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God damint

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God damint

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God damint
  • God Dethroned God Dethroned
    "Visions harass my life Drowning all christian rats Chaos opressing religion God finally lost his throne Fall of christ, their grip fainting away Disbelievers escape their tiranny Ripping throats of all"
  • God Dethroned Loyal To The Crown Of God Dethroned
    "The priest is raped, the churches burn Reality of lost existance Catastrophy was long foreseen Nothing's done, it had to be Rape the world for inbreed ghosts The lunatics to reign this world Dehydrate"
  • Lamb Of God Lamb Of God
    "This is the lamb This is the lamb This is the Lamb of God So what the f**k Do you not like the lamb? The lamb The Lamb of God Where were you when I was the lamb? The lamb The Lamb of God What is up with"
  • Act Of God God Don't Forgive
    "Deep in darkness exists the place Reserved for men by lord No time, no motion, no hope No death only eternal pain God why do you hate us We must suffer but why At the face of heavens basher Loving father"
  • Act Of God Act Of God
    "Thursty murder is befitted to god The creator of universe has the right to kill all Trample the mankind as worms Oh I feel this spiritual need Soe people see loving father in him Non suspecting what lives"
  • Lamb Of God Shoulder Of Your God
    "Death lies eternal. A heathen rapture consumes the light. Impaled on its axis, The world around me lays down to die. Immaculate contraception. The massive beating, opiate. Apocalyptic conception, Planted,"
  • God Dethroned The Crown For The Morbid
    "Hear me I am the crown for the morbid The fire in the eyes of the rabid I am the hate inside the psychotic And the fear consuming the phobic I seek to overthrow you With the powers given to me By your"
  • God Forbid The End Of The World
    "The End Of The World Worldwide genocide, it's our affliction The remains of yesterday Help us get away from the destruction of our world Running for cover as the ghost walk as man Running for cover as"
  • God Dethroned The Tombstone
    "Darkness surrounding me I'm waiting here till you free me Lifting the tombstone And what do you see Lifting the tombstone A skeleton waiting to be free Don't wait too long The worms, they're raging on Lifting"
  • God Dethroned The Christhunt
    "I know thy name From the book of shadows The curse to uncreate Thy kingdom will fall Speak out his name, backwards And eternity will rot I am the one begotten son My heart is forged by blackest coal I"
  • God Dethroned The Warcult
    "Bone collector, death extractor, splatterdeath, hammerdeath Razorsharp tentacles crawling up your ass We are the warcult Timebomb intellectuals New millennium battlebots squeeze out your brains Hoax"
  • God Module The Source
    "I have nothing to say to you no words left that sound true Your morals are your demise I don't need permission to fuck with your mind I won't listen to you anymore The useless babble of a used up"
  • God Dethroned The Poison Apple
    "Oh eve, do you like my snakeskin suit? Oh eve touch my skin it feels so smooth Oh eve, I've seen you naked in the garden of eden Eve come with me to the tree of ancient wisdom Eve don't fear me I'm just"
  • God Dethroned Swallow The Spikes
    "Have you ever sinned yourself oh reverend Pointing your finger at the masses Paying retribution for all shit gone wrong Have you ever sinned yourself oh reverend We'll cut off a finger For every sin you've"
  • God Forbid Judge The Blood
    "Listen to these words of wisdom (Wisdom) It's time to break down the walls (Break down) Break down the cries (The cries) The cries When I wake does the sun shine on me? When I wake does the sun shine on"
  • God Forbid The Lonely Dead
    "The Lonely Dead Alone is to feel death crawling beneath your skin We must remember the dead I look down to the ground before me Worried no longer, we were free for the first time Now more lonely than"
  • God Dethroned The Execution Protocol
    "Death breathes down my neck. The sword will soon decide. Who was right and who was wrong. Jesus saves, but death prevails. The execution protocol. The inquisitions deatch call. The execution protocol."
  • God Dethroned The Grand Grimoire
    "I am here to unleash the Armageddon Send by the dark one to extinguish the fire When I find the grand grimoire, I crumble the earth When God's creation is gone my master has won 666 I am the warlock and"
  • God Dethroned The Iconoclast Deathride
    "Another christhunt A broken crucifix And with the blood of christ I quenched my thirst An image of christ Trampled to a thousand pieces Between the shattered statue of the holy virgin A crucifix plunged"
  • God Dethroned Slaughtering The Faithful
    "Driving the masses In narrow passages Gassing them all into sleep Waiting in line Till a shock ends your life Who is the beast in here No daylight Only on the day you die Life imprisonment Slaugtering"

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