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Gosia ft Stylus Josh - Love

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Gosia ft Stylus Josh - Love

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Gosia ft Stylus Josh - Love
  • Stylus I Found You (ft. Gosia Andrzejewicz)
    "I've been searching all my life Someone who can save my heart Now I'm breathless cause I found you uuuu and I finally realise uuuu felt in love with you tonight I've been searching all my life Someone"
  • Douzi 2Gether (ft. Gosia Andrzejewicz)
    "Have a really good time Have a really good time (…) Baby you want me On my mind Hold me in your arms You make me laugh and smile I love you more than live We found the love together Feels good to hold"
  • Krist van D Superstar (ft. Gosia Andrzejewicz)
    "Hey, don’t keep me waiting Superstar! Sometimes I want You touch me do I am ready What you gonna do? You know it’s up to you Don’t be afraid to breakin’ all the rules Close you dirty boo Be carful be"
  • We Came As Romans Understanding What We've Grown To Be (ft. Josh Wells)
    "All the lights, were too bright to see the spark that I've been missing for too long. Something I've been missing for too long. My empty cup, could never fill another. I have spilled all I've had, to"
  • Bernd Hall & Marco Zanfardino Summer music (Ft. Gosia Andrzejewicz)
    "It’s Friday night It’s Friday night Some music… Feel free to lift your dreams This vibe is all you need All you need Some music… Feel free to lift your dreams This vibe is all you need All you need Is"
  • Two Friends Ten Dzień (ft. Gosia Andrzejewicz)
    "Ostatni dzień niech będzie jak sen zapomnij o wszystkim jesteśmy tu sami kochany najlepsze przed nami przyspieszmy to co się miało wcześniej stać tak wiem że tego pragniesz tak jak ja ten dzień jest... jest"
  • Florence & The Machine Jackson (ft. Josh Homme)
    "We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout, We've been talkin' 'bout Jackson, ever since the fire went out. I'm goin' to Jackson, I'm gonna mess around, I'm goin' to Jackson, Look out Jackson"
  • Josh Kelley Solid Ground- Josh Kelley
    "Thinking back to better days and the wrongs and right have faded grey If I told you once you told me twice How the love of both can turn the lies It's so easy to turn my head around But now I've beat the"
  • Pepper Stormtrooper - Josh Fischel
    "(verse 1:) You think that we can't see your face. I think you need to give us our space. you know that we can raze this place and leave you without a trace. Storm trooper storm trooper why are you here"
  • Bonus RPK & Arczi SZAJKA KOCIOŁ (ft. Pawko, ATR MF, Iza & Gosia)
    "Ostry kocioł W myślach złoto Mam marzenia Idę po to Do spełnienia Są jak mocno Będę chciał swój cel osiągnąć Taki jestem Z tym się pogódź Spraw na bani Ciężka powódź Znam ten odór krótkiej doby’ Też tu"
  • Unkle Restless (feat. Josh Homme)
    "Well I'm all restless but I don't care You don't like me much, well me neither You go me, my, ma, like you're some kind of God You live like someone trippin' on the same one you lost I'm in you, you're"
  • Limp Bizkit Faith (Josh A. Remix)
    "featuring Everlast Well I guess it would be nice If I could touch your body I know not everybody Has got a body like me baby But I gotta thing twice Before I give this heart away 'Cause I know"
  • Fatboy Slim Song For Shelter (Pete Heller Stylus Style Long)
    "I get deep, I get deep, I get deep, I get deeper into this thing the deeper I go the more knowledge I know what to sing what to bring wha? I get deep, I get deep, I get deep, I get deeper, deeper, deeper into"
  • We Came As Romans Mis/Understanding (tf. Josh Wells)
    "Am I not understanding this now? This world I've held so close to my heart Is all against me now And it wears, and it breaks, And it brings me down, so low, down so low It wears me down, down to my bones Straight"
  • Josh Groban All I Know Of Love (Duet Barbra Streidsan And Josh Groban)
    "Barbra: Once I found the perfect love And you showed me everything there was to know of love Time will not betray the truth And for all the years we've shared I celebrate with you For you... Josh:"
  • Barbra Streisand All I Know of Love (Duet with Josh Groban)
    "All I know of love lyrics: Translation from words in italian between [* Barbra: Once I found a perfect love And you showed me everything there was to know of love Time will not betray the truth And for"
  • American Idol 3 Times A Lady (Josh Gracin)
    "Thanks for the times that you've given me, The memories are all in mind. And now that we've come To the end of our rainbow There's something I must say out loud. Your once, Twice, Three times a lady And"
  • Gosia Andrzejewicz Don't Be Scared (ft. Riky Bryan)
    "Don't be scared Don't be scared Don't be scared In the pouring rain I am waiting for the miracle to come I know love is complicated, hard to find In the pouring rain I am praying For you special one"
  • Father John Misty The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment
    "Oh, I just love the kind of woman who can walk over a man I mean like a god damn marching band She says, like literally, music is the air she breathes And the malaprops make me want to fucking scream I"
  • Josh Groban Remember When It Rained (Ft. Judith Hill)
    "Wash away the thoughts inside That keep my mind away from you. No more love and no more pride And thoughts are all I have to do. Oh, Remember when it rained. Felt the ground and looked up high And called"

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