth
    "And I often sigh I often wonder why I'm still here and I still cry And I often cry I often spill a tear Over those not here But still they are so near Please ease my burden And I still remember A memory"
  • Sleepless - Linea 77
    "Someone, someone please explain to me, where's your head at? I can' t, i can 't understand why no one can deny you, can i? Conquer me! Conquer me! Keep controlling me and save your world of a thousand"
  • Wasted sleepless nights - Angel City
    "Knocking at the window, standing in the rain Ulysses smiles as he takes his pillThe street walker knows his middle name She understands why he's dressed up to kill Poor little rich boy born to the thin"
  • Sleepless Nights Alone - Still Remains
    "At the end of all the earth I find you here alone At the forefront of my heart And the butterflies That tried to bring you life Have died and gone away Oh we are apart and I am lost So while she sleeps,"

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