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Gavlyn - Guilty Pleasure

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Gavlyn - Guilty Pleasure

  • Guilty Pleasure - Classic Case
    "you don't yet realize that we are meant to be outside i watch you secretly devising ways to lore you into my trap like an animal stalking its prey you're my guilty pleasure every night surrender yourself"
  • Guilty Pleasure - Becca
    "Look, look me up and down You would be forgiven if I had a taste You, see everything you're missing now Oh I'd hate to see this moment go to waste I don't really care if you're not single We could use"
  • Guilty Pleasure - Ashley Tisdale
    "(oh so treacherous, and dangerous, and devious. You keep me on the edge, nanana nanana nanana) Oh you are my guilty pleasure, so intoxicating when you know it isnt right, Ill keep it under cover, see"
  • Guilty Pleasure - Cobra Starship
    "And i came here to make you dance tonight i don't care about my guilty pleasure for you and i don't even know what kinda fool you're taking me for so you've got some brand new clothes, you never could"
  • Guilty - Ryker's
    "mind shut... you act unaware chained down to addiction pregnant... but you do not care a monumentary pleasure was what you've gained an everlasting violation will remain accused... of existence sentenced..."
  • Guilty - Rykers
    "mind shut... you act unaware chained down to addiction pregnant... but you do not care a monumentary pleasure was what you've gained an everlasting violation will remain accused... of existence sentenced..."
  • Guilty Pleasures - dEUS
    "That's a really nice sound That's a nice sound ! That's what I call "a nice sound" !! Wanting, missing, having, letting, knowing, forgetting, showing, climbing, falling, sucking, breathing, eyeing, loosing,"
  • Guilty In Here - Miranda Lambert
    "God knows I tried everything I could To stay inside tonight But that boy's like a sore in your mouth That you just have to fight Hand number one is shakin' hands With numbers two and three Is it guilty"
  • Guilty - Dio
    "He'd never tell her lies And she believed in magic But when the magic died She could see that all along he's just been Guilty - a liar, liar Guilty Guilty - burn in fire Guilty It's time to say goodbye Don't"
  • Guilty - Nylon Beat
    "Catch your neighbours are waking In the neither love them nights I guess you didn't have a clue Now capture and taken The call without the fights Cos' it call 911 too soon I can't stop loving first degree I"
  • Guilty - One Way System
    "Long time ago -- remember our deal? Not just friends but family Bare-face lies both sides of the fence, all you have to do is believe in me To front the sounds in the public eye was your sense of the"
  • Guilty - Lou Reed
    "Guilty, guilty Guilty, I'm paralyzed with guilt It runs through me like a rain through silk Guilty, my mind won't leave me alone My teeth are rotted my lips start to foam Cause I'm so guilty Guilty, guilty Ooohhh"
  • Guilty - Al Green
    "Girl I love you Yeah, yeah, honest I do And I'm guilty, baby On being untrue What you heard Through the grapevine Every word it's true Now the blame's all mine you all I'm guilty Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah,"
  • Guilty - Gravity Kills
    "Behind closed doors your words ring hollow What you said they'd be What behavior? Who are you, but I like it Now I'm done with nothing new Sometimes green sometimes blue And I'm guilty And I'm guilty And"
  • Guilty - All
    "I know I suck already You don't even have to tell me I'm guilty I feel guilty all the time I did everything you thought I only stopped 'cause I got caught And I'm guilty I feel guilty all the time She's"
  • Guilty - Oi Polloi
    "Cops kill youth at the station Riot breaks out at the demonstration You get nicked for doing a pig Senile rich scumbag in a judges wig Says GUILTY - Of fighting back GUILTY - Of a vicious attack GUILTY"
  • Guilty - The Rasmus
    "(Woah) (Yeah) I feel guilty My words are empty No signs to give you Don't have the time for you You say I'm heartless And you say I don't care I used to be there for you You've said I seem so dead That"
  • Guilty - Orange Blue
    "Sometimes I wonder where I stand in my life Always remembering what I've been through It's good to have someone to take in the arms and cry When I was feelin' bad I've always wished I had friends like"
  • Guilty - Yann Tiersen
    "is it a sin, is it a crime loving you dear like i do if it's a crime, then, i'm guilty guilty of loving you maybe i'm wrong dreaming of you dreaming the lonely night thru if it's a crime, then, i'm guilty guilty"
  • GUILTY - Billie Holiday
    "Gus Kahn / Harry Akst / Richard Whiting Is it a sin, is it a crime Loving you dear like I do If it's a crime, then, I'm guilty Guilty of loving you Maybe I'm wrong dreaming of you Dreaming the lonely"

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