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Ghost ride skepta

  • Ghost Ride It - Mistah Fab
    "Yea Mayn Dis Ya Boy Mistah Fab Mayn The Yellow Bus Rider Mayn Shawn T The Real King Of Slaps Mayn Yall Better Act Like Yall Know Who His Is Mayn (Chyeah) Let Me Give You A 101 On How To Ghost Ride Look,"
  • Ghost - Erasure
    "(A. Bell / V. Clarke) Go to bed, sleepyhead. The voice of all got away. You must be brave, ride the wave, see the World in a day. I'm sorry, she's a lady, but a ghost from the past. Haven't seen my honey"
    "Zawsze bądź sobą dzieciaki Nie próbuj być taki jak ktoś Droga nie tędy Różnica pomiędzy nami Z każda sekundą się zwiększa Ty stoisz w dresie jak wieśniak Ja chodzę w dresie jak Skepta Ja chodzę w dresie"
  • Ghost Rider - Henry Rollins
    "Ghost Rider motor cycle hero Baby baby he lookin' so cute See him ride ride ride in a blue jump suit Ghost Rider motor cycle hero Baby baby baby he's a blazin' away Like the stars stars stars in the universe Ghost"
  • Ghost Town - Katie Melua
    "The thing that makes me feel the most down, Is the feeling that I'm living in a ghost town. Barn door bangin' in my face, Like tumbleweed, I'm rolling 'round this place. I see you arriving at the station, But"
  • Shadow's Ghost - Sidewinder
    "Have you ever been that amazed when the light Draws a Shadow behind you? Then you're wondering why this spot at your back Wanders as a part of you... Oooh, oooh, can you feel this Shadow's Ghost That's"
  • Ghost Train - Bee Gees
    "Take me to your world of wonder Let me come inside your room Invisible Now you see nothin' Some investigation as to the state of us No misunderstanding girl On either side I couldn't lie if I try any"
  • Ghost Train - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Well I decided to take the bus It was about 6:05 Cuz I could hardly walk In fact, I was just barely alive Under the bridges and over the street Now every shadow that I meet They all know my name And they"
  • The Ghost - Styles
    "Spend a day with the ghost baby Get the understandin' I'm like a shadow I'm the ghost of this shit for all the spirits I possess All the voices I be hearin', shit I'm feelin' in my chest I could ghost"
  • Ghost Dance - Patti Smith
    "We shall live again, we shall live. What is it children that falls from the sky ? Tayi, taya, tayi, aye aye. Mannah from Heaven from the most high, Food from the father, tayi, taye aye. We shall live"
  • Fickle Ghost - Psapp
    "I have got to go Let me ride upon your handlebars Did you ever know I'd been waiting in a black sidecar? I'm a fickle ghost Every hour I've changed my mind But, whatever else To the present I have never"
  • The Ghost - Running Wild
    "Born in England, religious raised A hazy dream, the world to face Indifferent to joy and pain No measuring, never ending games Ride, only ride on the wings of the desert storm (and your) Pride, burning"
  • Ghost Showers - Ghostface Killah
    "One goes through this rhyme that you He made up his mind That every little thing he does Be designed to entertain you (yeah) Ooooh (yeah), his whole life through (that's right) He's been walking through"
  • The Ghost - South Park Mexican
    "(feat. Juan Gotti, Rasheed) Forver I'mma ride bein high fool (es el loco Juan Gotti) 11-45-55-2 (that's my TDC number) Don't ever think of it as you ride through (smokin on Mari) 11-45-55-2 (Hittin that"
  • Ghost world - Alimee Mann
    "Finals blew, I barely knewmy graduation speechand with college out of reachif I can't find a job it's down to Dadand Myrtle BeachSo, I'm bailing this town-ortearing it down-orprobably more likehanging"
  • Ghost Dance - Bill Miller
    "i wanna go where the blind can see i wanna go where the lame will walk i wanna see the sick ones clean where the deaf can hear and the silent talk where are you going, to a ghostdance in the snow? where"
  • Ghost World - Aimee Mann
    "Finals blew, I barely knew My graduation speech And with college out of reach If I don't find a job It's down to Dad and Myrtle Beach Chorus 1: So I'm bailing this town Or tearing it down Or probably"
  • The ride - Hank Williams
    "Well I was thumbin' from MontgomeryHad my guitar on my back.When a stranger stopped besideMe in an antique cadillac.He was dressed like nineteen fifty,Half drunk and hollow eyed.He said it's a long walk"
  • The Ride - Tim McGraw
    "I was thumbin' my way from Montgomery had my guitar on my back When a stranger pulled up beside me in an antique Cadillac. Well, he was dressed like 1950, half drunk and hallow eyed Said: 'It's a long"
  • Holy Ghost Body - Gospel
    "Vers. 1 And no graves gonna be able to hold this holy ghost body down now people they talk about you and i know its a fearful thing but if you got this holy ghost spirit that i'm talking about then no"

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