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Grand Cru

  • L'eusse-Tu Cru? - Les Trois Accords
    "L'automne me semble tincellent La mort saisi sur le vif Ton corps inerte sur le divan Me plonge dans un rve intensif in-ten-siff Et je vois bleu et je vois loin dans un grand champ de foin Le vent pouse"
  • Cru Love - Jay-Z
    "(feat. Memphis Bleek & Beanie Sigel) Yeah, check it Yo yeah I smoke weed now I don't give a fuck And I also tote guns in case my dram pop up It's crew love I spit two at every few thugs Fo doves blow"
  • Grand - Blue Foundation
    "We fling ourselves fearlessly, With lights upon our faces into insecurity and unity We dream ourselves fearlessly, With laughter in our eyes, But no one has a steady look at last You go in the morning,"
  • Messin' With My Cru - Akinyele
    "Messing with my cru Messing with my cru We will kill you We will kill you You don't have a fucking clue (Clue) What we came to do What we came to do You don't have a fucking clue What we came to do What"
  • Messing With My Cru - Akinyele
    "(alisha hill) - hook Messing with my cru (2x) We will kill you (2x) You don't have a f**king clue (clue) What we came to do (2x) You don't have a f**king clue What we came to do (2x) (akinyele) Ha I"
  • J`ai cru trouver l'amour - Natasha St-Pier
    "R mots couverts et d'une voix trop feutre Il m'a jou la valse des violons qui pleurent Et sur cet air, il m'a pris de danser Il m'a ceuillie comme on ceuille une fleur Voil qu'un jour la musique s'est"
  • Je n'aurais pas cru ca de toi - Charles Aznavour
    "Nous reprsentions pour beaucoup L'image d'un couple solide L'exemple dsigner du doigt Jusqu'au jour o rentrant chez nous J'ai trouv l'appartement vide Cela ne te ressemblais pas Je n'aurais pas cru a"
  • Grand Opening - Psapp
    "Yeah, that's right! You know what I'm talking about Welcome to my store! If you's hungry If you need to clean your house If you need to get rid of a mouse Welcome to my grand opening, y'all! Grand opening! Grand"
  • Grand Illusion - Joan Osborne
    ""The obliteration of your isolation the complete explosion of your fondest notion This disintegration is your elevation It's a grand illusion, it's a grand illusion You're crying, you're trying so hard"
  • Grand Illusion - Eric Clapton
    "(Robbins, Stephenson and Farrell) I saw you in a dream, it hit me like a bright light Flashing on a screen, visions of my whole life. I used to chase the moment of desire Back to when my young heart burned"
  • Grand Adventure - Tim Finn
    "Grand adventure Could be just around the corner Grand adventure could be Just about here Grand adventure could be Just around the corner Striking out on your own Put the key in my ignition That for me"
  • Grand prix - Initial D
    "Wanna keep me cool and face your cleverness and your powerful engineI see the crowd exciting for me tonight over and over.....I just wanna be the leaderReady to win you!Forever at full speed step on the"
  • Couple Grand - Yung Joc
    "Chrous A,A couple grand, pr-pr-pr-price tag on ya head leave ya layin where you stand A,A couple grand, pr-pr-pr-price tag on ya head, on ya head, on ya head A,A couple grand, pr-pr-pr-price tag on ya"
  • Grand Ennui - Michael Nesmith
    "I was overland touring in my new Ferrari At just about a hundred and ten I was on my way home from a sophisticated party Where I got a little drunk on gin And as the headlights cast a glow on the road I"
  • Grand canyon - Susan Ashton
    "I've seen you calm the waters raging in the rivers of my mind Your spirit blows a breeze into my soul And I've felt the fire that warms the heart Knowing that it comes from you Then I've let it turn as"
  • Grand illusion - Bad Boys Blue
    "If you wanna love somebody.How about cruisin in the night.If you wanna love somebody.Why dont you hold a stranger tight.These eyes might amuse you.Dont let them abuse you, no, no.Welcome to the grand illusion."
  • Grand Jacques - La?s
    "Grand Jacques (C'est trop facile) Paroles et Musique: Jacques Brel 1955 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C'est trop facile d'entrer aux glises De dverser"
  • Grand blue - Aiko Kitahara
    "Aoi kaze ni fukarete mimi wo sumasu nami no uta Kata yoseai mitsumete ita hate naki sora no eien "Suki" ga afurete setsunaku shimetta karada Anata ni tsutaetai yo close to me hold me tight itsumademo... *"
  • Grand Banks - Nieznani
    "Z wiosny pierwszym blaskiem, topnieje lodów stal czas połowów nastał, znów płyną chłopcy w dal w porcie został dom, w nim żony oczu blask Ref.: Tam gdzie Grand Banks i New Funland niech wiatr niesie nas Niebo"
  • Grand Guignol - Death SS
    "I'll give you a world I've painted red I'll take you soul apart I'll cover you with curdled blood I'll show you what's my art I'll stick a nail right in your tongue I'll poke and chew your eyes I'll main"

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