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Gene Truth Rest Your Head

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Gene Truth Rest Your Head

  • Truth Rest Your Head - Gene
    "Your home may be cold And your heart is gone To the wind and the rain But your pain will die. So tell me when you're sad For my heart is strong I've had enought of life's Cruel twisted daze So you and"
  • Come Rest Your Head - Tonic
    "Trust, I know, is not such a dirty word Trust is something that I have barely heard Honesty is not so far away Empty words are all you'll have to say We all go on Just let me go on Come rest your head Come"
  • Rest Your Head - The Good Life
    "What are you really after? What are you hoping to gain? If nothing has ever pleased you What makes you think you've changed? You're running in circles, darling From bed back to bed Tell me what you're"
  • Rest - Green Day
    "Hey can you hear me? I'm calling your name Hello? Or is this goodbye? The gleam in your eyes It troubles my brain Will I see it again? So I can rest my head Angel...Angel! Dancing away As all of my"
  • Truth Hurts - Truth Hurts
    "(R. Kelly) Yo, yo, Truth (Truth) What (R. Kelly) Let me in Yo let me in Bitch (Truth) Now see I try to keep the peace But your lies is killin me Yo ass is in these streets On them bogus late night creeps You"
  • Truth - American Pearl
    "look through these eyes do ya know what you're seein' once held the blue sky now colors are fadin' god in your soul hell in your hands swallow it down whole mother depression I could lead the way forget"
  • Black truth - A Change Of Pace
    "NO safe from the silence still haunting meAway from this place where I've been to longA mejestic sunset lays in wait for that beatiful dayThat was never meant to beWhen time and space collide in this head"
  • The Truth - David Cook
    "Two steps removed from every thing I thought I knew There's no remedy I see your face in every single thing I do You change me Your laugh intoxicating One touch and I'm negating everything around Take"
  • Another head put to rest - Lil Troy
    "Back in effect! Dig itComin back, I'm too large, I'm widditCome test me, you wanna get scarred, back in effectThat means that Ac' is comin hardAnd you're regrettin that you tried to pull his cardI start"
  • Another Head Put To Rest - Scarface
    "(feat. Lil' Troy) Back in effect! Dig it Comin back, I'm too large, I'm widdit Come test me, you wanna get scarred, back in effect That means that Ak is comin hard And you're regrettin that you tried"
  • Another Head Put To Rest - Lil' Troy
    "Back in effect! (Scarface) Dig it Comin back, I'm too large, I'm widdit Come test me, you wanna get scarred, back in effect That means that Ac' is comin hard And you're regrettin that you tried to pull"
  • Gene Genius - Avalon
    "I don't know What I'm feeling Can't you see What's going on I am Gene I'm a genius But something happened The human touch Tries to corrupt My way too much I am a bit confused United units start A rivalry"
  • Mr. Gene - Guided By Voices
    "8 stone Sunday lobster Subway cars roll in Building of coffins Build me a coffin Pour me some coffee White house radar readings "The last text on village firearms" My dad eats shit and barks at the moon And"
  • Selfish Gene - Walter Becker
    "Sweet little baby from the hills somewhere Here's a pretty lovebud for your hair Itty bitty girl sippin' Grenadine Look who's talking to Selfish Gene There's a place way down in Brentwood Out to Georgio's"
  • When Truth Turns Its Head - Unholy
    "World has melted into flow of thoughts Secret hopes are hidden inside my maelstrom Pale face in the depths of reality For ever and ever, Life's a stroll in minor key Sympathy of cosmic powers Rest in the"
  • Rest Your Hand - Headstone Epitaph
    "(Tim: the first song i wanted since years to be straight, fast and melodic..) (it's About my belief in eternal love and friendship.) (vers:) you are alone and so am I why don't we live together always"
  • Gene Clark - Teenage Fanclub
    "When the circle finally formed you called me up the only one making a sound I can't work out what I want to see I bury my thoughts in the ground All the seeds you sow are just looking for a space to grow So"
  • Hedonistic gene - Inkubus Sukkubus
    "Slipping with ease from my feet to my kneesI will please no one else but myselfYou are the life force, the lover and saviorI offer my soul as a prizeYour cool lips corrupt with a kiss of desireThat will"
  • Pirate - Ini Kamoze
    "Pirate, Pirate, Pirate I don't wanna be friendly with a man who would tell me one truth and twenty lie Who would try to break what I done make Well I don't respect you guy Now ya want to know how much"
  • Rest in pain - Vesania
    "ugliness, leprosy, pestilence on you! you! I'd hang you and you! I'd cut your head off, turn out adrift and kick it on a pavement that one? I'd drown you in the blood of these two cannot listen to you! it"

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