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Generation iron

  • My Generation - Iron Maiden
    "People try to put us d-down Talkin' 'Bout My Generation just because we get around. Talkin' 'bout my generation Things they do look awful c-c-cold. Talkin' 'bout my generation I hope I die before I get"
  • Iron - Ensiferum
    "The silence breaks the ground a shadow is riding the horizon An arcane man arrives to town remorseless and condemned Tasted the snake's poison broken every bone Felt a thousand gunshot wounds but there's"
  • Iron - Woodkid
    "Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away, Where innocences burn in flames, A million mile from home, I’m walking ahead, I’m frozen to the bones, I am. A soldier on my own, I don’t know the way, I’m riding"
  • Iron - Shaila
    "San Pablo al salmo le adjuntó un irak cristiano con un cura violador que lo excomulgó y Calvino lo miró y no protestó mientras la Perestroika le contaba a Gorbachov que Lenin murió el mundo cambia y s"
  • Generation - Ziggy Marley
    "Many generation have passed away Fighting for the same cause, we fight for Today Now some people say when will it happen And that's what they say, now let us tell Them something My generation will make"
  • Generation - Air
    "Air Miscellaneous Generation ================== Air - Generation ================== How are you going to make me? How are you going to take me? If I don't want to go, If I just don't want to know. Chorus:"
  • Generation - Army Of Anyone
    "They get what they give ya you get what you get they take what they take on no matter what you said Or maybe it's just apathy Or maybe We don't question it So help us in this mess The fault of all of"
  • Generation - Anew Revolution
    "We are the voice of our lives, But no ones listening. We hang our words on the lie, But doesn't mater any way. And how long, how long, Can I fake this? And how long, how long,,, My generation, A division, Come"
  • Generation - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    ""I don't feel at home in this generation The ones without a need they ain't got a reason I've been feeling alone in this generation I've had a realization No one really listens nothing's really there I'm"
  • Generation - Simple Plan
    "(Listen!) (Ohh...whoa...) (Whoa...ohh...) I'm sick of all this waiting And people telling me what I should be What if I'm not so crazy? Maybe you're the one who's wrong, not me So what you gonna do? What"
  • Generation - Blog 27
    "Drop your education Coz things aint what they seem view the situation I know they wanna take control Sound the early warning There's something goin down Generation calling I see you coming Come on, come"
  • Generation - P.O.D.
    "Hey pretty lady, why you lookin so grey?Why are you worried about tommorrow, if living is for today?Time flies, keep passing you by.They see you going under, and they all wonder whyOh why, can you hear"
  • Generation - Raid
    "Your choose to face the world With a gun in your hand A cruel reality you just don't understand by following these trends this gangster shit is in By playing it blind you overcome your sins Generetion Unfortunately"
  • Iron Savior - Iron Savior
    "Out of the cold you've been given birth made out of steel to protect and serve built for eternity you're indestructable free of emotions a robot miracle Now you're up there above the clouds reading your"
  • Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
    "(Steve Harris) Won't you come into my room, I wanna show you all my wares. I just want to see your blood, I just want to stand and stare. See the blood begin to flow as it falls upon the floor. Iron Maiden"
  • Iron Warrior - Iron Savior
    "Here and now you wonder Looking at the past Start to realize Time's running fast Decisions made and chances missed But here you are Still standing strong Locked up in adaption Like a tiger in the cage Tainted"
  • Lost Generation - YeLLOW Generation
    "Kareha sakimidare akai aozora no machinami "Doushite kou nacchatta n darou..." Totsuzen nanda itsu datte genjitsu wa Kimi wa hakichigae kurai asayake no hitokage "Doushite soko icchatta n darou..." Totsuzen"
  • Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation
    "nal ajik eoridago marhadeon yalmiun yokshimjaenggiga o oneureun wenirinji saranghae hamyeo kiseuhae jueottne eolgureun bbalgaejigo nollan nuneun keodaraejigo ddeollineun nae ibsuruen paran bitggal pado"
  • Iron Savior (Live) - Iron Savior
    "Out of the cold you've been given birth made out of steel to protect and serve built for eternity you're indestructable free of emotions a robot miracle Now you're up there above the clouds reading your"
  • Iron Gods - Stormwarrior
    "Thunderroars atone The iron fists fly highe Warcries are heard tonighte Studs are catching lighte The rebels assemble The foe's bloode will be shed The mutineers raise highe the flag Rebellion lies"

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