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Great day

  • Great Great Day - Del Reeves
    "There's gonna be a great great day All of my troubles will pass away I read the book and the book did say Oh there's gonna be a great great day On my back no more burdens On my shoulders no more cares In"
  • Great Day - Eddie From Ohio
    "Great day Great day Great day That the lord has made So lets us shout it out and let us sing our praises name our god and king for all he brings on this great dayyyyyyyy Great day Great day Great day That"
  • Great Day - Paul McCartney
    "When you're wide awake Say it for goodness sake It's gonna be a great day While you're standing there Get up and grab a chair It's gonna be a great day And it won't be long, oh no It won't be long, it"
  • Great Day - Madvillain
    "It never really mattered too much me Cause I was just too damn old to m.c All that really mattered is if your rhymes was ill Girl, that's all that really mattered to me, oh baby Looks like it's gonna"
  • A Great Day - Barbra Streisand
    "Fanny & chorus When you're down and out Lift up your head and shout There's gonna be a great day Angels in the sky Promise that be by and by There's gonna be a great day Gabriel will warn you Some"
  • That Great Day - Jonny Lang
    "We will meet at the river We will be delivered of every chain Down into the water - children, mothers, and fathers in His sweet name To drown all our sins and come up again forever changed Never to return"
  • Great Judgement Day - Buck Owens
    "The judgement day dawn, then with trumpets had blown The nations had gathered, at the portal white throne The rich man was there with his silver and gold But all of his money could not buy his soul Let"
  • Great Day For Skating - Satanic Surfers
    "When the weather is right But the neighbor fills up the pool Your parents make you leave Your skateboard at home You gotta walk all your way to school And the sun shines like never before When you come"
  • The last great day - Hardcore Superstar
    "I hang around with you summer's almost gone Good attitude honey, I'm in a good mood Tell me once again, this is forever, my best friend It took me time to get my hands on you Will take me twice as much"
  • A Great Day For Freedom - Pink Floyd
    "On the day the wall came down They threw the locks onto the ground And with glasses high we raised a cry for freedom had arrived On the day the wall came down The Ship of Fools had finally ran aground Promises"
  • A Great Day For Freedom - David Gilmour
    "(Gilmour / Samson) On the day the wall came down They threw the locks onto the ground And with glasses high we raised a cry for freedom had arrived On the day the wall came down The Ship of Fools had"
  • Great Day For An Airstrike - Ever We Fall
    "Their secrets are untouched Oblivious to what you're thinking it's not what matters most Just the views of the ones speaking We can learn a new way to give Where it wouldnt be so hard to give Their stories"
  • Great Machine - The Church
    "A thousand beggars cram the streets You hit so deep into the sheets Pontoons buckle jungle beats The day they turned off the great machine The overworld so slow with ice Contrary to the committees advice Oh"
  • Great Expectations - Kiss
    "You're sittin' in your seat And then you stand and clutch your breast Our music drives you wild along with the rest You watch me singing this song You see what my mouth can do And you wish you were the"
  • Great Snowman - Bobby Bare
    "I remember the day when the snow melted away and the great snowman was wed He said yes I do and little Linda said it too and the great snowman was wed Well Jimmy Jones was the snowman's name he put all"
  • Someone Great - LCD Soundsystem
    "I wish that we could talk about it But there, that's the problem With someone new I could have started Too late for beginnings The very little things that made me nervous Are gone in a moment I miss the"
  • Great Escape - Teddy Geiger
    "You promised me you'd always be around To pick me up when I run down To help me when my day is busted But there's no one now who can be trusted Are you ever coming back or is nothing built to last isn't"
  • Great Pioneer - Air Supply
    "It happened long ago When I felt the need For a life of my own I dreampt of summer love And moving high up north But no one would go So I walked up the hill and lay there Imagining the day was near I know"
  • Great Divide - Bruce Hornsby
    "You're saying I've got Got a lot, lot of nerve To say that we could We could be friends You're thinking I'm just Another one telling lies Don't want to be fooled Fooled again When you always go your"
  • Great Expectation - Oui 3
    "Desperation scars her face Pushing herself to stay with the pace Kidding herself that any day now Luck is gonna help her keep the vow Somewhere down the line she got side tracked And she's far too proud To"

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