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  • (I Feel Like) Gerry Cheevers (Stitch Marks On My Heart) - Chixdiggit
    "saw a picture yesterday of a guy who used to play for the boston bruins and in school i always drew him he had the longest undefeated streak for every shot that hit his cheek he drew on a stitch mark and"
  • Late Again - Gerry Rafferty
    "Late again When I get home you'll be waiting Still you know there ain't no use in you complaining I know that I can show some respect Especially when I'm wrong But when I get back I know you'll say 'You've"
  • Moonlight And Gold - Gerry Rafferty
    "Moonlight and gold Midsummer magic when the night turns to day And songbirds greet the dawn You lie awake You watch and wonder while the moon fades away And one more day is born. Tides keep on turning,"
  • One Drink Down - Gerry Rafferty
    "To Rafferty's Bar in my old jaunting car I took myself one Friday evening To think on a son so deceiving It's one drink down and another to go. He was married in haste to a woman unchaste Much to the"
  • Welcome To Hollywood - Gerry Rafferty
    "(Hollywood-sounding guy talking) Hi man, do you like it here man? It's really too much Hey I know this great Mexican restaurant called Los Tacos Can you say taco? Sure I thought you could Hey I know this"
  • Lonesome Polecat - Gerry Rafferty
    "I'm a lonesome polecat Lonesome sad and blue Cause I ain't got no feminine polecat Vowing to be true. I'm a mean old houndog Baying at the moon Cause I ain't got no lady friend houndog Here to hear my"
  • Over My Head - Gerry Rafferty
    "We sat up talking right on through the night And the day had just begun Then you said let's take a walk outside And watch the rising of the sun. And over my head there was so much to see in the sky Just"
  • Mary Skeffington - Gerry Rafferty
    "Mary Skeffington, close your eyes And make believe that you are just a girl again Go to sleep tonight, dream of days When you had something there to light the way. Remember a holiday in a north-of-England"
  • Mr. Universe - Gerry Rafferty
    "Mr. Universe, can you help me please? I'm only seven stone two When I'm on the beach, the girls stay out of reach They all want someone like you. You've got to help me, now please Mr. Universe Don't tell"
  • Hang On - Gerry Rafferty
    "When life gets tough When this old road gets rough What happens to me and you What do we do -- we hang on. When you confess Your life is in a mess And only you can muddle through What do you do -- you"
  • Look At The Moon - Gerry Rafferty
    "Oh darlin' do not cry These clouds will soon pass by The moon up in the sky Is crying, he feels just like you. The moonlight casts its spell You know that all is well Even the moon can tell He's smiling,"
  • Clear Day - Gerry Rafferty
    "Wake up in the morning with the sunshine Through my window and it's making me rise Wake up in the morning with the sunshine Through my window and it's filling my eyes Wake up in the morning with the sunshine Through"
  • Don't Speak Of My Heart - Gerry Rafferty
    "Don't speak of my heart, it hurts too much -- hurts to touch I'm writing the book each and every day Take a look at my face, I still need -- I still bleed I've been running on empty since you went away. The"
  • Get Out Of My Life Woman - Gerry Rafferty
    "(Introductory music from Gerry Rafferty song "Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway") Get out of my life woman, you don't love me no more Get out of my life woman, you don't love me no more Get out of my life"
  • As Wise As A Serpent - Gerry Rafferty
    "Well we sit in empty rooms and dream our lives away While the spirits come and go without a sound And just like you and me, they're tryin' to find a way, find a way, find a way home. There's a full moon"
  • On A Night Like This - Gerry Rafferty
    "On a night like this, I need your sweet kiss Yeah it's only you that can heal me girl Till there's no more rain, and there's no more pain Oh yeah darlin' you take it all all away. I've been out walkin'"
  • Don't Give Up On Me - Gerry Rafferty
    "Ev'ry night's a lonely night since you went away But you come back to haunt my memory I lie awake and think of you and how it used to be Oh my love don't give up on me. The symbol of the moon above and"
  • The Girl's Got No Confidence - Gerry Rafferty
    "She's got the cool look, she's got the money man She's got the diamonds, she's even got the suntan But she's a bright girl, she's got a law degree She pioneered the introduction of the CD. When she was"
  • The Ark - Gerry Rafferty
    "See the dark night has come down on us The world is livin' in its dream But now we know that we can wake up from this sleep And set out on the journey Find a ship to take us on the way. The time has come"
  • I Could Be Wrong - Gerry Rafferty
    "Nothing is touched, I still want you so much The feeling's so strong yeah -- but I could be wrong A love affair ends, and now we're just friends The real thing is gone yeah -- but I could be wrong. In"

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