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God Bless Robert E. Lee

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God Bless Robert E. Lee

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God Bless Robert E. Lee
  • Johnny Cash God Bless Robert Elee
    "When Robert E Lee surrended the Confederacy Jefferson Davis was upset about it He said how dare that man resent an order Form the president of the Confederate States of America Then somebody told him"
  • Dean Martin Waiting for the Robert E. Lee
    "Way down on the levee in old Alabamy There's daddy and mammy, there's Efran and Sammy On a moonlight night you can find them all While they are waiting the banjos are syncopating What's that they're saying,"
  • Combichrist God Bless
    "God bless: Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Kaczynski, Richard Ramirez Robert Berdella, David Berkovitz, Albert DeSavo, Joseph Briggen Timothy McVeigh, Gary Leon Ridgway, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka Ted Bundy,"
  • LL Cool J God Bless
    "Uh Definitely gonna be butter, nahmean? It's gone be butter, nahmean? Uh, swerve on em, uh yeah Crack the Mo, here we go I'm in the mood to let the chickenheads flow Son, no doubt, god it's real Every"
  • Dolly Parton Robert
    "Robert's appearance is something to behold Dressed in the finest of store bought clothes My mamma sews my clothes cause I'm just a poor girl But Robert is as real as his daddies gold Robert could have"
  • House Of Large Sizes Robert
    "Robert calls me on the telephone He wants to make sure that I'm still at home He pauses a second, mouths a silent prayer It's nice to know that someone really cares At all His hands are planted and they're"
  • Henri Salvador Robert
    "Je sais bien, NanetteQu'hier soir je t'avais promisDe t'emmener au bal chez NiniEt je t'ai pos un lapinMais tu sais bien que j'y suis pour rienJe sais bien, NanetteT'avais mis ta robe en dentelleEt moi"
  • Perry Como E lei
    "(To You) lei la donna mia, lei che non potró lasciare mai perch ora lo so per l'eternit il nostro amore durer. lei la donna mia, lei e a tutto il mondo grideró che tutta la mia vita, la mia felicit"
  • Lee Greenwood God Bless America
    "While the storm clouds gather Far across the sea Let us swear allegiance To a land that's free Let us all be great full For a land so fair Let us raise our voices In a solemn prayer God bless America,"
  • Murphy Lee Murphy Lee
    "(feat. Zee) You make a brotha wanna faint (damn!) Or put you on a plate, sock you up wit a mu'fuckin' biscuit Maan, it was a house party ayyo I probably sound corny I got oatmeal hormones ma, I'm instantly"
  • Robert Lee McCoy Mamie Lee
    "Mamie Lee Trk 10 3:04 Robert Lee McCoy (aka Ramblin' Bob and Robert Nighthawk) (John Lee 'Sonny Boy' Williamson) Recorded: November 11, 1937 Aurora, Illinois Robert Lee McCoy - vocal & guitar, Henry"
  • Houk God Bless
    "music/lyrics - D. Malejonek The eye is light of the body If it's good you'll be full of light But if your light is darkness How that darkness could be great inside chorus: God bless the ones who know what"
  • Nik Kershaw God Bless
    "God bless this happy home God bless the hugs and kisses Keep us all safe and warm Keep us in ignorant bliss Heaven help old Joseph Bloggs in his cardboard box Reaching out his hand for a piece of me Heaven"
  • Lamb God Bless
    "Your're gonna feel the wind at your heels you know Your're gonna feel a sparkle in your step Everything will touch you in a different way Let it come, soon come, let it come 'Cause I'm gonna make you feel"
  • Mary Mary God bless
    "In the mall one day I saw youWalking pastAnd then I looked again andYou were goneWell anyway I thought aboutWhen I last talked to youAnd how I prayed for youAnd how I told you things would be fineIn time"
  • Sweatshop Union God Bless
    ""Do you believe, in God?" {*echoes*} Man the world's on it's end and somethin gotta give How do we spawn so much evil from somethin so positive Pick a side is your prerogative Or we can just sit in"
  • The Beatles Doctor Robert
    "Ring, my friend I said you'd call Doctor Robert Day or night he'll be there any time at all Doctor Robert Doctor Robert You're a new and better man He helps you to understand He does everything"
  • Beatles Dr. Robert
    "Ring my friend I said you'd call Dr. Robert, Day or night he'll be there anytime at all Dr. Robert. Dr. Robert, your a new and better man, He helps you to understand, He does everything he can, Dr. Robert. If"
  • Beatles, The Dr. Robert
    "Beatles, The Revolver Dr. Robert Ring my friend I said you'd call Doctor Robert Day or night he'll be there anytime at all, Doctor Robert Doctor Robert, you're a new and better man He helps you to understand He"
  • Beatles Doctor Robert
    "(Lennon/McCartney) Ring my friend, I said you call Doctor Robert Day or night he'll be there any time at all, Doctor Robert Doctor Robert, you're a new and better man He helps you to understand He does"

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