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George Strait My Infinite Love');

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George Strait My Infinite Love');

  • My Infinite Love - George Strait
    "When you see a shooting star in the night When you hear the warm wind whisper through the pines I want you to know It'll be me and my infinite love for you It's just like I promised you under heaven"
  • If George Strait Starts Dancin' - Cledus T. Judd
    "Bill Whyte/Cledus T. Judd/Chris "P. Cream" Clark. Steve Ivey Music (ASCAP)/Cledus Crap Anthems(SESAC)/Of Music, Inc. (SESAC) Every time a country awards show comes on my TV I'm forced to put up with some"
  • George - Jude
    "George died in the 5th grade No one ever knew why He was out selling lemonade On the Fourth of July, and he died Sister Claire said that he was An angel on Earth She stood there and she told us She had"
  • George - Headless Chickens
    "You know you don't love me but you still want to touch me feel my body well It makes me feel ugly want to use me emotionally abuse me show the rope and dangle It above me want the truth and nothing but"
  • Designated Drinker (Alan Jackson With George Strait) - Alan Jackson
    "(Alan Jackson) Here's my keys, I want you to take 'em I think I'm gonna need you to get back home Hold on to my hat, I don't wanna lose it I couldn't stand for something else to be gone I'm sure you know"
  • Strait Old Line - Split Enz
    "(N Finn) - Conflicting Emotions -=============================================- Don't look to the left, don't look to the right just follow that strait old line... This could be heaven, or"
  • Infinite Down - Zita Swoon
    "Alone In my home I left a party early tonight The crowd was too loud Can't stand their minds and their cheers I can't stand their records in my ears Like a little girl with her mammie's make-up I'm"
  • Infinite Space - Rusted Root
    "To obtain the space I need I lock myself in shelter in the bush thick & thorned, in the bush thick and thorned, with the infinite being my god, walking with the great and vast with no limits in my head, no"
  • Infinite Fairytale - Midnattsol
    "My mind cannot speak My heart cannot open up, 'Cause truth is fading away Love based on hate Forever I wait, 'Cause I know where I belong Is it fair: the sickness I can't bear! See you fading The gap"
  • Merry Christmas Strait To You - George Strait
    "It's Christmas time I see the lines of people everywhere Trying to pick out the gifts that show how much they care. It makes me wish that I could see my friends on Christmas day, And fill my list with"
  • Infinite - Luxt
    "INFINITE Time ticks by through another sleepless dark. People are breeding, silently feeding on each other's spark. Days fly by through this cold eventless life. Seconds decaying, pulsing and splaying,"
  • Infinite - Łąki Łan
    "I invite you to the soul blackness. You can infuse Flowing wherever Fly tonight high It all comes true And the whole of madness It enters you Weaving wherever Time can go Time We're being together Fly"
  • Infinite - Eminem
    "Oh yeah, this is Eminem baby, back up in that motherfucking ass One time for your mother fucking mind, we represent the 313 You know what I'm saying?, cause they don't know shit about this For the 9-6 "
  • New York Strait Talk - GangStarr
    ""from new york straight talk, america's best" (3x) "yo I'm not new to this I'm true to this" "word up!" "from new york straight talk... america's best" (guru) Yo, it doesn't make sense, for you to compete"
  • New York strait talk - Gang Starr
    "Yo, it doesn't make sense, for you to compete against this New York vibe that gets your whole body tense Calm down, listen to a brother who knows Cause the rappers out here come up with mad different types"
  • My Friend George - Lou Reed
    "Read in the paper about a man killed with a sword And that made my think of my friend George People said the man was five foot six Sounds like George with his killing stick Hey Bro, what's the word Talkin'"
  • George Jackson - Bob Dylan
    "I woke up this mornin', There were tears in my bed. They killed a man I really loved Shot him through the head. Lord, Lord, They cut George Jackson down. Lord, Lord, They laid him in the ground. Sent"
  • George Jeff - Jaden Smith
    "sometimes I feel like a Polaroid picture trapped inside space and time take a sip of my elixir Play “electric love’ while we ride in the Fisker She fell in love with me My G I swear I never kissed her Leave"
  • George - Larry
    "George sits at his window and he wonders why He wants to see the morning broken Wants to feel the sunshine yeah Come and dance with me my brother I will play and you'll get high oh so high We are full"
  • George - Hall Tom T
    "You know George I was just layin' here thinking about me being blind and allaloneOld timer if you weren't here to guide me I'd be lost and they'd never find mybonesI just came here to the North Woods for"

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