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Get Away

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Get Away

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Get Away
  • Renard Get Away
    "Get a, (get) get a, get get a, get away Get a, (get) get a, get get a, get get a, get get-get-get away Get a, (get) get a, get get a, get away Get a, (get) get a, get get a, get get a, get get-get-get"
  • Badfinger Get away
    "Well, I may be wrong leaving it up to youBut my love is strong, and that's what I'll doWell, you may be right working all night and dayAnd I know, sometimes, I've got to get awayGet away, oo-oo-wayThe"
  • Hed PE Get Away
    "Why should I stick around When no one understands me Why should I stick around When no one really cares Why should I stick around I hate the walls around me Why should I stick around Its just like Im not"
  • D.O.A. Get Away
    "get away, get away from you get away, sick of all your lies get to get away from, got to get away from you got to get away from, got to get away from your bullshit wellfare moms you think that's too"
  • DI-RECT Get Away
    "Staring at the clock its 5 to 8 There's not much time but I can wait To get myself out of here Thinking about how I can say See you guys I go away I think its time to run away Never sit out to tell"
  • Katchafire Get Away
    "*Chorus* I gotta get away sometimes(get away, get away) I got to get away I gotta slip away sometimes(get away, get away) I got to slip away to my special place *Verse 1* I woke up yeah on a cloudy day I'm"
  • E-Rotic Get away
    "Get away get away Out of my life Get away get away Take the overdrive Get away get away Out of my heart Get away get away Cos we gotta part Ohhh-Ohhh Ohhh-Ohhh Come on and Lay your body down We'll go so"
  • Christina Milian F/ Ja Rule Get Away
    "Christina Milian F/ Ja Rule Miscellaneous Get Away Baby, you know Ive been thinking about you and Ive been thinking we should get together but I know you got somebody. And I do too but I got one Question."
  • Goldfinger Get Away
    "Get Away You ask me how I stay the same After I'd seen everything Could be the company I keep You say I've got something you need But what I have I just can't sell ya Cause my experience runs deep You"
  • Franz Ferdinand Get Away
    "Get away from me You don't have to stay so long at all Get away from me I keep crying your name, cut off from me Get away from me Your skin and bone, believe me, leave me Get away from me She doesn't"
  • Matthew West Get Away
    "I just can't take it anymore Your tricks have fooled me for the last time You know I've had it up to here With the way you bring me down, down You're wreaking havoc on my world You're calling question"
  • Christina Milian feat. Ja Rule Get Away
    "Christina Milian feat. Ja Rule Miscellaneous Get Away Christina Milian feat. Ja Rule Get Away And I've been thinking We should get together And I know you got somebody And I do too But I got one question Can"
  • Margaret Get away
    "I caught a silence with Fermuary Single breath seems heavy year I hope you'll take the fourth step We both know we're only two cigarettes from the end I wonder what's on your mind Standing with a straight"
  • Flipper Get Away
    "I was talking to Larry The scene was really hairy We were sitting in the dark What you don't see you don't know He said this town is getting kinda scary Pretty soon comes the big fall He said he's gotta"
  • Brian McFadden Get away
    "What happened to the great escape we've ended up on the merry go round now all we have are shadows on the wall we could've had it all When did life get in the way striking matches in the rain now theres"
  • Lillix Get Away
    "Trying to deceive them, just leave them alone you don't even know me there's bleach in your bones Paralyzed, stuck in your lies taught to despise, oh Get away, I don't need you anyway, no oh Get away,"
  • Grave Digger Get Away
    "Not there days ago In a place no one knows Someone took the life of the man Who killed my wife She'd been forced by a gang I swore that all would hang Now their leader's dead It was me who took his head Tonight"
  • Earshot Get Away
    "You stay all in one piece when broken Kind remarks and your words soft spoken Driving far from the path of destruction Coming ever so close to throwing it all away again Is this all some great big lie Twisting"
  • Christina Milian Get Away
    "CHRISTINA MILIAN Miscellaneous Get Away (feat. Ja Rule) Baby, I give you me, myself and I. And if you could get near me, therell be no more pain love. Well come on boy and love me, love me, love"
  • Ocean Colour Scene Get Away
    "Well I used to be a listener There was nothing left to get About what you are And what you haven't been yet Some of them like to tell a story that is long and old And couch it in indifference and the"

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