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George Michael Somebody To Love

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George Michael Somebody To Love
  • Tory Lanez, Rich The Kid Talk To Me
    "Talk To Me babe, you’s a prissy little misss, baby I got one night for you baby and so hop out the clothes let them drop to the floor I want you to Talk To Me babe, you’s a prissy little misss, baby I"
  • The 1975 Love It If We Made It
    "fucking in a car shooting, heroin saying controversial thing just for the hell of it selling melanin and the suffocate the black man start with misdemeanors and we’ll make a business out of them and we"
  • Sobota x Matheo Jak nie to, to co?
    "czuć ciepło jej rąk czuć skóry jej smak moc wdychać jej woń i obok się kłaść zasypiać w niej i budzić się z nią powiedz mi ziom Jak nie to, to co? czy kochasz mnie tato? i będziesz moim wsparciem? czy"
  • Rufuz Wiem jak to jest (feat. Zbuku)
    "nie grube portfele bo nie trzeba wiele bym znowu się poczuł jak Bóg wiec pakuję torbę zamawiam bilety bo ziomuś nie liczę na cud mama się martwi jak mówię gdzie lecę ja na to, ze jedno życie mam przecież i"
  • The Game Ali Bomaye (ft. 2 Chainz, Rick Ross)
    "Intro Get my people out them chains, nigga I mean handcuffs, time to man up Put my hands up? Fuck you sayin', bruh? ‘Cause I'm a black man in a Phantom Or is it ‘cause my windows tinted? Car cost 300"
  • Imagine Dragons Natural
    "well, you hold the line when every one of them is giving up or giving in tell me in this house of mine nothing ever comes without a consequence or cost tell me will the stars align? will heaven step in? will"
  • Oktavia R.I.P. in the Gossip Sea
    "Seems to me everybody gets far too carried away Target anyone! Everyone badmouths someone new with each day Each breath of air, they don’t care, life is half the journey Though it’s such a bore, they ignore"
  • Childish Gambino Summertime Magic
    "you feel like summertime you took this heart of mine you’ll be my Valentine in the summer you are my only hope just dancing, having fun out in the shine sun of the summer do love me do love me do love"
  • Benny Blanco, Halsey & Khalid Eastside
    "when i was young, i fell in love we used to hold hands man, that was enough then we grew up starting to watch used to kiss underneath the light on the back of the bus oh no, your daddy didn’t like me much and"
  • Embody Be Cool (feat. Bailey & Marco Foster)
    "listen us your day unfolds challenge what the future holds try and keep your head up to the sky lovers they may cause you tears go ahead release your fears stand up and be counted don’t be ashamed to"
  • MAC MILLER Self Care
    "i switched time zone but what do i kw? spending night hithciking where will I go? I could fly home with my eyes closed but it be kinda hard to see that’s no surprise though you can find me I ain’t hiding I"
  • Becky G Zooted (ft. French Montana, Farruko)
    "i’m on it /2x you know i;m on it popping, drinking, smoking, we gon’ be here till morning the morning /2x sweating till the morning you want it /2x I know you want it feeling on my body, baby do I make"
  • Dr. Dre Still D.R.E.
    "(feat. Snoop Dogg) Still Snoop Dogg and D-R-E (Guess who's back) Still, still doing that shit, right? Oh for sho', check me out It's still Dre Day, A.K. Before I chrome the lot, can't keep it home"
  • Era Istrefi Prisoner
    "I know where this is headed I’ve seen it all before so many oof them like you on the block if you wanna come and get it then you better be sure cause I know where this is headed make it stop tryna mess"
  • Taco Hemingway 4 AM in Girona
    "running from the fame … 140 in the rain I remember I was hoping for a change funny how I really don’t want it once it came Paparazzi on the lookout come on lil’ babe look proud BTW she hates being called"
  • Taco Hemingway Anja
    "było jasne że ta rapgra mnie zmieni gdy już z kimś gadam, myśle cały czas jak poskładać refreny Więc nie wychodzę z domu nadal i zamawiam meltemi Przegryzam kalmar, dzwonią z Logo, Gali, K-mag, z Interii Ta"
  • 50 Cent Candy Shop
    "(feat. Olivia) Yeah... Uh huh So seductive [50 Cent] I'll take you to the candy shop I'll let you lick the lollipop Go 'head girl, don't you stop Keep going 'til you hit the spot (woah) I'll take"
  • Zuza Jabłońska 7 Years
    "Once I was seven years old my mama told me, Go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely Once I was seven years old It was a big, big world but we thought we were bigger Pushing each other to the"
  • Kim Viera, Daddy Yankee Como
    "baby you got me excited striking me down like you can just like lightening I love when our lips are fighting and do it all over again love so blinding don’t wanna go, go , go , go nowhere wanna be all"
  • Greta Van Fleet When The Curtain Falls
    "well you’re so great and I love you so you know I’m your biggest fan I saw your picture and it’s the best the finest in the land camera lights and action and words you know so well you’re in and out of"

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