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Grade Hive

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Grade Hive

  • Hive - Grade
    "as sperm pools in the palm of your hand attempt to solve national affairs with only the understanding that lysol can give you a buzz if you sip it slowly view the innocent and the guilty dying before us"
  • Hive - 311
    "C-C-C-C-C-Coming like a nightmare Word like I'm gonna go for it Fuckin' around, and what ya got to show for it? Let it be known that I'm in the zone And whatever I need I just pick up the phone 'Cuz I'm"
  • Hive - Nonpoint
    "...Go... It's time To do a quick rewind And find another line And bring it back to get The juices flowing You Found infection With injection Tell me lies Time is moving faster You were the last one To"
  • The Hive - Cyclefly
    "A line so fine you wonder which way you should fall. In time you'll find the comforts here behind the wall. I live to give the point of view you need to show. Come here my dears', I'll teach you all"
  • The hive - In Flames
    "April night-tyme And we run like mussles through the stagnant nodes of man Blood-bridges lean towards the gaping synapses to disarm the stars within us Hornet Hive-dark Severed wings in vainless beating"
  • Grade moj - Halid Beslic
    "Grade moj, da'l ti isto sunce sija, Grade moj, da li cutis kao i ja, Grade moj, grade moj. Da li cu te grade moj, ja ponovo vidjeti, Ja ne zelim grade moj u tudjini umrjeti. Ref: U tebi me majka rodila,"
  • Grade 9 - Barenaked Ladies
    "I found my locker and I found my classes Lost my lunch and I broke my glasses, That guy is huge! That girl is wailin'! First day of school and I'm already failing. This is me in grade nine, baby, this"
  • Third Grade - South Park
    "remember how it use to be in the third grade we use to laugh & play & charash each day in the third grade we learned wounderous things from our teacher so nice sat on marshmellow desks with teddy bear"
  • 8th Grade - Chris Rice
    "Take a little trip with me back to Junior High Set the time machine to 1975 We'd just found out that momma's gonna have another kid Back in the 8th grade Remember the days when life was not so mysterious Follow"
  • Grade 8 - Ed Sheeran
    "My mind is a warrior, My heart is a foreigner, My eyes are the colour of red like the sunset, Never keep it bottled up, Left to the hands of the foreigner, Be a true heart not a follower, We're not"
  • Grade Stehn - NoRMAhl
    "Jedem General, der vom Heldentod erzhlt Jedem Brokrat, der seine Mitmenschen qult Fr jeden Spitzel, der seinen Nachbarn denunziert Fr jeden Chef, der seine Leute schikaniert Fr alle die, fr alle die,"
  • 7th Grade - Brougham
    "In the school yard with my friends, we got broken hearts to mend We're only in the 7th grade, we only think 'bout getting' laid Split a six pack between the three of us Get tore back and ride the mini-bus Hawkin'"
  • Belle grade - Stella
    "There is a story of my friend Belle Determined as she was to go to hell About the humour and the shallow graves Built on her shoulders she carried the weight People used to talk about her Their envy messes"
  • Eighth Grade - Pencey Prep
    "Caught staring again, Like a deer in headlights. When I can't move fast enough, I take a hit for the team. Pretty girl is blushing, I can't tell if she's disgusted. Laughter starts to swell. Someone"
  • Tenth Grade - Over It
    "One day you'll say as you laugh all the way this was easier from the start. You're two steps ahead but we'll still be two steps apart. You think you know life and you think you know me. You're a growing"
  • 8th Grade - Pencey Prep
    "Caught staring again Like a deer in the headlights When I can't move fast enough I take a hit for the team Pretty girl is blushing I can't tell if she's disgusted Laughter starts to swell Like someone"
  • Condemn The Hive - Lamb Of God
    "Soon come a burning, Soon come a wreathing, Spare the rod, spoil the child, Resume the righteous beating. Hubris has been spoon-fed to you, On a silver platter, The weak will run weeping Delusion shattered. No"
  • Burning the Hive - The Black Dahlia Murder
    "I'll tell you in one sentence. The truth should not have broken you. You know I'd never turn away, Not in your darkest hour. I won't reiterate the immense failure on your part. To let it die this way"
  • Smokin' the hive - Randy Travis
    "I was ten years old on my grandpa's farm when it happenedAfter all these years i can still hear grandpa laughin'As he applied that barnyard remedyHe passed his wisdom down to meYou don't reach for the"
  • 8th Grade Nerd - Assorted Jellybeans
    "you're just a little kid. still sorry about what you did. we knew you back when you got funny stares and you think you're cool cause you got pubic hairs. daddy bought you your first truck. you were so"

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