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Golden State

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Golden State

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Golden State
  • To Nie Teatr Golden State
    "Jest na mapie gdzieś Taka kraina, której sława przekraczają wszelkie granice gdy nadjedzie tam Hardcorowa rodzina Takiego klimatu nie zaznasz już nigdzie Moje złote miasto Mój Golden state Moje złote miasto Mój"
  • Almah Golden Empire
    "So long You have been waiting for so long You wait Always the spring at the same place Until you feel it again... Oh... In you! So young Your wishes start to grow and then You know You need to be fast"
  • Eduardo Falaschi Golden Empire
    "So long You have been waiting for so long You wait Always the spring at the same place Until you feel it again... Oh... In you! So young Your wishes start to grow and then You know You need to be fast"
  • Flight 409 The Golden State
    "You can take this how you want But to me it means I'm dying here tonight In your arms and in your eyes Don't forget to keep me in mind You know you were so untouchable Stand strong You know the rest of"
  • Dwight Yoakam The Late Great Golden State
    "In the late great golden state It's getting hard to negotiate When you're one slip From a grim fate In the late great golden state In the late great golden state I don't do much But I'm always late I"
  • Wu-Syndicate Golden Sands
    "Intro: Myalansky (Joe Mafia) Damn, VA Hot as a bitch yo (word up) Common will state though (son, that shit is fucked up) Was in the court room the other day, they try to give a nigga a hundred years (Word) They"
  • Saxon State Of Grace
    "Sacred Towers Standing Tall Built In Times Of Guilt And Gold Ancient Knowledge Lost In Time Forgotten Now In Hearts And Minds Holy Towers Test Of Faith Sacred Knowledge State Of Grace State Of Grace"
  • Britney Spears State Of Grace
    "Love is a state of grace Transcending time and space No other way I can describe Insanely beautiful It's almost mystical Cause you're mine And I can't believe that I feel What I feel Such a strange kind"
  • Taylor Swift State Of Grace
    "I'm walking fast through the traffic lights Busy streets and busy lives And all we know, is touch and go We are alone with our changing minds We fall in love 'til it hurts or bleeds or fades in time And"
  • Atrocity Atlantean Empire
    "Eleven thousand and five hundred years ago The realm of the golden age ruling the world Thousands of warships ten thousands warchariots Hundred thousands armed warriors They are near Shades appear From"
  • Jill Scott Golden
    "heyyy...ohh..heyy...yeaa..oh yea yea yea yea yeaa verse 1: i'm taking my freedom, pulling it off the shelf putting it on my chain, wearing it around my neck i'm taking my freedom, putting it in my car,"
  • Switchfoot Golden
    "(Like freedom in spring) She's alone tonight with a bitter cup and She's undone tonight, she's all used up She's been staring down the demons Who've been screaming She's just another so and so, Another"
  • Kylie Minogue Golden
    "your face move just like a dancer your soul beats just like a drum tomorrow has all the answers today says we’ve just begun don’t you feel the Sun on your face? hopeful hearts of the human race shining"
  • Harry Styles Golden
    "Golden /3x as i open my eyes hold it, focus, hoping take me back to the light I know you were way too bright for me I am hopeless, broken so you wait for me in the sky browns y skin just right you’re"
  • Szymon Golden
    "I lose pick of dance on the trees Making it seem so easy Drove off the life Fair games stands but never be Many in the dead of the night Credence, you won't find a cone You came out things That you can"
  • Alexz Johnson Golden
    "Wake up, wake up Dont want to wake you Oh, sun be to bright So we can wake you Oh sun, follow through Follow through, Follow through Sit up, could you So I have made you Oh rain fall to hard So I can keep"
  • A Girl Called Eddy Golden
    "Last night I dreamed While I was walking that I died looking up At fancy buildings and skyscrapers Are real heart breakers When your time has come and gone It could've been all yours for a song Of all"
    "I’ve been fixed too many times Always feel a little black and white inside I’m tired enough and after a while I told myself that I would get it right this time When you walk in through the door I couldn’t"
  • Chrisette Michele Golden
    "Take me back in the day when loving was pure Love ain't going away, love is always secure Life's not always perfect but love's always forever Lets let true love connect lets try lasting forever I'm so"
  • Angkor Wat Golden
    "Angkor Wat Corpus Christi Golden Emptiness became my house Black cracked sight my line of life I dream of angels and lightning flash And cool, cool rain to wash my mind Innocence seemed so far from home"

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