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Got this temporary future

  • Temporary Sanity - Todd Rundgren
    "I had such great expectations Of the world's benevolence Of benevolence But I prefer hallucinations 'cause they tend to make more sense Than experience 'cause it was just another sneak attack Of temporary"
  • Temporary - John Bucchino
    "Honey come here I have something to tell you It won't make things perfect And it may not make sense But someday you'll see it as clear as my smile Do you know the word "temporary"? It means "only for a"
  • Temporary - Sara Paxton
    "One of those days I'm doubting everything just... One of those days I'm lingering, wondering... One of those times I feel like I've never been so... How can I get outta This hole I'm sinking deep in. I"
  • Temporary - Amber Pacific
    "Temporary, But that's the way it has to be It's in my heart, I felt your world has come to rest, As if you're out on your last breath, And slowly fading with these days we choose to miss, Keep holding"
  • Temporary - Paramore
    "I used to be so quick, so clever I used to know myself much better Anyone can see that this is only permanent Temporary, it never hurts to try And it's all a game I know we'll stay the same But repetition"
  • Temporary - Hangnail
    "You've changed so much in so little time What happened to your passion and drive for living life and living it out Has this all change from subtle doubt Skeptical, you play the skeptics role excusing"
  • This Temporary Life - Death Cab For Cutie
    "The morning sun's about to break I'm looking in as you create someone You lift your head and brush your teeth and make your bed As if you won't sleep again You fix your hair and tie your shoes And"
  • Temporary Living - As Friends Rust
    "Temporary living for a temporary life. ( I thought you knew ) Temporary living. Blanketed in bubble wrap, kept my heart in a doggie bag. 9 to 5 in the portolet, hold my zip-loc dreams while I styrofoam. Opened"
  • So Temporary - Novice
    "This is all inside The words that you never hear This is not goodbye I'm leaving that to you So temporary Now it's on your head If you want to see anything It's all you I'm done with this Is this what"
  • Temporary Thing - Lou Reed
    "Can't help it, now, baby You better make your face get out of here, quick Maybe your .. was getting, aah, too rich It ain't like we ain't never seen this thing before And if it turns you then around Then"
  • Temporary insanity - Jude Harrison
    "What just happened, did you kiss me? Cause thats a place weve never been until now And I dont know how its gonna be after this Do we pretend these feelings dont exist at all? or do we fall? My confusion"
  • Temporary Remedy - Ben Harper
    "i killed a snake with a bible i was living a johnny cash song i'm afraid for this i may be liable so its best i be moving - moving along just a temporary remedy running through my running through my"
  • Temporary heroes - Pat Benatar
    "I've seen all the downfalls Temporary Heroes (Whoa) Misguided direction Longing for perfection (Whoa) Love and pain Only for the foolish Once again Try to hide what's there inside I'm the same, Temporary"
  • Temporary Isanity - Alexz Johnson
    "Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da What just happened? Did you kiss me? Cause that's a place we've never been until now And I don't know how it's gonna be after this Do we pretend these feelings"
  • Temporary Insanity - Alexz Johnson
    "Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da What just happened? Did you kiss me? Cause that's a place we've never been until now And I don't know how it's gonna be after this Do we pretend these feelings"
  • Temporary Madness - Jodie Brooke Wilson
    "Temporary Madness Jodie Brooke Wilson two trees that grow together til the roots are inseparable so close, so deep that separation is inconceivable, unthinkable, impossible .. They are one life"
  • Temporary Trip - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "I saw a man break down on New Year's Eve Drop to his knees and cry hysterically Screaming nonsense you would not believe On the sidewalk right in front of me And I asked him Mr. what's the matter Calm"
  • Temporary Fix - One Direction
    "Saw your body language and I know how you’re feeling You look like the kind of girl who’s tired of speaking Standing with somebody but he doesn’t know what you like You caught my attention, you were looking"
  • Temporary State - KILLING SILENCE
    "Mindless craving, there's a way to waste your time. Daring to be reckless with your only life. How about trying something from the brighter side? Now you're waisting listlessly and in denial. And yet"
  • Temporary Insanity - Star Salzman
    "Every time I look into your eyes, I feel like I'm home again, Back to the place where this began. Do you remember when we were so much younger? We thought that love was something that lasted forever. Well"

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