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Girl is lost in the city

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Girl is lost in the city

  • Lost In The City - Hanoi Rocks
    "Well now won't you take me down to the way back home, i lost all my money now i'm all alone city boy stole my car city girl stole my heart, now won't you take me down to the way back home i lost all my"
  • The City Is Lost - Artension
    "Stand at the ocean and hold out your hands history's callin' your name questions of ages are at your command for answers is why you came And now your searching for clues of a civilization buried in time"
  • Lost In The City - Jack Bruce
    "When I was angry as I am now And the night was cruel as it is now When I was young as I am now And the city was steel as it is now You danced for me and the world stopped You danced for me and the truth"
  • The Lost City Of Refuge - ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
    "With history, your bluest grace Falls apart, cascading down Speak to me of beautiful hate Of island chains swept with the tide Tragedy ripening on The coral leis of a conquering king They're swept away Oh,"
  • New York City Girl - Riot 99
    "Caught the bus to penn station, my heart was beating with anticipation, but I was bored, on my second day there, that's when I saw her with her long brown hair, girl you said you were feeling sad, yeah,"
  • The City Is At Standstill - Liam Frost & The Slowdown Family
    "I know this world is vicious darling lets make tracks now Black out all the city lights and drink till we both grow numb And lay down to sleep I feel like I ran all day And maybe everything will stop for"
  • Lost In The City - Squad Five-O
    "This filthy city ain't got no heart. It took my time, took my money, took my car. Left me broken down with nothing better to do. Than wander around with these holes in my pockets and holes in my shoes. I"
  • Lost In The City - Michael Bolton
    "Lost in the city I'm movin' around To the sound of the song I've been...living High altitudes mixed With wrong attitudes Make me wonder Just what I've been...giving Why has it taken so long Tell me where"
  • The City of Lost, Broke and Forgotten - Late Again
    "We all going down this time Right now! Take a picture, what you have inside? I don't know but scars show me all the time All alone I come and go, But I think they never know She's just told me, she"
  • City - Sara Bareilles
    "There's a harvest each saturday night At the bars filled with perfume and hitching a ride A place you can stand for one night and get gone It's clear this conversation ain't' doing a thing Cause these"
  • City - Hollywood Undead
    "Let's watch it burn .. Let's watch it burn . Let's watch this city burn the world. Chorus: Let's watch this city burn, from the sky lines on top of the world, Till there's nothing left in her, Let's watch"
  • Lost Little Girl - Ja Rule
    "Yeah, uh, Ja Rule uh uh uh Here to talk about the lost one It's a damn shame Fuckin Shakin that ass, Shakin that ass, yo, huh Lost little girl I seen how love can turn to lust inside a Lost little"
  • Little girl lost - Icicle Works
    "I don't know why it is you scare meI don't know why I feel afraidWhen you're around I feel uncertainAnd lose sight of the plans I madeYou've got the nerve to be demandingWhen you have nothing to beginAnd"
  • City Of Lost Souls - Seven Witches
    "Strange emptiness crawls slowly through my soul I feel the ghost of this place past - the air grows cold Now I've reached it, my lone destination Why have these forces led me to this place for so long? Walls"
  • Black Girl Lost - Nas
    "(feat. JoJo Hailey) [(click) (dialtone) (numbers being dialed)] HELLO?! Whassup girl.. Ain't nothin - this nigga in here stressin talkin that old off the wall back to Africa shit again What,"
  • City Of Lost Children - Enemy You
    "And they met when they were young with one thing in common two big city kids lost in a stupid world of egotistic boys and the lieing little girls And he knows there was something there cause he saw it"
  • Lost - Asrai
    "Shelter for a frightened girl Who lost so many years Lost track of all the tears Shelter in a bitter world Protect her from her fears She needs shelter now Give her shelter Never was she scared before Death"
  • Lost - Menudo
    "(Damn...) It's getting hard to breathe I'm tryin' to make her see But she don't really know that I I'm tryin to find a way, to tell her everyday But she just doesn't long, so I I don't wanna be the only"
  • City Girl - Jay Sean
    "It's the same train, it's the same time girl, Every morning on the central line girl, Look at you, you look at me from a far (Baby I) Gotta say I fantasize each day, Think about it with my mind on"
  • City Girl - Joan Armatrading
    "You came into town With your big ideas You'll find out That life just ain't that Way here There's such a lot of Big fish in the sea But don't take my word Just sit back and you'll see While closing"

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