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Grandaddy EVERMORE

  • Evermore - Jeanette
    "Let the heights of heavn adore him Angel hosts his praises sing Evry voice in concert ring Evermore and evermore Let no tongue on earth be silent To extol our god and king Evry voice on concert ring Evermore"
  • Evermore - Planetshakers
    "I will sing Of the mercy of the Lord And I will shout Of Your faithfulness oh God For there is none like You Seated in Your majesty Holy One I come To worship You forevermore You are my God my"
  • Evermore - Eleventeen
    "Sometimes I know it goes too far, When wee fighting each other apart Why do we go on hurting like this? And I know it hard to say I sorry when I not sorry Sometimes I know we go too far, When wee ripping"
  • Evermore - Steel Pulse
    "Ya told me your love Would be would be secure Ya told me that you would Not ever think of walkin Through that door You said as long as the wheel Keeps on turning around and round And with every breath"
  • Evermore - Neil Diamond
    "Have we come this far to have gone astray? I've been lost before, but not lost this way You and me, thought we'd be Evermore Do I know you? Did I ever? Thought I did Now, I know better Saw the signs but"
  • Evermore - WASP
    "YOU STAND OUTSIDE the circle lonely Here in darkness' eyes Are the lives realized all the same Or are they magic of mind Ooh if I leave Will I - be here again Ooh what remains Is Evermore in the wind Do"
  • Evermore - W.A.S.P.
    "YOU STAND OUTSIDE the circle lonely Here in darkness' eyes Are the lives realized all the same Or are they magic of mind Ooh if I leave Will I - be here again Ooh what remains Is Evermore in the wind Do"
  • Evermore - Circle II Circle
    "Enter the death angel's curse And the fate Behind the door Into the cradle of dawn Lies a trace of evermore All the scars Hide the hate They have shown Chosen to fall from The forces unknown Out of the"
  • Evermore - Divine Ascension
    "Making waves, waiting for a lifeline For the taking is an essence as pure Though we stay we're bleeding from the inside A world of torment that we should not endure Weight of the world lies in expectations Lay"
  • Evermore - Hillsong United
    "Lost for words with all to say Lord you take my breath away Still my soul, my soul cries out For you are holy And as I look upon your name Circumstances fade away Now your glory steals my heart You"
  • Evermore - Edenbridge
    "Earthborn child Take me to places beguiled You feast my eye on So high-flown And heavenly styled (pre-chorus) In all your splendour You're the force My vein of gold (chorus) Stay Make my heart sway And"
  • Evermore - Ten
    "Strong and serene, is our beautiful queen,She's our inspiration through the night,Dawn is a scene from a nightmareNo dream ever came close to describe,Carrion crows, the flesh from the bonesThe dead and"
  • Evermore - The Fold
    "Once in a dream I chased you down in a cloud I'm certain now I'm the one who's changed I have determined that my tongue is the culprit, everyday And I can do nothing on my own January's going fast February"
  • Evermore - Hillsong
    "Lost for words with all to sayLord you take my breath awayStill my soul, my soul cries outFor you are HolyAs I look upon your namecircumstances fade awayand now Your glory steals my heartFor you are HolyYou"
  • Four Evermore - Rihanna
    "Is there another guy? Who I think is cool, Walking outside my door, Peeking everyday. I look at him, Like he is so poor, Everytime I eat he will steal, He is my boy . There are four Evermore, Radio stations, Everywhere"
  • For Evermore - Power Quest
    "(WORDS - WILLIAMS, NOLAN / MUSIC - WILLIAMS) Time after time still not over There is no ending in sight Day after day the same old feelings Surely all this isn't right There will be sadness in these"
  • Evermore Alone - Solitude
    "This silent evening with its moon so bright Sitting here on the path of life, everyone is gone out of sight Went through all these dark nights (alone) With the memories of the past (so dreary) All"
  • Evermore & Again - The Mission
    "I can taste your lipstick I can feel your breath I can feel the shivers running down my spine I can feel your heartbeat I can feel your hand I can feel your fingers dancing down my spine I give myself"
  • Ever True Evermore - Mandy Barnett
    "Ever true evermore will I be Ever constant my heart like the sea Everlasting is my love Like the sun that reigns above And the stars that shine through all eternity Ever true is the song that I sing Evermore"
  • Winter For Evermore... - Cryptal Darkness
    "Deep within the evergreen woods An old gravestone alone it stanto times of the ancient past Dismal winter gloom surrounds this forest Chills sweep across octobers path May this y be darkness. . . Everlasting"

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