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Gary Moore Lost In Your Love

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Gary Moore Lost In Your Love

  • Lost In Your Love - Gary Moore
    "(Gary Moore) Can't seem to find no way out of here But maybe I'm not even tryin' Everyday one thing becomes so clear There is no point in denying That I'm lost in your love I'm so lost in your love It's"
  • Nettie Moore - Bob Dylan
    "(Bob Dylan) Lost John's sittin' on a railroad track Something's out of whack Blues this mornin' fallin' down like hail Gonna leave a greasy trail Gonna travel the world is what I'm gonna do Then come"
  • Dysentery Gary - Blink-182
    "Got a lotta heart ache He's a fuckin' weasel His issues make my mind ache Want to make a deal Cause I love your little motions You do with your pigtails What a nice creation Worth another night"
  • Dysentary gary - Blink 182
    "Got a lotta heart ache. He's a fucken weasel. His issues make my mind ache. Want to make a deal. Cause I love your little motions. You do with your pigtails. What a nice creation. Worth another"
  • Henry Moore - Hugh Cornwell
    "Funny how time can take you by surprise It creeps up in the night to give you butterflies I'm happy spending time with you it's the thing to do I love it but I'm sure I'd love a Henry Moore I know a work"
  • Davey Moore - Phil Ochs
    "It was out to california young davey moore did go, To meet with sugar ramos and trade him blow for blow He left his home in springfield, his wife and children five; The spring was fast approaching, it"
  • William Moore - Phil Ochs
    "Am Walkin' down an Alabama road Rememberin' what the Bible told D G D Am Walkin' with a letter in his hand D G D Am Dreaming of another southern land Am Walkin' down an"
  • Gary Jules - Gary Jules
    "All around me are familiar faces Worn out places Worn out faces Bright and early for the daily races Going no where Going no where Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression No expression Hide"
  • The ballad of Robert Moore - Nick Cave
    "There was a thick set man with frog eyes who was standing by the door and a little bald man with wing-nut ears was waiting in the car Well Robert Moore passed the frog-eyed man as he walked into the bar,"
  • Since I Met You Baby (With Gary Moore) - B.B. King
    "I used to wake up in the morning with an aching head. I couldn't remember anything I'd said. My friends told me I was getting out of line. If it wasn't for you baby, I'd be doing time. Since I met"
  • Lost In Your Love - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon) I'm lost in your love Lost in my love for you Everything that you say Everything that you do I'm lost in your love I can find me a night So lovely it might even change me I can find me"
  • Lost In Your Love - Bee Gees
    "I was lost in your love I was held by your heart And no secrets stood between us anymore I'm like a child learning pain I was held by your chains And my darling , I was lost in your love There's been"
  • Lost In Your Love - At Vance
    "the summer breeze in your hair seems to be so warm and tender is your love really true that it can't stand anything where we gotta go thru then I'll send my love to you thru the dark and the night thru"
  • All Your Love - Gary Moore
    "All your lovin' is lovin' All your kissin' is kissin' All your lovin' is lovin' All your kissin' is kissin' Before I met you baby I never knew what I was missin' All your lovin' pretty baby That I got"
  • Lost In Love - New Edition
    "Would you love me When nights are cold Would you love me When I grow old Would you care Baby it's not easy Take me by surprise And say you're there Would you love me Give me one more chance Would"
  • Lost In Love - Josh Rouse
    "(words by Graham Russell of Air Supply) I realize the best part of love is the thinnest slice And it don't count for much But I'm not letting go I believe there's still much to believe in So lift your"
  • Lost In Love - Temperance
    "(H. Der Hovagimian, J. Gicho) I'm lost in love and I can't get out Won't someone tell me what it's all about Lift me up and set me free, I'm lost in love I find a way to let you know that deep in your"
  • Lost In Love - Air Supply
    "I realize the best part of love is the thinnest slice and you don't care for much but I'm not letting go i believe there's still much to believe in So lift your eyes if you feel you can reach for a star"
  • Lost In Love - Nasty Boy Klick
    "How ya doin sweetheart? Heya, you know these last few months weve been together Happened so right and Im just so happy for what we shared Ive been wonderin...how do you feel? I wanna get lost in love"
  • Lost In Love - Backseat Goodbye
    "you've got two left feet and a way with words you're in love with the "spottless mind" but the ending's no good you've got an eye for luck along with black and white photographs not too fond of windy nights but"

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