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Gon youre gone now

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Gon youre gone now

  • Now Youre Gone - Black
    "Listen to the money while it talks, makes you feel used up and small. You're caught between its hands. Why did you try at all? I listened and remembered what he said- "What's good for me is good for you. "
  • Now That Youre Gone - Joe Cocker
    "This ain't no place for losers Or the innocent of mind It's a full time job For anyone, to stay alive The streets have shallow boundaries For the war that's everyone What a wasteland for Broken dreams"
  • When Youre Gone - Avril Lavigne
    "I always needed time on my own I never thought I'd need you there when I cry And the days feel like years when I'm alone And the bed where you lie is made up on your side When you walk away I count the"
  • Love Is Here And Now Youre Gone - Diana Ross & The Supremes
    "Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart The Supremes (B. Holland/L. Dozier/E. Holland, Jr.) The love bug done bit me Didn't mean for him to get me Woo, get up in the morning And I'm filled with desire No,"
  • Not Gon - Mary J. Blige
    "(vs.1) While all the time that I was loving you You were busy loving yourself I would stop breathing if you told me to Now youre busy loving someone else Eleven years out of my life Besides the kids I"
  • Gone now - Marquess
    "Youre no longer by my side I told you lies and hurt your pride Im wrong now But baby youre gone now Waited for you all those years I never thought Id face your tears But somehow My sun will be gone now"
  • Youre So Fine - Wilson Pickett
    "(Im Looking Rather Wasted, now that your gone, now that i know, your on your own..)X2 Have you Seen The Very Thing, Thats Making all the noise, so shimmering Do you Know? Youre not alone, cause every"
  • We Gon' Fight - Jennifer Hudson
    "Hands up If you with me, put your hands up Hands up Wait a minute, wait a minute ya'll They told me that love was simply not enough With all that we been through We should give it up Why sweat and cry Just"
  • I'm Gon' Cry - Syleena Johnson
    "Another Lonely night And you're on my mind I can't sleep, can't eat From what you done to me Was she that fine Was it that deep For you to give yourself so easily And not consider my feelings How could"
  • You Gon Go - KRS-One
    "I'm bringing back the style that others have pushed to the rear Now you see me, now you don't, now I'm everywhere Maybe you can see that knowledge does reign supreme Rap is like a ballclub and I coach"
  • Never Gon Lose - Future
    "This bitch from Australian and I'm an alien I sip out a cup of this shit, it's so muddy But I love it baby When I jump out the whip when I hop out the whip then I'm fresh in the latest I do what I want,"
  • What you gon' do - Lil' Jon
    "& The Eastside Boyz feat. Lil' Scrappy Yea What...What Check dis out right (Yea) Lil' Jon and the motherfuking East Side Boyz The Kings of Krunk Back at you with some new shit Now just because we went"
  • What You Gon' Do - Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz
    "[ Lil' Jon ] Yea What...What Check dis out right (Yea) Lil' Jon and the motherfuking East Side Boyz The Kings of Krunk Back at you with some new shit Now just because we went platinum and shit don't mean"
  • Now You're Gone - Floetry
    "Laundered linen sheets Touch me their coldness And thoughts I cant repeat Shock me with their boldness Why did my mind and body believe, That you would never leave them? Now theres parts of me that blame, Or"
  • Now you're gone - Ian Moore
    "Well I can see from the displeasure runnin through ya That your heart has lost its faith, youre not to blame Well a lady lays in waitin, till the waitins gone too long Your love is gone, she must find"
  • Now i'm gone - Monica
    "(Male) Monica baby, I'm sorry I know I was wrong, but I think we can work it out Just try to hear me out (Monica) Nah, you hear me out (Verse 1) I gave you so much love, but you had to play with my affections"
  • Waiting Til Youre Gone - Zita Swoon
    "I can spend my time with those who wait I can spend my time killin' time We don't talk when you're around I can spend my life in this crime I'm like a statue made of ice And she is lookin' just as good And"
  • He Gon Let You Go - Chamillionaire
    "F**k Action 37 And A Half Im Gonne Be Totally Honest Wit You Right Now. I Think You Know What You Need To Do. Yeah, You Need To Go Back To Him Hey Its True That Chamillitarys A King, And A King"
  • What Yall Niggas Gon Do - Chamillionaire
    "They gon' just get upset When I hop out the Vette Throw the keys and tell the valet to catch See gettin' green is a damn sinch I'm the 22 inch grinch I hog money, I'ma ball hog while haters is warming"
  • Youre A Lady Now - Angels
    "(Brewster-Neeson-Brewster) It's ringing all over town, gonna tear the big house down y' take my baby, y' take my home y' takin' my sunshine, now leave alone Y' diggin' a mountian and lookin' for gold you"

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