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Gene Clark Tried So Hard

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Gene Clark Tried So Hard
  • Little Mix Told You So
    "be honest how are you feeling girlfriend? have you been crying again? just give it some times, breath out see I'm happy that boy was just playing pretend we said it, you wouldn't listen baby finally you"
  • Ben Cocks So Cold (piosenka z serialu POD POWIERZCHNIĄ)
    "oh, you can’t hear me cry see my dream all die from where you’re standing on your own it’s so quiet here and I feel so cold this house no longer feels like home when you told me you’d leave I felt like"
  • K/DA POP/STARS (ft Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns)
    "You know who it is Coming 'round again You want a dose of this Right now It’s K/DA uh! I'm a goddess with a blade (...) Loud loud loud loud I could take it to the top (...) Bad gal, gal , gal and"
  • Sade The Big Unknown
    "only love could bring us bring us to this bitter plane only one of us who’s gonna walk away here in the deep below that only darkness rally knows I’m hoping for a humble seed to grow no I won’t surrender"
  • Jay Rock Wow Freestyle ft. Kendrick Lamar
    "can we get it how we used to get it like when top had the red charger? can we get it how we used to get it can we get it how we used to get it like when top had the red charger? cap on, and I got racks"
  • Lil Peep Runaway
    "For my passionate, hard-working, and talented son, Gus. And for his alter ego, Lil Peep. - Liza runaway from here everybody so fake everybody so fake I swear I don’t wanna go back there take me away"
  • Wicked The Wizard And I
    "MADAME MORRIBLE Oh, Miss Elphaba... Many years I have waited For a gift like yours to appear Why, I predict the Wizard Could make you his Magic Grand Vizier! My dear, my dear I'll write at once to the"
  • Martin Garrix Dreamer (feat. Mike Yung)
    "I’m a dreamer Don’t tell me not to dream I got freedom And that’s everything to me It don’t matter What I’ve got or where I go I find shelter A million miles from home it’ ain’t easy to keep going"
  • Ashley Tisdale Voices in My Head
    "I got these feelings I try to bury down But they keep screamin’ And I’m just tryin' to filter out somehow But they don't wanna leave (Leave, leave) no you don’t need it all the jealously and ugly feelings left"
  • Marcelina Dinozaury
    "z tobą fioletowy zachód nad warszawa spijam teraz, tylko tu i teraz ja, ty, ty i ja obudzą się w tobie lwy a we mnie czarne koty nie chcę słuchać żadnych scen złych w radio i w TV kiedyś wszyscy zginiemy jak"
  • Future, Juice WRLD Realer N Realer
    "i like to do what i wanna do i like to play with these bands I got the money and fame now my family don’t understand, shit getting realer and realer came up on a couple of million I invest thet in some"
  • Carly Rae Jepsen Party For One
    "if you didn’t know that you were right for me then there’s nothing I can say tried call you up to spans some time to see but somebody’;s in your way tired to let it go and say I’m over you I’m not over"
  • Clean Bandit Baby (feat. Marina & Luis Fonsi)
    "Sé que te gusto a ti todavía Tres, dos, uno... Standing here in an empty room I saw you there and my blood ran cold Take me back to that long September Don't know how I ever let you go I was young,"
  • George Ezra Hold My Girl
    "I’ve been waiting for you To come around and tell me the truth 'Bout everything that you’re going through My girl you’ve got nothing to lose cold nights and the Sunday mornings on your way and out of"
  • Slipknot All Out Life
    "What a world the horizon’s coming like a hell bent killing machine Can’t afford to be the goddamn wreckage Burn it all again at a million degrees Calling all the adamant upper-level undefeated counterfeit"
  • Jacob Banks Slow Up
    "what I’ve learnt from the ocean hard to dance and rejoice in the motion let the sun have its moment the moon will come what I’ve learnt from a solider every man is a son to a daughter and we only remember and"
  • Shawn Mendes Youth (feat. Khalid)
    "Here I am, stuck on this couch Scrolling trough my notes. Heart was broken, still not growing, nah Waking up to headlines, filled with devastation again. My heart is broken, but I keep going. Pain, but"
    "spotlight, moonlight nigga, why you trippin? get you mood right all these pussy niggas so bad mind"
  • Cheryl Cole Love Made Me Do It
    "I took the fast lane all of my life I’ve been the bad girl, I’ve been the good wife I don’t stop to think, when I go in I go in I’ve fallen hard like a million times on number 7 of my 9 lives take ink"
  • Michał Szpak Sweet Cherry
    "you taste like cherries on my birthday cake sweet little cherry all your beauty sweet dreams about you they’re deeper and deeper let it be just you and me so sweet, so sweet let it be just you and me it"

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