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Give me go higher higher

  • Higher - Tommy Lee
    "check my new jam i'm bringing when i'm done with you your ears will be ringing i bring the rock hard..slinging bad ass riffs that'll cut you til you're stinging all frequencies are bumping when the"
  • Higher - Dance Dance Revolution
    "Girl, give it up, go and run away To the arms of a magic day Where you can stay Where you can find yourself Find yourself Lose your fear, 'cause there is no one here Do what you want to do There's nobody"
  • Higher - Twista
    "(feat. Ludacris, Wildstyle) Yeah, you know it's about to go down right? (Yeeah!) Got to let them know who is this? (Ludacris!) And who else nigga? (Twista, wooo, ahhh!) Uh, uh (check it out) Sometimes"
  • Higher - Heidi Montag
    "Here I go now, Im keeping my eyes open don't you let me down. Nothing can stop me now, I know you hear this sound. Go ahead and let it out, dont be afraid to fly, fly high, reaches past the sky Here we"
  • Higher - Tara McLean
    "If I could spend my life in awe Of everything I ever saw You'd be the one to lift me up Higher than I am If the sky came crashing down You'd be the only star I found Of all those scattered on the ground I'd"
  • Higher - David Guetta
    "You know I need to go higher You know I need to go higher You know I need to go higher You know I need to go higher Don't ask me why I want to live Don't ask me why I want to hear Don't ask me why I need"
  • Higher - Gloria Estefan
    "I saw a girl today Could tell from what she say She was a liar She walks a wire I tried to make her see That this was not the way Of getting higher And then she turned away, So I say Hear me now Just"
  • HIGHER - Bishop Briggs
    "Higher Your love has set me free Now nothing’s out of reach Higher Higher I run tghe days into the night I feel my heart is going rogue here But i kinda love it You run your mouth I ran a mile I’ve heard"
  • Higher - The Cardigans
    "(Lyrics by Persson/Svensson) I'm glad you came around today I sure need a good companion I'm losing it but you're the same without you I move at random Abusing 'cause you're a friend and there's no Jesus"
  • Higher - Pietasters
    "The higher I get, the farther I fall Sick of it all, get away get away from you The higher I go, the higher I want to stay Away from reality and get away from you The more that I want, the more that"
  • Higher - Amerie
    "When I was younger girl Nobody told me 'bout the facts of life I was living in the clouds I didn't think about what's wrong or right So I didn't understand That playing games is what some people do I swore"
  • Higher?! - Pigeon John
    "Go higher Everybody go higher LA Symph we go higher We go higher higher 1st Verse: Oh shoot wait I'm from Nebraska ya'll This is for my little chunky dunks in Omaha After school Rogers Park shooting"
  • Higher - Creed
    "When dreaming I'm guided to another world Time and time again At sunrise I fight to stay asleep 'Cause I don't want to leave the comfort of this place 'Cause there's a hunger, a longing to escape From"
  • Higher - Ariana Grande
    "Been running round in circles Trying to find the end Bumped into this shy guy While chilling with my friends He's eying me, sizing me Makes my body weak He's bringing out the freak in me It's only been"
  • Higher - D'Angelo
    "1st Verse Feels like heaven when I think about you sparking that love within my soul and when I touch U, I can't describe it send chills, down my bonz 1st Bridge Wit God as my witness and watching over We'll"
  • Higher - Rihanna
    "This whiskey got me feeling pray So pardon if I'm impolite I just really need your ass with me I'm sorry about the other night And I know I could be more creative And come up with poetic lines But I'm"
  • Higher - Madrugada
    "Higher, there's no need to come down Arising through the other ground These people, these people don't mean a thing But don't you think it's funny That now they get to hear me sing All right We'll try"
  • Higher - Addiction Crew
    "Stand what you stand for, I know you'll cross the line More give some more to life and keep it rising high Hold on... So this time I know my self right, I know my self well I know my self drop the funk"
  • Higher - Kanye West
    "(Do or Die) Yo Kanye Blow the Hook you a genius boy (Chorus) Now when you hear this song you know it's on (Babygirl) when you hear this song you know it's on when you hear this song you know it's on I"
  • Higher - The Game
    "It's that, it's that, it's that, it's that... chronic, chronic, chronic, chronic It's that, it's that, it's that, it's that... hydrolex, drolex, drolex, drolex It's that, it's that, it's that, it's that..."

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