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Golden Boy Society

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Golden Boy Society

  • High Society - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Now don't get me wrong The 10 commandments is cool See, once upon a time, I too, believed in the golden rule But the mere nation dwindle, so the saute swindle Got tossed the fuck out the window Ya know"
  • Jestem Golden Boy - A.P. Golden Boy
    "Robie kurwa tricki w lozku z laska fiki miki ona w kolorze Afryki bierze narkotyki ja mam to gdzies pieprzymy sie jak kroliki jezeli nie wiesz to skladaja sie na to pewne czynniki cwiczac na silce trzymalem"
  • Golden Boy - Natalie Merchant
    "Top of the fold Toast of the town Everyone stops when you come around They hold their breath for you Heroes are born Idols are made We're all fools for this factory fame And you've got the brand new face And"
  • Golden Boy - Ali
    "A mes yeux, Golden Boy est wanted. Golden Boy ferme les yeux mais ne dort pas. Son temps est de l'argent, et les gens ne comptent pas. Les choses simples ne le contentent pas. Ferme les yeux mais ne dort"
  • Golden Boy - Bob Seger
    "Golden boy Take your place Among the stars Light your fire Cast your glow Near and far Mother's eyes Warm you when you sleep There's a tree By a brook In the glade There's a wave Off a"
  • Golden Boy - Primus
    "He was a mighty golden boy, as gold as ever seen But when he stepped up to the podium, you could tell that boy was mean His arms was made of nickel, and his forehead made of wood An affidavit from the"
  • Golden Boy - The Twilight Singers
    "i am the golden boy the second son of god and i have come to mystify my brother and any others i can save if you are lost no need to cry, there is a light upon your lonely face and i don't need saved i"
  • Golden Boy - Sin With Sebastian
    "Goldenboy Goldenboy, born to love and live for joy I'm a Goldenboy Goldenboy, born to love and live for joy I'm a Golden, Golden, Goldenboy Prove one - I hate to work prove two - I never do prove"
  • Golden Boy - BeCeKa
    "nie prześpię swojego momentu bo nie mam zdolności do hibernacji moja brzydota oślepia lustra i dlatego ciężko było mnie zauważyć"
  • Golden - Kevin Max
    "You were my desire And I was your boy then I never knew what love was for You would never tire And I was so selfish, so sure And yet so insecure And we were young And just like truth It always swallows"
  • Society Pages - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Ike Willis (rhythm guitar, vocals) Ray White (rhythm guitar, vocals) Bob Harris (boy soprano, trumpet) Steve Vai (guitar) Tommy Mars (keyboards) Arthur Barrow (bass) Ed"
  • The Golden Boy - Shelby
    "Hey you How was your life? How was your job today? Some kind of peace of mind So you You were the right You were replacement time Guaranteed to shine And you You were so righteous You went so wrong You"
  • The Golden Boy - Freddie Mercury
    "The boy had a way with words, he sang, he moved with grace He entertained so naturally, no gesture out of place His road in life was clearly drawn, he didn't hesitate He played, they saw, he conquered"
  • Meance To Society - Above The Law
    "Today in South Central violence is an all-time high Due to the terrorist group ATL You might label them as being a menace to society Now it's a well-known factor why I can't be caught Now see the law's"
  • Wrong Lane Society - Scanner
    "Spend my life in misery And stand it going on But recently I got this dream Lasting all night long Woke up to my damned disaster Expected nothing new But someone there's been kidding me He tidied up my"
  • Golden - Fall Out Boy
    "How cruel is the golden rule? When the lives we lived are only golden-plated And I knew that the lights of the city were too heavy for me Though I carried karats for everyone to see And I saw God"
  • Golden girl - Chris Brown
    "Your place mid-nightWhen I come through I ring ya doorbell twiceWhen I come through I do the things you like likeLike I'm room serviceAnd don't you take me but every chick tryna take all your shitCause"
  • Golden I - Mindless Self Indulgence
    "yo - i be that golden i you watch me burning deep inside of you i be that golden i now i rock steady but it don't mean nothing cause i ain't shit - yo and that's ok cause I wrote the note so you can watch"
  • Golden Touch - Rose Royce
    "Golden touch It happens every time your lips touch mine There's a feeling that's so divine There's magic in you Golden touch I wasn't very strong 'til you came along You made me realize that by your side,"
  • Golden Lights - The Smiths
    "Golden lights displaying your name Golden lights - it's a terrible shame But oh, my darling WHY DID YOU CHANGE? Boy in a million, idol, a big star I didn't tell you how great you were I didn't grovel"

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