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God is a wonem

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God is a wonem

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God is a wonem
  • The Beta Band Won
    "Vibes all I a bingee oots - (?) wssh one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do two can be as bad as one it's the loneliest number since the number one cinematic synergy a whole lotta energy"
  • Cocoa Brovaz Won On Won
    "Smoky Lah, me got flav Smoky Gunz, Cocoa B's Who wanna look like, wanna act like us Wanna be like, roll the trees like us Wanna talk like wanna walk like us Wanna flip like get ripped like us Wanna act"
  • Adhesive Nothing Is Won
    "Will anyone realize no one seems to care anyway, ignore it all as if it didn't belong. Another regulation, the power structure rears its ugly face. Their actions need to be told, but there is not a single"
  • Lucie Silvas Game Is Won
    "Am I talking too fast? I got a lot to learn I'll keep my eyes wide open And I will wait my turn I would jump right in But now I'm not so sure If I put 2 and 2 together Will I still get 4? And I know where"
  • Mumford & Sons with Baaba Maal, The Very Best and Beatenberg Wona
    "You don’t want to turn away this time Then why don’t you take a different line Don’t have to be cruel want to be kind You don’t have to lose your mind You don’t wanna suffer for the art You don’t wanna"
  • Get Set Go Won
    "Won't Let Her Go; Ordinary World ('06); Trk 12 She doesn't close the door, as she visits the bathroom; the sound of flushing water, comes a little bit too soon; I wonder what she's doin', as she hums"
  • Bob Seger Won
    "You can cry if you want to, you can rage at the night You can blame all your wounds on the workd if you like YOu can drink from the bottle no ice and no glass You can lie in the mornin' and say it's our"
  • Lucie Silvas The Game Is Won
    "Am I talking too fast? I got a lot to learn I'll keep my eyes wide open And I will wait my turn I would jump right in But now I'm not so sure If I put 2 and 2 together Will I still get 4? And I know where"
  • 88 Fingers Louie I've won
    "I recall the time that changed My whole fucking life Call it fate, call it what you want, But it happened to me Some people go through life searching For this thing caled love Call it fate, call it what"
  • Souls You Won!
    "someone may want to get a hold on you you're baning your head against the wall again he's always one step ahead who knows what he's planning next DO DO! WAH! OH! if you only could get away somehow someway is"
  • Jennifer Chung You won
    "I drive you crazy, As I said that I would. Do you still want me? I don't see how you could. This is the way that I've been. This is what I have to change. I want to be better, Have much more to offer. But"
  • Dream Theater Another Won
    "It was the mortal passion The flame that lit the fire The beauty of the starlight Brought the cruelty of desire A lover's link was broken Another's vengeful plan Was contrived through jealous hatred For"
  • Down By Law Punk Won
    "i'm gonna give you a straight answer i'm gonna lay it all out on the line i've thought it all a million times now and i'm not gonna turn back this time there was a time when you and I were taking on"
  • The Rolling Stones It Won
    "Baby it won't take long to forget you Time it passes fast It'll all be over in a minute You'll be in the past You can lose the love of a lifetime In a single roll You can gain a fortune in an instant"
  • Keith Green The Battle Is Already Won
    "Well, the battle is already won, And the race has already been run, It's been done, you just have to claim the victory. And the future is already made, The foundation was totally laid, When he paid"
  • Gene Love Won
    "Now weve entered New Britannia Lord dont tell me Love wont work Ive seen my face Of course I know my place Yes, I started life retarded Voices told me "take your chances" So I run through all the things Ive"
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Mama, Won
    "Invisible like all the reasons Dark and cold like all the seasons Things are not as you would have them I'm no man and yo're no woman I guess I hope to see you sometime Though our paths will never intertwine"
  • La Bouche You Won
    "Ooooooooo Chorus: Tonight is the night You're gonna get the best I'll treat you right, I'm better than the rest Wherever you go, and wherever you will be You won't forget me, you won't forget me Oo-oo-oo,"
  • Robert Cray Won The Battle
    "The fighting's over This time I won I yelled the loudest Had the biggest gun She packed up all her bags And walked right out the door Looks like I won the battle But lost the war She was speechless Once"
  • Nine Everybody Won Heaven
    ""redrum" "everybody won heaven? " "redrum" "everybody won heaven? " "redrum" "everybody won heaven? " "redrum" "everybody won heaven? " "redrum" "everybody won heaven? " "redrum" "everybody won heaven?"

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