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  • Gorillaz New Genious
    "Yeah, Dream on my world I live on my world Going out my head down to We're going somewhere Goin' on the best of june Under pressure today I'm gonna burn mine away today Had to go Had to be dumb It ran"
  • Tweaker Pure Genious
    ""oh, the lights are blinking here's the great deceiver bling, bling all bets are off it goes unnoticed if not for me it goes unnoticed find another record play another record it could be anything I play"
  • Die Happy Undercover genious
    "Damn, I'm the Man,I'm smarter than you and you can't deny itI'll get what I deserevyou're selling your soul, I'm not gonna buy itand it's a shame that you don't like me'cause I'm your greatest fanyou'll"
  • Gorillaz New Genious Brother
    "Dream of my world. I live on my world. Going off my head, down to, somewhere. I'm going on a dance all tune. I'm in a pressure today. I blew a bad man away, today. Higher ground, had to be told. I blew"
  • Think About Mutation Nude
    "mathematics thermostatics we are on an endless line toxic station radiations signs of our lucky time ...and the beat goes on move on... last night the dj saved my life politicians exhibitions deconstructed"
  • GBH Crush 'em
    "Send in the goon sqaudIt's getting out of handThey're marching all overOur Promised landThey've got dogs on bits of ropeAnd bits of rope for hairI've seen them on the cornerDrinking flat ciderThey're raved"
  • Monumentum No Redemption
  • Pretty Maids Playing God
    "We seek immortallity The wish to control In the face of tecnology We reach for our goals We deny the laws of nature Breaking the genetic rules Playing god Playing with fire Playing god The quest and"
  • Sophie Zelmani Until Dawn
    "I wonder, I wonder about the fire One fire I seen to be stuck with It's glowing, and burning, and sparkling of flames I wonder who set it free And I don't know just what to do It's like I could, get crazy about"
  • Wilko Intro For All You Players And Ladies
    "And one time, you were the biggest, and baddest player out there man... Remember? - Yeah I remember. I was PIMP of the year. ''*That must have really been an exiting time.*'' ''*The final category is"
  • Pinky And The Brain Theem Song
    "They're Pinky and The Brain. Yes, Pinky and The Brain. One is a genious, the other's insane. They're laboratory mice. They're genes have been spliced. They're dinky. They're Pinky and the Brain, Brain,"
  • Alex Spore Two Left Feet
    "If the man with two left feet can't dance, What about the one with two right hands? And if the man with two brains ain't a genious, Then i'll be damned. If you cross an elephant and a rhino, What does"
  • Paul Simon Wartime Prayers
    "Prayers offered in times of peace are silent conversations, Appeals for love or loves release, in private invocations. But all that is changed now, Gone like a memory from the day before the fires. People"
  • Axxis Wings Of Freedom
    "There's no answer Only silence Emptiness spreading out The calm before the storm Birds don't fly We know why Do you realize the writtings on the wall? A million visions let us believe in a better"
  • 3LW Girl can mack
    "A Girl Can Mack I've never been the one to cry Always had my way with guys They went right after me no matter what I did Its never been a selfish thang (I think) A Playas gotta stay in the game Sorry but"
  • Sega Sound Studio E.G.G.M.A.N.
    "The story begins with who's gonna win Knowing the danger that lies within Aboard the ARC a genious at heart Wanting to unlock the mysteries of life (2x) I am the Eggman That's what I am I am the Eggman I've"
  • Hordak Silvano, Se?or De Los Bosques
    "Deep into the woods where your spirit dwells Into the sacred forest, far from the human hands Nine christian souls gathered at the gates of the woods To enter its realms Blinded by their faith and helding"
  • Georgia Satellites Nights of mystery
    "You know there's sometimes I just sit around and wonder'bout what is and what would ever bebut you know I'd much rather find myselflost out on the sea nights of mysteryyeah there's some people and they"
  • Robbie Williams Bully
    "Never taste the temperement of a pacient man You been trying to understood and boy you don't understand When you die the world gonna be light us See the heart of the tension throught the eye of the tiger I"
  • The Georgia Satellites Nights Of Mystery
    "You know there's sometimes I just sit around and wonder 'bout what is and what would ever be but you know I'd much rather find myself lost out on the sea nights of mystery yeah there's some people and"

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