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Glenn Tipton Give Blood

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Glenn Tipton Give Blood

  • Glenn Tipton - Sun Kil Moon
    "Cassius Clay was hated More than Sonny Liston Some like KK Downing More than Glenn Tipton Some like Jim Nabors Some Bobby Vinton I like em all I put my feet up On the coffee table I stay up late"
  • Give Blood - Glenn Tipton
    "Give blood I want blood Nobody moves me the way you do I hear your sycophants tell you Same old stories might have known Your deception meets an all time low Oh! this time your crimes Finally caught"
  • I Apologize - Glenn Lewis - Mr. Cheeks
    "Word. Dedicate this to all the ladies from all the guys Na-mean???? You know we go through situations in life yo know Got ya ladies knahmean Some of them we hurt inside you knahmean Some women out there"
  • Give Blood - Pete Townshend
    "Give blood But you may find that blood is not enough Give blood And there are some who'll say it's not enough Give blood But don't expect to ever see reward Give blood You can give it all but still you're"
  • Happy Blues For John Glenn - Lightnin'
    "People I was sittin' this mornin' with this on my mind Said there ain't no livin' man who gone around the world three time But John Glenn did Yes he did He did it, I'm talkin' about him Only did it for"
  • Blood For Blood - Blood
    "Devoted to a false god, see the marked people Give them your life - they take their profit of you Your soul for sale Believe in the bible - book of lies BLOOD FOR BLOOD Pray to your father - he won't help"
  • Resolution - Glenn Tipton
    "We didn't start it Or firearm it Better call in the U.N. to disarm it Ceasefire Tell the snipers Cause you're dealing with a bunch of fucking liars Streetfighter Outsider But they're never going to take"
  • Healer - Glenn Tipton
    "It depends on your point of view I'm a healer I can heal you If you're skeptical no can do If you're a believer I can heal you Run out of remedies as others do Then come to me I will heal you I'll"
  • Extinct - Glenn Tipton
    "I am alive Not on the brink But people think I am extinct Don't write me off Or even think I don't exist I'm not extinct I stand alone in many ways Evolving from a different race I have a name"
  • Crime Of Passion - Glenn Tipton
    "In my dreams I don't feel pain Only when I wake up again Seems to me it's such a shame One crime of passion Had to take the blame I can see yet I am blind And now I have to leave this world behind The"
  • Stronger Than The Drug - Glenn Tipton
    "Sent me to see if I can do some good 'cause you can depend on it To poison your blood Pay with your life You disagree Nothing comes easy Nothing is free Oh! my life Such a cold, cold night Don't let"
  • Hard Core - Glenn Tipton
    "As I lie awake in the morning Just killing time I can feel the pain and the torment Building up inside my mind Have to get it under the counter Stop myself from going blind An excess is what I'm"
  • Left For Death - Glenn Tipton
    "You can live your life of ease If you obey the hierarchy I never could see, I never knew why I shouldn't stand and speak my mind You keep your mouth shut and your ok You get to live through one more"
  • Walls Cave In - Glenn Tipton
    "They pound their fists Upon your door They want your blood And you know what for You tried to say You got suckered in Each new excuse Is wearing thin Suddenly out of the blue You changed your colours"
  • Voodoo Brother - Glenn Tipton
    "You can hear the thunder in the sky I can see the fire in your eyes Don't you even think that you can hide You're the same flesh and blood as I Damn the very day that we were born In the centre of"
  • Friendly Fire - Glenn Tipton
    "Oh so young and far from home They only get one life They were told it's just a game There woul dbe no need to fight Seemed quite real though yesterday When we got blown away By friendly fire Giving"
  • Fuel Me Up - Glenn Tipton
    "Don't pass me by Without a drop Just step across And fill my cup Gimme more It's not enough Rejuvenate me Fuel me up Running drier Every day Low on gas High on octane See the needle Running"
  • Blood - Kelly Family
    "They drill them to the ground, they take away their rights, they're making martyrs out of little children. Give a kid a gun, take away her Mum, they teach them how to kill when they hunger. Kill that"
  • Blood - The Kelly Family
    "They drill them to the ground, they take away their rights, theyre making martyrs out of little children. Give a kid a gun, take away her Mum, they teach them how to kill when they hunger. Kill that man,"
  • Blood - My Chemical Romance
    "Well they encourage all complete cooperation, Send you roses when they think you need to smile. I can't control myself because I don't know how, And they love me for it honestly, I'll be here for a while. So"

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