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Goodbye, my love, goodbye1973

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Goodbye, my love, goodbye1973

  • Goodbye - My Darkest Days
    "She's yelling on the phone she's yelling on the phone again i'm thinking of the door before i lose control again we're running out of time we're running out of time my friends she's yelling on the phone i'm"
  • Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye - Demis Roussos
    "Hear the wind sing a sad, old song It knows i'm leaving you today Please don't cry or my heart will break When I go on my way Chorus: Goodbye my love goodbye Goodbye and au revoir As long as you remember"
  • Goodbye my love goodbye - Demis Roussos
    "Hear the wind sings a sad old songit knows I'm leaving you todayplease don't cry oh my heart will breakwhen I'll go on my waygoodbye my love goodbyegoodbye and aurivirI hope that you remember meI'll never"
  • Goodbye, My Love - Yoko Ono
    "Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, my love, It's time to say goodbye. Remember me for the fun we had, Remember me for our love. Be proud that we loved and loved so well Don't listen to people who speak from hell. Tears,"
  • Goodbye My Love - Zakopower
    "Hear the wind sing a sad, old song it knows i'm leaving you today Please don't cry or my heart will break when I go on my way Goodbye my love goodbye goodbye and au revoir as long as you remember me I'll"
  • Goodbye My Love - Juice
    "I've been thingking of us these days And how we changed from the way that we were Oh, Baby can't you feel where slipping away And it doesn't feel the same way at all So I say to you Goodbye my love Goodbye,"
  • Goodbye My Love - S.H.E
    "Leng Sou Sou De Feng Ping Ming Sai Man Yi Shi Le Ni De Yan Kuang Yu Zhou Wu Sheng Ju Lie Di Yao Huang Zhen Sui Le Wo De Xin Fang Shui An Diao Zhe Shi Jie De Kai Guan Mei You Yan Se Mei You Guang Ni De"
  • Goodbye My Love - Brian McKnight
    "There never was a fool like a fool in love I oughtta know But I can tell you one thing This fool's had enough And it shows Cause when we were making love I wonder who you were thinking of Was it you and"
  • Goodbye My Love - The Glitter Band
    "Darling please don't leave me now I need you more than ever; Don't be sad don't let me see you cry I'll love you love you forever: Think of me when you are far away Think of me at least once ev'ry day. I"
  • Goodbye my love - LoveHateHero
    "So, this isn't where you thought we'd be, You explained. And now, you leave it up to me. I'll go, move on. We eat, We breath We're living our dream I'll find, replace you with a better mind. Oh, they sing"
  • Goodbye My Love - Barry Manilow
    "You look away from me again There's really nothing to explain Feel it in your kiss I guess this is good-bye my love The way I feel don't have a name The days and nights so filled with pain Thought that"
  • Goodbye My Love - James Brown
    "I got you (I feel good) James Brown Music & Lyrics : T. Wright - James Brown Wo! I feel good, I knew that I wouldn't of I feel good, I knew that I wouldn't of So good, so good, I got you Wo! I feel nice,"
  • Goodbye - Beatles
    "Please don't wake me up too late. Tomorrow comes and I will not be late. Late today when it becomes Tomorrow I Will leave and go away. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. My love, goodbye. Songs"
  • Goodbye - Negative
    "We've been down We've been down all our lives We have seen so many ways So many ways So many ways that hurt inside I've got nothing left to say to you Goodbye Goodbye, my friend Goodbye Goodbye, my love Goodbye Goodbye,"
  • Goodbye - Audio Adrenaline
    "You'll be fine tomorrow The sun will rise again It's never easy to say goodbye You know I'll always love you You know I always will Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye My old friend (My old friend) Goodbye, goodbye,"
  • Goodbye - The Coral
    "I, I look into her eyes Saw through her disguise But never realised That we were longing to be free Runaway to sea Well that could never be Goodbye don't say goodbye I'd rather die Than say goodbye Once"
  • Goodbye - Alabama
    "Before I fly and wave goodbye I say to you, "Days with you Are the best years of my life" But if I don't see you anymore Keep my words safely stored And I'll be back I promise once more Goodbye, goodbye Till"
  • Goodbye - Avril Lavigne
    "Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye my love I can't hide, can't hide, can't hide what has come I have to go I have to go I have to go And leave you alone But always know Always know Always know that I love you"
  • Goodbye - Inna
    "No one Cares Nobody's wrong, No one see I'm not so strong Everytime I hope I'm dreaming... I'm missing you... I'm touching you But you can't feel, I'm scream at you But you can't hear.. I just need to"
  • Goodbye - Nicole Kidman
    "Before i fly and wave goodbye,ill saver you.Days with you are the best years of my life.But if i dont see you anymore, keep my words safely stored and ill be back i promise,once more. Goodbye,goodbye,Till"

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