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Googlemaly elf

  • Kapitel Elf - Keimzeit
    "Kapitel elf. Die ersten zehn knnen wir vergessen. Versuch Nummer vier auf'm Bogen Papier ist keinen Pfennig wert. Derselbe Lrm in der gleichen Stadt. Jeden Tag aufs eigene Klo. Mittags noch vom Frhstck"
  • Elf power - Coheed And Cambria
    "Elf Power, NMElf Power, NMThank God you're still angry at me.I've got a better chance of seeing you dead, thanalive, in the rain.Thank you, for this one last big mistake,*"It's your turn, come shoot for"
  • The elf - Al Stewart
    "I sat upon the evening hillthe shadows set the night grew stillAnd as I sat guitar on kneea voice of flowers called to mesing, sing to me your songsing, for I belong to the nightIn the grey morning light"
  • The Happy Elf - Harry Connick Jr.
    "Seven days a week Ev'ry week of the month And ev'ry month of the year He's got us making presents And I'm happy Ev'ry girl and boy Gets their own kind of toy We like to fill 'em with joy We're workin'"
  • Rubbing The Elf - Diesel Boy
    "This is the story of a girl named Ann She's half-Japanese, mom's from Japan She's sixteen, but she's going on thirty Her mind is pure But her thoughts are dirty Dirty Ann likes to play with herself She"
  • Elf Tower New Mexico - Coheed And Cambria
    "Elf Power, New Mexico Elf Power, New Mexico Thank God, you're still, angry at me. I've got, a better chance seeing you dead, and buried, yeah Thank you, for this, one last, big mistake... It's your"
  • An Elf & His Zippo - Millencolin
    "Receive a slicky effort, avoid mental disaster pollute attempt to trape a breed authority so long, Mr. Turtle shrimp threatened by all the advance port supply protect caused by pollution. Don't let go,"
  • An elf and his zippo - Millencolin
    "Receive a slicky effort, avoid mental disaster pollute attempt to trap a breed authority so long, Mr.Turtle shrimp threatened by all the advance port supply protect caused by pollution Don't let go, without"
  • List do M (feat. Jan Elf) - Edzio
    "pamiętasz tą imprezę kiedy musiałem twarz chować kiedy spotykając cie wzrokiem minęliśmy się bez słowa żadne z nas się nie odezwało, patrząc raz niejeden lecz nasze spojrzenia wtedy mówiły same za siebie zawsze"
  • Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin - Sly & The Family Stone
    "Sitting with the thinker, trying to work it out It's a traffic jam of the brain, makes you wanna scream and shout Presidential party, no one wants to dance Looking for a new star to put you in a trance Let's"
  • Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) - Magazine
    "Looking at the devil Grinning at his gun Fingers start shaking I begin to run Thank you for letting me be myself again Bullets start chasing I begin to stop We begin to wrestle and I was on the top I"
  • Hoochie Koochie Lady - Elf
    "Well, she's handsome She's got everything a woman could need And she'll dance some She can't follow cause she only can lead But she's built good She never missed a day of school And her eyes could Make"
  • First Avenue - Elf
    "Crazy little mama, is your heart still meant today? Feeling alive in some peculiar way Baby come home Baby come home Pretty little woman, please come back today It's just gotta be wrong to throw my love"
  • Never More - Elf
    "Can't remember how I got From here to there Isn't any reason Plain and simple How I can't recall anymore Would be misleading Lead me on Hell and Fire burning higher Now I can see the ever after Clock"
  • I'm Coming Back For You - Elf
    "I'm standing in the shadows now You think I'm dead and gone somehow When the morning comes You'll see around Baby you know I'm coming back for you I'm coming back for you I'm coming back for you Feel"
  • Sit Down Honey (Everything Will Be Alright) - Elf
    "When I'm coming home to you Tell you what I'm gonna do You gotta sit down honey Everything will be alright Eyes is like a shining pearl She was a high school girl Well, sit down honey Everything will"
  • Dixie Lee Junction - Elf
    "These old boots will keep me walking To a place I long to be High upon a mountaintop Down in Tennessee Said goodbye to New York Country living on my mind Crowded streets and hot cement That's what I left"
  • Love Me Like A Woman - Elf
    "Love me like a woman Love me like a woman Love me like a woman Love me like a woman I don't know what you're gonna do I just know what I want you to So, love me like a woman Touch me like a woman Hold"
  • Gambler, Gambler - Elf
    "I gotta tell ya about the blues I gotta tell ya just how I lose Ain't got no money But I'll straighten up my head at the Cosmo now Gambler, gambler Chicken in the first degree Gambler, gambler Chicken"
  • Carolina County Ball - Elf
    "Well just imagine my surprise to be there If you touched me with a feather I'd fall I guess that you could say we finally made it We played the Carolina County Ball We had the ladies all in line to see"

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