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Good year

  • Good Year - Treaty Of Paris
    "In September you were still having doubts about If by November you would finally have it all figured out Then december brought you right back here Yeah, Decemember was the end of another year So if"
  • Good year - Easily amused
    "Let's get crazy Let's be sure to lose our minds Let your hair down Welcome to your life This is gonna be a good year Right now, right here Everybody Let's all hang around this place There's lots of sunshine To"
  • Pretty Good Year - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori Under The Pink Pretty Good Year Tears on the sleeve of a man don't want to be a boy today heard the eternal footman bought himself a bike to race and Greg he writes letters and burns his CDs they"
  • Pretty Good Year - Tori Amos
    "Tears on the sleeve of a man Don't wanna be a boy today Heard the eternal footman Bought himself a bike to race And Greg he writes letters And burns his CDs They say you were something in those formative"
  • It was very good year - Kingston Trio
    "When I was seventeen, it was a very good year. It was a very good year for small town girl and soft summer night. We'd hide from the light on the village green when I was seventeen. When I was twenty-one,"
  • Good Year For The Wine - Ernest Tubb
    "Some people say I drink because you left me And they say that wine won't drown your memory But the reason that I drink is not to get you off my mind I just heard this was a good year for the wine It doesn't"
  • Good Year For The Roses - Elvis Costello
    "I can hardly bear the sight of lipstick On the cigarettes there in the ashtray Lyin' cold the way you left 'em, But at least your lips caressed them While you packed Or the lip-print on a half-filled cup"
  • Next Year - Foo Fighters
    "I'm in the sky tonight, There I can keep by your side Watching the wide world riot and hiding out I'll be coming home next year Into the sun we climb Climbing our wings will burn white Everyone strapped"
  • Year 2000 - Die Toten Hosen
    "Today I saw a familiar face across a city street, sitting in the doorway with a blanket round his feet. At first I didn't place him the way you often do, but the last time I'd seen him he sat next to me"
  • That Year - Uncle Tupelo
    "The thousand times I lived before were just in my dreams Well, I woke up to realize it didn't mean a thing I've seen several better places, several better times Somehow those memories got left behind Give"
  • This year - The Thrills
    "I told you I'd take you away from hereI told you I'd take you away from hereAnd I willI'm no street corner boneI knew your day would comeIt's hardly a secret your checker pastIt's hardly a question I would"
  • Every Year - E-40
    "Make me feel it uhhh It's in the heart man I can feel it right here It's in the heart man I can feel it right here man it's real (Every year about this time) Every year about this time yessuh"
  • That Year - Brandi Carlile
    "I must have been sleeping I must have been drinking I haven't been dreaming about you for years There was a sharp turn and a sunburn I was to cool for high school that year It must have been New Years No"
  • Another Year - Fifteen
    "Every year at this time I'd look over at some friend of mine I'd realize and say Hey, have you seen the skies They've been clear for days I think we have survived Another Year Hey Brother The newspaper"
  • Banner Year - Five Iron Frenzy
    "A banner year 1864, don't like the red man anymore, can't have them taking up good land. Give them a token flag, trade pipes and shake some hands, tell them the white stripes stand for peace. Say if they"
  • Better Year - Adrienne Pierce
    "Wally's all night grocery is doing well Magazines and chocolate can't be hard to sell Dollar for the news of disaster and war Sometimes I wonder what I buy it for It's gonna be a better year Better than"
  • Next Year - Champion
    "When did everything fall apart? Now that you're moving on and we don't mean a thing Can you tell me what it's like to turn your back And just give in? Because I can tell you exactly how it feels How it"
  • Election year - 98 Mute
    "Election time time for red white and blue baby baby kissing and photo opportunities Meet your candidate Ivy league white trash prim and proper nice teeth for the t.v. Here to bring you to the promised"
  • Year 2000 - Xzibit
    "I wanna speak to you motherfuckers for a minute Yeah, what's happenin? Yeah thanks for the lighter Anybody smoke here? Yeah, aight That's uh that's more for me you punk motherfuckers Look, check it, look "
  • Testimonial Year - Hilltop Hoods
    "Verse One Suffa Let me introduce myself, raise them beers, Suffa MC, been doing this for more than ten years, Ever since I was a youngster, I brought the funk for The love, and for the party people to"

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