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Gavin DeGraw - Who's Gonna Save Us

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Gavin DeGraw - Who's Gonna Save Us

  • Who's Gonna Save Us - Gavin DeGraw
    "I know you got a wild side that I don't wanna hold back And everyone I ever had, was just a means to an end Now we're standing at the edge, we've never been here before So are gonna give in? What happens"
  • We Both Know (ft. Gavin DeGraw) - Colbie Caillat
    "Gavin DeGraw: They all say it, all the ones that made it Once you find the one you claim it But you’re gonna have to fight Colbie Caillat: When I think back The things that threw us off track We handled"
  • Gavin - Pain
    "It's not the number of times he tried to But the one time that he did. I once told him to beware of things to come, But I was the one who should be scared. All the police and handcuffs didn't bother"
  • Who's Gonna Change - Pretty Maids
    "The world is cynical Theese are the times Unlawful principels And mindless crimes Love is devoured By the brotherhood of hate Like Carniwoures In a cannibel state And we all wan't something for nothing Rarely"
  • Who's It Gonna Be - TLC
    "Darkchild, TLC, let's go It seems like, when I'm with you Only crazy broads, seem to find you And I'm thinkin' like, how do they know you And just what are you into 'Cause I'm diggin' you, if everything"
  • Who's Gonna Love Me Now? - James Morrison
    "How can I fill this empty space? Is this a love that can’t be replaced? Where am I going to find myself? So far from you Watch the whole thing fall so fast Thought we had something to last Now there is"
  • Who's Gonna Save My Soul - Gnarls Barkley
    "Got some bad news this morning Which in turn made my day When this someone spoke I listened All of a sudden has less and less to say Oh how could this be? All this time I've lived vicariously Who's"
  • Who's Gonna Go - Automatic Loveletter
    "Every day it's every down And every night you turn around You tell me kindly that you like me Just the way I am now Well, if you like me so much Tell me, why are you giving up? Is it worth enough? I guess"
  • Who's Gonna Ride - Christina Milian
    "(feat. Three 6 Mafia) (Intro:) Christina Milian Cool & Dre Three 6 Mafia What's going down? Yeah! (Yeah) (Verse 1:) I ain't the one to cuss but fuck ya Way before you went and copped that truck (I still"
  • Who's Gonna Tell - Beautiful South, The
    "Beautiful South, The Miscellaneous Who's Gonna Tell who's gonna tell the orange They're actually brown Who's gonna mop up for grey When they've painted the town It's the news that everyone dreads That"
  • Who's gonna tell - The Beautiful South
    "Who's gonna tell the orange they're actually brown Who's gonna mop up for grey when they've painted the town It's the news that everyone dreads that we're no longer painting it red that our gag's still"
  • Who's gonna burn - Carnal Forge
    "I compute your mind all the timeCreature of destruction love butcher aliveYou play it like a foolBut i got the powerI got the toolsYou can try to escape from this pit of powerIt's payback timeGot a grip"
  • Who's Gonna Pay - Virus
    "Next thing you know your a slave Can you feel the tension on the rise? Do you hear the people's silent cries? Kids trying to grab the American dream The one they see on the T.V. screen Spend half you life"
  • Who's Next? - Tom Lehrer
    "One of the big news items of the past year concerned the fact that China, which we called "Red China," exploded a nuclear bomb, which we called a device. Then Indonesia announced that it was going to have"
  • Who's Down - Kingspade
    "(Richter) Here comes the Mother fuckin' Kingspade (Loc) Got the beats that bang like it aint not thang And everybody knows the name name same it's all the same Shakey Bonez, the Guinsu Master aka (Richter) Can"
  • Gavin Friday - Angel
    "Angel Miscellaneous Gavin Friday Angel - Gavin Friday Angel, hold on to me Love is all around me Angel, hold on to me Oooh, come closer To me, don't go Don't leave me Angel, hold on to me Love"
  • Who's The Enemy - Feeder
    "We're running away Further away 'cause we won't take this Loosing my way Not to the ground my lie beside her You know they're telling us Nothing's ever gonna change You know they're telling us Nothing's"
  • End of Me (feat. Gavin Rossdale) - Apocalyptica
    "Rosaries left under the mattress of those memories who could bear the witness As you slip into oblivion, use it like a weapon And I'm left to bleed waiting for the moment when you've had your fun A loaded"
  • Who's Gonna Win The War? - Hawkwind
    "Lonely figures waiting, shadows on the hill Looking into valleys where everything is still Only death is lurking, the creeping sickness waits So who's gonna win the war now? Who's gonna win the war? Who's"
  • Who's Gonna Stop The Rain - Anastacia
    "(Oh, oh, oh) There is no rose without a thorn No rain without a storm (Oh, oh, oh) There is no laughter without tears No wisdom without years (Oh, oh, oh) In a world gone crazy Torn between the roads That"

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