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George Strait Youre Right Im Wrong

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George Strait Youre Right Im Wrong

  • Merry Christmas Strait To You - George Strait
    "It's Christmas time I see the lines of people everywhere Trying to pick out the gifts that show how much they care. It makes me wish that I could see my friends on Christmas day, And fill my list with"
  • George Strait And Alan Jackson---Murder On Music Row - Alan Jackson
    "(Larry Shell/Larry Cordle) Nobody saw them running From 16th Avenue They never found the fingerprints Or the weapon that was used But someone killed country music Cut out its heart and soul They got away"
  • Right Or Wrong - George Strait
    "Right or wrong, I'll always love you. Oh you're gone, I can't forget. Right or wrong, I'll keep on dreaming. Still I wake with that same ol' regret. All along I knew I'd lose you, Though I prayed that"
  • If George Strait Starts Dancin' - Cledus T. Judd
    "Bill Whyte/Cledus T. Judd/Chris "P. Cream" Clark. Steve Ivey Music (ASCAP)/Cledus Crap Anthems(SESAC)/Of Music, Inc. (SESAC) Every time a country awards show comes on my TV I'm forced to put up with some"
  • You're Right, I'm Wrong - George Strait
    "You're right, I'm wrong, I'm here, you're gone. Now I'm the one to blame that our love's at an end. I lied, you cried, I died inside. Now I'll do anything to get you back again. Step by step, night after"
  • Bob George - Prince
    "Let me see ya dance New coat, huh? That's nice Did u buy it? Yeah, right U seeing that rich motherfucker again U know who I'm talking about That slicked back paddy with all the gold in his mouth Don't"
  • Dear George - Boysetsfire
    "Its not enough to say youre sorry Its not enough to say you care. The flowers that you sent were lovely, But they wont take root anywhere. Why I didnt learn the first time, Not to ask you back around. All"
  • George - Jude
    "George died in the 5th grade No one ever knew why He was out selling lemonade On the Fourth of July, and he died Sister Claire said that he was An angel on Earth She stood there and she told us She had"
  • Maybe Im Right - Atomic Kitten
    "Mmm... Baby baby, uh yeah The moon covers the sun For longer than one night I spill my water and it slowly falls upright I look out the window and see the grounds over my head Maybe I'll just wait until"
  • Im All Right - BR5-49
    "(For The Shape I'm In) C. Mead Well I woke up this morning and I looked outside And all I had was gone I started wondering "What else could go wrong?" I got them weary violated blues Broken hearted and"
  • Maybe Im Right - Rooster
    "Maybe I'm Right I'm trying to help you out here I'm trying for onse to be your friend There's nothing left to see here You're more drama than a sinking ship on fire As you go down again and I'm trying"
  • Designated Drinker (Alan Jackson With George Strait) - Alan Jackson
    "(Alan Jackson) Here's my keys, I want you to take 'em I think I'm gonna need you to get back home Hold on to my hat, I don't wanna lose it I couldn't stand for something else to be gone I'm sure you know"
  • Youre So Fine - Wilson Pickett
    "(Im Looking Rather Wasted, now that your gone, now that i know, your on your own..)X2 Have you Seen The Very Thing, Thats Making all the noise, so shimmering Do you Know? Youre not alone, cause every"
  • Right Or Wrong - Erika
    "Follow me, folow me, follow me Come to my home Ive been around the world Where good and evil are right Ive seen the end of hope Where good and evil are wrong But now I will stop looking For a new"
  • Right Or Wrong - Erica
    "Follow me, folow me, follow me Come to my home Ive been around the world Where good and evil are right Ive seen the end of hope Where good and evil are wrong But now I will stop looking For a new place"
  • Wrong or right - Lutricia McNeal
    "how come every picture on theevening newsalways leads you to someone dyingand how come every story that Ihear from youmakes my brown eyes blueleaves me cryingwhen you look behind their eyescan you see"
  • Strait Old Line - Split Enz
    "(N Finn) - Conflicting Emotions -=============================================- Don't look to the left, don't look to the right just follow that strait old line... This could be heaven, or"
  • Just When Youre Leaving - Joanna Pacitti
    "im watching you turning away wish i could turn back the hands of time to yesterday i know i was wrong i made a mistake now the only one i love is going away (chorus) just when youre leaving just when"
  • I'm Right You're Wrong - D.O.A.
    "im right, you're wrong - an we both know it. i'm right, you're wrong - an it's no secret. i'm right, you're wrong - but you got the power. what do ya mean - when ya stare at me. you think we're nothing"
  • Right Place, Wrong Time - Avant
    "Everytime I see ur face, Everytime I look in ur eyes (makes me remember, I still remember) Takin that flight out west, Just down in LAX (it was december, the end of winter) Stopped at the shoppin malls,"

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