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Gino Vannelli Words Can Kill

  • Words Can Kill - Gino Vannelli
    "Why must we fight Must we shatter sweet dreams The way we hurt each other night after night It's almost obscene Must we tear at our hearts Even now while we're alone in the dark Lay your sorrow on my sadness. Hold"
  • Words can kill - Gino Vanelli
    "Why must we fightMust we shatter sweet dreamsThe way we hurt each other night after nightIt's almost obsceneMust we tear at our heartsEven now while we're alone in the darkLay your sorrow on my sadness.Hold"
  • Gina - Stray Cats
    "Well they say Gina don't you run with him Because you know the trouble I've been in Oh that was yesterday, don't listen when they say Gina don't you run with him Well they say Gina I'm a bad mistake But"
  • Gina - Johnny Mathis
    "I Dream Of You Johnny Mathis Written by Marjorie Goetschius and Edna Osser This version not released as a single but In 1944, it was charted at #5 by Andy Russell In 1945, three versions charted: Tommy"
  • Words - Clear Convictions
    "death and life are in the power of the tongue, it's little and boasts great things, it's a fire, a word of evil you can bless or curse men destroy or rebuild, words shot like arrows to kill, tongues taught"
  • Words Kill - Don't Look Down
  • Cry Baby - Gino Vannelli
    "Cry baby shed a thousand tears Cry baby 'til all the dry land disappears You can sugar-coat the truth With all sweetness and light You can beg me for mercy But pardon my spite Cry it's your turn tonight Cry"
  • Sally - Gino Vannelli
    "Sally, she says the sweetest things But words won't stop the pain She's painting skies of blue While I'm standing in the rain I love her still I always will Sally, she sings the sweetest songs But the"
  • Inconsolable Man - Gino Vannelli
    "These days I'm looking like a pitiful sight Got a suicide smile on my face every night I walk alone Talk to myself Shout angry words up to the sky People stop and stare Like I'm out of my head But what"
  • A Woman Crossed In Love - Gino Vannelli
    "Can stand this silence any more I dying The words no sooner leave my lips I out of your life in the beat of a heart It was selfish it was cruel undeniably uncool Have your way with me Slap me twice across"
  • Jehovah & All That Jazz - Gino Vannelli
    "Hail to the shaman and his cardboard drum and the riffraff Dancing in the sun I sing for thee Praise to the ugly and the dispossessed and the genius born of The viper's nest You have set me free Hey, you"
  • Words Can - Stephen Gately
    "Ba ba baah ooh-ooh ba ba ba-ah ooh-ooh (Words can't describe yeah) Turn down the lights No need to worry I'm right here beside you baby You'll be alright In my arms I'll hold and protect you darling Let's"
  • Words That Kill - Die Trying
    "My world's on fire My life's overwhelming Just breathe You're on the next train to life without me Time had nothing left to show so we found out A world on fire A life overwhelming Do you blieve in the"
  • Kill The Words - Dri
    "Kill the author Of the best seller Place a bounty Upon his head Kill writer Of opposition Tell the squad I want that man dead I want him dead [2] Kill free speech As an example Hang the corpse For all"
  • Gino - Philip Lynott
    "Alright are you ready for this one? Alright this is big news I've been spending my time In cheap motels I've been drinking the wine For the cheap price it sells I've been cooking it up In joeys garage It's"
  • Gino - Good Rats
    "Here's the story about trained killer Father was an ex-heavyweight Tried to make it as a pro hitter Friday night he'd fight for the gate "Gino" he would tell it son "This whole world is one big war You"
  • Gino - Art Mengo
    "On s'est quitt copains o je ne savais plus Si mourir dans ta main ou te serrer la rue La scne tait mlo, je croyais qu'on jouait Moi je faisais Gino, et toi tu t'en allais Elles me feront plus mal dans"
  • Kill Security - Jughead's Revenge
    "Bouncers hear these words this is the end of your meat head world here today dead tomorrow your the plague of shows the nightmare's out punch me in the pit makes me wanna kill you can bully us"
  • Last Words - Nas
    "(feat. Nashawn, Millennium Thug) These are last words of a hanging slave How could I forget this I rob you put you on my hit list Under my nails are dirty look at the grime My burnt lips from the roach"
  • 100 Words - AFI
    "This is the final night, boys We are the cracks in diamond walls I tried to illuminate but the shadows kill I'm overshadowed See how I blend in with nothing? Now beautiful boys, let's destroy We'll shine"

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