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Gosia Andrzejewicz feat. Electric Pulse Can You Feel Me

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Gosia Andrzejewicz feat. Electric Pulse Can You Feel Me

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Gosia Andrzejewicz feat. Electric Pulse Can You Feel Me
  • Gosia Andrzejewicz Can You Feel Me (feat. Electric Pulse)
    "Why don’t you tell me: “I want you down” Can You Feel Me? Can You Feel Me? Can You Feel Me Baby, come and help me I can’t you feel me Why can you bring mu up I falling down I falling down"
  • Stylus I Found You (ft. Gosia Andrzejewicz)
    "I've been searching all my life Someone who can save my heart Now I'm breathless cause I found you uuuu and I finally realise uuuu felt in love with you tonight I've been searching all my life Someone"
  • Static X Electric Pulse
    "It's time to melt you down It's time to strap you in Your mind's about to be diminished I scream to get me off Air blast to pull you in You feel the atrophy Electric Electric pulse Nightmares to shut you"
  • Static-X Electric pulse
    "It's time to melt you downIt's time to strap you inYour mind's about to be diminishedI scream to get me offAir blast to pull you inYou feel the atrophyElectricElectric pulseNightmares to shut you downStatic"
  • Krist van D Superstar (ft. Gosia Andrzejewicz)
    "Hey, don’t keep me waiting Superstar! Sometimes I want You touch me do I am ready What you gonna do? You know it’s up to you Don’t be afraid to breakin’ all the rules Close you dirty boo Be carful be"
  • Douzi 2Gether (ft. Gosia Andrzejewicz)
    "Have a really good time Have a really good time (…) Baby you want me On my mind Hold me in your arms You make me laugh and smile I love you more than live We found the love together Feels good to hold"
  • Bernd Hall & Marco Zanfardino Summer music (Ft. Gosia Andrzejewicz)
    "It’s Friday night It’s Friday night Some music… Feel free to lift your dreams This vibe is all you need All you need Some music… Feel free to lift your dreams This vibe is all you need All you need Is"
  • Superheist Pulse
    "Burning ends in the situation Miss communication leads to complication Born, torn How do I feel huh My redemption's the best intentions I'm not degrading, anticipating And why this guilt you hold Cause"
  • Common Children Pulse
    "She don't want me no more Gone are the feelings I ignore I don't wanna talk so what you gonna say now Maybe I'm lost so what you gonna pray now You string me up leave me there to die Gone are the reasons"
  • The Tea Party Pulse
    "I saw a face in the mirror That made my blood run clear I think I've waited to long I went along for the ride She complicated the slide I went to take her hand I couldn't feel a pulse Senseless is pleasure Nothing's"
  • Kristy Thirsk Pulse
    "(Hiratzka/Thirsk) i know what you're telling me, it's over again it knocks the wind out of me, even though i should expect it weakened heart, my pulse is fine, but i feel like i am dying the way you hurt"
  • Ani DiFranco Pulse
    "you crawled into my bed like some sort of giant insect and i found myself spellbound that night at the sight of you there beautiful and grotesque and all the rest of that bug stuff bluffing your way into"
  • MGMT Electric Feel
    "All along the western front People line up to receive She got the power in her hand To shock you like you won't believe Saw her in the amazon With the voltage running through her skin Standing there with"
  • Katy Perry Electric feel
    "All along the western front people line up to receive she got the current in her hand just shock you like you won't believe sun in the amazon with the voltage running through her skin standing there with"
  • Covenant Pulse
    "I'm falling out of cars Don't know when I'll hit the ground Hold me when I fall Headlights in my face My body's full of scars Words are lost and won't be found Stay until I'm gone Stumbling on my knees I'm"
  • Olivia Newton-John Electric
    "(John Farrar) From the beginning I was on to you But like a magnet I was drawn to you Don't leave me waiting here in the dark Switch off the static of a broken heart We're holding a live wire,don't let"
  • Omarion Electric
    "Go head from the top! Yeah. Ye! Turn my music up (Haaaaa) Is y'all wit me? You know, I can feel your presence Come closer Yeah You turn me on You flip the switch I feel the current Pushin me, pullin"
  • Cursive Pulse
    "i'll never go back there don't make me go back there... now that god is an athiest finally i can sleep at night in a hotel room with holes in the curtains i shivered as she slid up my leg she could convince"
  • Alisha's Attic The Pulse
    "(Poole/Martin/Poole) Overload, oooh the pulse Anyhting you say to me, I will believe Rain on me Overload, oooh the pulse I won't stop till the passion spits And sweat drips Rain on me The greedy body"
  • Leila K Electric
    "Electric power Electric Let's get electric Electric disco, ah L - listen up now E is electric I-L-A-K loves you L - listen up now E is electric I-L-A-K loves you E is electric Don't get electric"

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