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Gorillaz brain is fallin

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Gorillaz brain is fallin

  • We Gorillaz - The Game
    "(Intro - Juice: talking) Yo let me tell you something right now That crazy muthaf**ka goin down and im makin for Goddamn sure that none of us is going down with him (The Game: talking) 700 bars for"
  • 19-2000 (Ben Browns UKFUNKCOM Remix As Chosen By Gorillaz) - Gorillaz
    "The world is spinning too fast I buy lead Nike shoes To keep myself tethered To the days I try to lose My mama said to slow down You must make your own shoes Stop dancing to the music Of gorillas in a"
  • Gorillaz On My Mind - Gorillaz
    "Keep a mild groove on (Redman) Yeah, you can't keep a Gorilla out this motherfucker Yeah, yo, oh my God, oh my God Gorillaz runnin' down on you real hard Oh my God, oh my God Gorillaz runnin' down on"
  • Let's Get Dirty (Gorillaz Remix) - Gorillaz
    "Attention, All You Niggaz, All You Bitches Time To Put Down The Cristal, Time To Take Off The Ice For A Minute Time To Throw A Little Mud In This Motherfucker.. *Barking* Turn Me Up Some *More Barking*"
  • Fallin' - La Luna
    "Voice: People always tell me If you truely believe in something, that something will finally come to you In my dreams, there is someone like you and it seems this is the day my dreams come true hold me"
  • Fallin' - Sylver
    "The night is cold The rain pours down Neon light's seducing me I don't give up I won't give in Memory's accusing me I'm fallin' Where do we go, I don't know I'm fallin' Nothing below, let it go I'm fallin' Where"
  • Fallin' - Boyz II Men
    "Everytime I think of you The woman all my life been waiting There's nothing that I'd rather do Than love you endlessly Don't know what you see in me Girl you bring out the best in me And I realize when"
  • Fallin' - Trent Monk
    "Every single breath in me is crying out for more I can't seem to get enough of what I'm living for So I fly when I close my eyes and love floods over me I thought I was as far as I could be (Chorus) But"
  • Fallin - Glenn Medeiros
    "I was alone and I've been thinkin' how love has taken its toll on me I opened my heart and was cheated again then you walked in Last thing I needed was to fall for another but I got this feelin' you can"
  • Fallin - Foxy Brown
    "Through this hard times, the negativity, the jealousy Yo Carolina Blue six - hottest bitch on the block Used to Willie Ducatti, Saco, Prada kick High school, got signed wrote them platti hits Tito was"
  • Fallin - Waylon Jennings
    "FALLIN' OUT Writer Denny Lile We fell into a fallin' out You are the one that I just can't figure out But I do believe I want to Like a girl in a picture show You are the one that I'd like to know And"
  • Fallin' - Jay-Z
    "(Chorus) i know i shouldn't did that i know it's gon' come right back i know it's gon' destroy everything i made it's probably gon' get you boys sent away but this game i play ain't no way to fix it it's"
  • Fallin' - De La Soul
    "Intro Travellinnnnnnnnnnnnnn' at the speeeeeeeed...of thought... Verse 1 Hey, yo kids! (What's up!) Remember when I used to be dope? (Yeah...) I owned a pocketful of fame... (But look what you're doin'"
  • Fallin - Connie Francis
    "I'll follow the boys wherever they go I'll follow the boys 'cause in my heart I know I know that somewhere, somewhere along the way I'll find my love, my own true love, some day And there'll be no place"
  • Brain - Macabre
    "All that remains Of the man who was insane Inside of a jar Is Jeffrey Dahmer's brain Bbbrrraaaiiinnn Bbbrrraaaiiinnn His father wants to Burn the brain And his mother wants it studied For the knowledge"
  • Brain - BANKS
    "But it’s all the same Like I had foreseen That you would act like you are Oh so cool you seem Blending with that scene Wearing what you think is hard Weah, yeah! Weah..., yeah... Weah, yeah! I can"
  • Brain - N.E.R.D.
    "What do you think baby I know I want you And you know you want me But can you promise please You'll say yes to me I love how you think You think oh so deep And share your thoughts with me I buzz then"
  • Brain - N*E*R*D*
    "What do you think baby I know I want you And you know you want me But can you promise please Youll say yes to me I love how you think You think oh so deep And share your thoughts with me I buzz then fall"
  • Brain - Rita Pax (Paulina Przybysz)
    "Help me, refresh me darling Give me a bucket of a freezing crystal water Press the thing I forgot where is the button Help me, help me refresh me /2x You know I'm worried 'bout my lazy brain I know this"
  • Rain keeps fallin' - Grand Funk Railroad
    "I remember the night so well. The rain was fallin' but I just couldn't tell, If it was you that was callin' to my love-sick brain. But the rain kept fallin' on my window pane. Out of the night the thunder"

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