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Gene Clark - Crazy Ladies

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Gene Clark - Crazy Ladies

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Gene Clark - Crazy Ladies
  • Gene Clark Crazy Ladies
    "You can run and you can hide, Searching for that place inside. You can never hide under the sun. Crazy Ladies so hard to handle, Life's the window, Love is the candle. Crazy love so hard to find I don't"
  • Teenage Fanclub Gene Clark
    "When the circle finally formed you called me up the only one making a sound I can't work out what I want to see I bury my thoughts in the ground All the seeds you sow are just looking for a space to grow So"
  • Gene Clark Fair & Tender Ladies
    "My daddy was a handsome gambler he had a chain five miles long On every link a heart gets dangled of another maid he loved and wronged He told to you some loving story He'd make you think he'd leave them"
  • Oblivion Clark
    "So I heard you got in to a fight. Maybe things you said are not the right way to go about it. Take a look at your mind, what do you see? Take a look into your mind, do you believe they put they put this"
  • Funny Van Dannen Gene
    "Mit meinem Fernglas kann ich in die Zukunft sehn das ist atemberaubend, das ist wunderschn das ist unbeschreiblich, phnomenal wer mir nicht glaubt kann ja selber mal es kommt natrlich immer auf den Blickwinkel"
  • Holly Palmer Scandinavian Ladies
    "I used to see these Scandinavian looking ladies All the way down half a crowded block And I used to chase those yellow headed ladies But it was never you on my block I used to press my nose against"
  • Insane Clown Posse Homies (Mike E. Clark Mix)
    "Homies yeah thats my dog Homies cause were down by law Homies everything that we are Homies yeah thats my dog Remix! Let me ask you this about this life we live And let me try to swerve some of this"
  • Prodigal Sunn Lovely Ladies
    "(Intro: Scotty) Lovely lady, I like the things you say The things you do, that makes you a Lovely lady, through the ups and the downs Smiles and the frowns, you always around (Prodigal Sunn) I take you"
  • Changing Faces Ladies Man
    "Hey, hey, yo, is this thing on? Oh, for a second there I thought that I was the only Whose man put his car before his girl Put his friends before the relationship But I guess these are the things "
  • Faces Changing Ladies Man
    "Hey, hey, yo is this thing on? Oh, for a second there I thought that I was Was the only one whose man put His car before his girl, Put his friends before the relationship, But i guess these are the things"
  • Lil' Kim Ladies Night
    "Intro: Lil' Cease Undeas (uhh... uh-huh) Lil' Ceaser (uhh... uh-hah, Queen Bee) Uhh (uh-huh, that's me) Uhh, check it (Lil' Kim) Verse One: Lil' Cease Yo I be buyin em V's, so all my girls be eyein Cease Comin"
  • Bon Jovi Crazy
    "JBJ: And now, and now, my personal favorite part of the show. I have the out most pleasure... I feel like Ed Sullivan right now, you know. The man behind the drums, who steals the show every year. Ladies"
  • TLC Crazy
    "(as performed on the 1999-2000 fanmail tour) Ladies and gentlemen Introducing crazy-sexy-cool Crazy What is crazy Something we find profound One having flaws or cracks untied Found mentally unbalanced"
  • R. Kelly Crazy
    "(Chorus) Im going crazy Feels like im losing my mind And I dont know what to do Seems like im running out of time (Going Crazy) (Oh!!) And the gorgeous ring I bought Man she don't have a clue that I'm"
  • Barenaked Ladies Crazy ABC's
    "Hey Steve, hey Ed, that sounds nice, what is it? Thank you, it's a, it's an alphabet song I'm working on Oh great, a whole new alphabet, I just learned the old one A is for aisle, B is for bdellium, C"
  • Blur Gene By Gene
    "I got a brain in left hand drive I don't asleep other side I ride a bullet like I'm Steve McQueen Each town I intervene A gram of keef and the barn is jumping It's alright we got time Got a radio hit in"
  • Freddie Foxxx The Ladies Jam
    "Now I'ma kick a smooth rap tune for the ladies Girls lookin good make the guys go crazy If there wasn't no girls in the house here tonight I wouldn't be standin here, rockin the mic Fellas admit it, the"
  • Leroux Louisiana's New Orleans Ladies
    "New Orleans ladies A sassy style that will drive you crazy And they hold you like the light Hugs the wick when this candle's burning Them Creole babies Thin and brown and downright lazy And they roll just"
  • Dean Friedman Shopping Bag Ladies
    "by Dean Friedman The shopping bag ladies, they live in the terminal waiting room, Patiently whiling their hours away, Desperately keeping their demons at bay, Making up lies about times that were good. Extolling"
  • The Fugees Ready Or Not (Clark Kent / Django Remix)
    "(Lauryn "L-Boogie" Hill) Ready Or Not (9x)... (Lauryn Singing) You can't run away From these styles I got oh baby, hey baby, 'cause I got alot, oh yeah Anywhere you go, my whole crew gonna know,"

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