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Give it up (Zumba) kaptain jack

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Give it up (Zumba) kaptain jack

  • Give it up - Captain Jack
    "Everybody wants youEverybody wants your loveI'd just like to make you mine all nightNa, na, na, na, na, na, na, naBaby give it upGive it upBaby give it upNa, na, na, na, na, na, na, naBaby give it upGive"
  • Give It Up - Sing It Loud
    "Somebody told me that I'm the one I'm the one Who'll follow you, I'll pull your through We're in the third time around time around But that's okay, 'cause I'm here to stay Give it up, give it all you've"
    "Jack when we were younger we hung out We were inseparable But now Jack you stole my thunder Like my girl became my nemesis He might be Mr. Popularity but I wouldn’t wanna change a thing about me Uh oh"
  • Jack - Xavier Rudd
    "Jack would stand one Foot in front of the Other foot and then Lick his lips again The train came past about Three o'clock or so His mother told him so All the kids should know His hand was sore from All"
  • Jack - Avant
    "Mi Mi Mi girl close your eyes Mi Mi Mi got a surprise Mi Mi Mi don't run and hide let me take you on ride First We'll go to Cleveland We'll kissin and huggin is what we'll do Next We'll go to Miami And"
  • Fat Jack - Steppenwolf
    "FAT JACK by STEPPENWOLF Rolly Poly Fat Man Thunder down the hall On your way to breakfast You got to have it all A plate of cold spaghetti One day on the floor Clean your chops and take time To contemplate"
  • Cracker Jack - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    ""C'mon baby, c'mon c'mon baby" repeats in background all throughout the song "You bitches can't do nothin" repeats in background through intro It's Ol' Dirty Bastard and shit, knowI'msayin? I wanna"
  • Jack Move - Kurupt
    "Nigga You betta get cha money Fuck dat I'm tired of bein broke Daz Let's go get our chips That nigga Daz on the street at a early age Barely made it out da twelfth grade But the man will still stay"
  • Jack Move - Daz Dillinger
    "(feat. Big Syke, Kurupt, Outlawz) Nigga You betta get cha money Fuck dat I'm tired of bein broke Daz Let's go get our chips That nigga Daz on the street at a early age Barely made it out da twelfth"
  • Jack mode - Compton's Most Wanted
    "(straight Jacking) (grab the nine with the hollow point tip) (It goes 1..2..3..) I'm giving up nuthing. No maybe on your shit boy, I'm scheming. I'm solo, numero uno, the Eiht's fiending. Just to get"
  • Give Up The Ghost - Give Up The Ghost
    "Bizzy - That's right, that's right. LDB. LDB - What's happenin'? Bizzy - Romeo. Romeo - What's up? Bizzy - Batman. Batman - Yo yo Bizzy. Bizzy - That's right. Romeo - Let it go. Bizzy - What? What? Let"
  • Jack Move - Hi-C
    "- I need a warrant check on 2 suspects wearing black Dickeys and dirty white t-shirts - I have one black and one Mexican They have five outstanding warrants Armed and considered skanless - I'll run 'em"
  • Jack Lemmon - Saint Etienne
    "I'm here waiting Anticipating Life without you Been up drinking But I'm still thinking About you Yes it's true Every day In every way What can a girl do Without you I keep falling in love And you're"
  • Give it up to me - Soundtrack - Step up
    "Intro: Sean Paul Get out my head and into the bed girl... Cau yuh dun know, plottin' out the fantasy.. Hey baby girl and it's you a di key...yo...mi go so then (Letters in CAPS means Keyshia Cole"
  • Give It Up - Steve Miller Band
    "(Steve Miller) Your good lovin' is what I need Good lovin' is what I need Oh, a little bit of love and some affection Keep me movin' in the right direction Good lovin' is what I need So come on give"
  • Give It Up - Badfinger
    "We live in hope of love and wait to die And sadness all around us makes for crying The feelings that once meant so much Left to dry and turn to dust and ashes We learn to wheel and deal and say goodbye Madness"
  • Give It Up - Dan's Home Grown
    "ill turn you off like a stereo turn the dial and youll never know Don't try to think you know what I'm thinkin' So give it up now Just give it up now Give it up whoa-oh-oh Give it up now Give it up now Give"
  • Give It Up - Gunmetal
    "VERSE Walking down the street and I see you, I try to talk but you do not hear me through, After that I always knew. I never wanted it to end this way, But I just didn't want you stay, Now I know that"
  • Give It Up - Poison Idea
    "Smilling with a broken bottle as you try to prove a point, Give it up, give it up, your life's a bunch of fuckin shit, Give it up, give it up, fuck your mom and spread the word, Youre a loser with a headache,"
  • Give It Up - Avalon
    "Dream a little dream, dream a little while Remembering a day when you were wide-eyed Gave the Lord your heart, gave Him all your soul Slowly you have taken back control Now you're somewhere in-between Your"

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